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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Bjork (and Bjorkanspiel)

I have a lot of love for Bjork Gudmasonnitir (her stage name, at least, but aren't they all). I have all her studio experiments, but only one album physically - "Vulnicura" from 2015, on acetate for Record Store Day (coincidentally, as it happened). I bought everything else back from eMusic.com...luckily I downloaded everything before they made their needed alterations to the site (which only unfortunately wiped every account of its previous downloads; but kept the saved lists).

I met her once, and while she was warm and friendly, there was a natural likeable aloofness that resonates chiefly in her music creations. She is at the forefront of a superbrain production ethic, amassing layer upon layer of cellar-dwelling closet skeletons with bones for emotions. The density of each composition - take "Possibly Maybe (Lucy Remix)", with its erotic language intoned over vocoded scatterbrain chromatic synapse-wringing, speaks of a deification of the female spoken word.

A good place to start is "Debut". One of my favourites from Bjork from the start was "Play Dead"; later "Venus As A Boy"; "Isobel" has its moments; and "Big Time Sensuality", "Army Of Me" and the classic "All Is Full Of Love" neatly make up a fair portion of the "Greatest Hits CD" highlights. While no track is a standout, every track is a statement. But it's poetic, and like the best poetry, the meanings are endless, not robotic. Bjork is one of those artists where, like Alison Goldfrapp after her, the syllables she speaks can be about anything - they, just like her music and attitude, is frankly stunningly beautiful. "Big Time...sensuality, oh baby".

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

SubVersion Stop 275: SV Recommends Ambientblog Headphone Commute Endorsed Mix

Bit of a mouthful, that title, isn't it? But it's all relevant. SubVersion Ambientblog and Headphone Commute are all ambient publicising blogs. I'm recommending this new "DreamScenes" series mix from Ambientblog, published also on Headphone Commute, and it's a cracker. A real stayer mentally

I cannot link you PvC's kindly provided MixCloud widget, as my blog doesn't allow that. So what I can do instead, is provide you the post I found it from, sent to my email address for press after 7pm.

New show by ambientblog

Mind Awake, Body Asleep

The moment I heard Rami Malek whisper "Mind awake, body asleep" (Mr Robot, series 2) I knew this would be the inspiration for a new mix. A mix about half-sleep, lucid dreaming impressions... ungraspable images... and about "letting go".
After all, Mr. Robot's tagline was "Control is an Illusion".
Control proved to be an illusion indeed, with these different, unrelated, fragments coming together like pieces of a puzzle, creating a mix "like its own cinematic score." (H_C)

This mix was created for - and is co-hosted on - *Headphone Commute* - for which I am very very grateful!

Detailed playlist, download version and surround version on Ambientblog.net: http://bit.ly/2pwawAI

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Mick Buckingham Retrograde Reviews: Jan Linton - I Actually Come Back

Jan Linton, on the intriguingly titled "i actually come back", returns to offer us a classic ushering of all the artistic tropes that made angelo badalementi, david sylvian and "blackstar" era david bowie's music a greatly worthwhile venture to listen to, regardless of any earlier experience with its genres of influence. it is a highly respectable and inviting listen that warrant mature attention. the now extended to twelve track excursion includes lyrics in the sleevenotes, lyrics that deserve to be read and heard. this is very warming sound that does its best not to dance about architecture, but instead feel like its actually the blueprint to a great work. underlying the question is: does it finish sounding like a work in progress? the reality is very different - this is while rooted in 80s new wave symptomatica of the synth pop and art rock engine (jan linton amongst others had links with the burning shed label that released some of his earlier output, and collaborated with duran duran guitarist john taylor and bill
nelson), moves the influences and time forward to a pleasant kind of eden garden romance. what one means with this compliment is to respect the angelic style of vocal, and the serene use of synthesisers. it is a genuinely pleasant piece of art, art that stops trying to be art the moment linton breaks into song. all songs have leo abrahams collaborating with linton, eno protege.

and why is that, we wonder? well, it might be down to the art of lyrics being not inextricably linked to songcraft. some have become very analytical about their lyrics, to the point that there are lyric and song meaning sites all over the internet in the 21st century. this statement questions who is perceiving the lyrics of course, and in most cases, it's the fans. for me the idea of being unpretentious about what one says - "funny, funny how people change" a simple case in point for linton = is the real special thing about this record, because the songcraft, rather than the lyrics alone, tows the whole meaning behind creating a actual point to actually releasing. indeed, "i actually come back". the seed is sown, the instruments untangle listener woes. that title might seem a bit naive to some of us who have spent their twenties at least in dead end jobs, thirties heads who suffer from information amnesia, and the fortysomethings who may as well be managers of the common diplomacy of the interweb by now. not everyone wants to live online, though, and this strays from the point of the album...it's about regeneration. what meaning you take from regeneration is always subjective, to some it will be about "depending on the kindness of strangers", in one of linton's stories. at other times it may be a more ambiental affair, a forest weave as in one of the closing cuts to the 12-track compact disc (subsequent presses have different art than the originals, it can be noted). whatever. the important thing is that coming back, for linton, abrahams and all his influences produced a classic selection, the twelve tracks presented here.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

2K17 Mrb Poetry - Nature and death afflictions

Womb kicks

the blow is fetched on someone, the blow regains its power
storms blow and trespass in hemispheres
by the hourly tide 
you shone with your arms out wide
just perched there like a scarecrow
an innocent crucifix with no ribbons
and no bows. 
i would bow in your presence
but it would only sacrifice humility for pretense
the art of pompousness in portent
unrelenting destruction relating to conundrums of the soul
scoring an own goal, kicked off the pitch
wind blown in a ball, all the air kicked out of it
all the air kicked out of it
all the air
kicked out of the very thing that gave life its speed. 

Death waltz
The line
Inked into dust
Cast on the sky
A dusk constellation either way
Waltzing with sentient beings
Obsessed by atomic death
And clause by cryptographic clusters
Cloying to the mind's eye.
Apart you say
Who are we
Alluding to catastrophe
Dismay dismay dismay
The path seems rocky
Your bones will soon find
Frailty is not proposed by the wind
Nor is calamity produced by snow
Catastrophe, who are we
Dismay, dismay, dismay.
Apart from the seasons we experience treason
All down to psychiatric failure
No rhythm
No reason
Oh dismay
Are you fickle?
Are we a trickle
A raindrop
Dismay dismay
Oh, apart we turned to gray.
The transcription of wit
From an inked glass
Blotted like a murderer's paper
What are these deeds, you ask
A cornucopia caper
A trick of the devil
An illusion of relativity
Or a convalescence of greed.
The bright sun shines outside
Oh widow, won't you weep for me.
Affliction of the distinctive soul
Something comes from nothingness
Always from death to life
Pain to strife
Regenerating forwards and back like a marble lock
The smell of machinery gloats on the dock
Cogs in machines
Cogs in streams
Buried from view
Alligators swallowing marbles
Drowning the marbles of others
This ode to death cannot be recovered
It can only be docked
As a regeneration process from death to life
One which we all experience
At a later time in life.
Copyright Michael Robert Buckingham - MRB poetry 2017 all rights reserved.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Specialist Curry Recipes By Michael - First 10 Collection (2013-2017)

Cooked an awesome Chinese curry lst night. Ingredients list:
Special Recipe By Michael 2 - Chinese Tandoori Chicken, Mustard Seed & Cinnamon Strong Curry
3 teaspoons mustard seeds
2 cloves garlic
2 red onions
4 boneless chicken breasts
3 tbsp mixed spice powder
2 tbsp sauce thickener
2 tbsp tandoori curry powder
1/2 a courgette
1 yellow pepper
1 chicken stock cube/400ml boiling water
2 teaspoons chilli seeds
3 teaspoons cinnamon
1 cup/2 cups boiling water brown rice measure

To cook well, just follow the directions of my previous homemade curry.


Here's the recipe I just DIY knocked up:
Special curry by Michael 10.01.15 - Mushroom And Chicken Surprise
1 teaspoon mustard seeds...
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 strand spring onion (cut small)
2cm root ginger (peeled and cut)
4 mushrooms (large)
1 yellow pepper (chopped coarsely)
1 pack boneless chicken breasts (chopped small)
1 red onion (large chops)
3 cloves garlic (chopped small)
half a courgette (large chops)
chopped carrots (small)
additional ground chillies (to taste)
1 chicken stock cube / 500ml boiling water in gravy jug)
3 sprinkles Soy Sauce (at end)
basmati brown rice (1 cup 2 cups boiling water)
peanut sesame oil to baste

schematic: 1) prepare ingredients 2) brown chicken 3) onions, courgette, garlic, peppers in 4) spices, carrots in 5) stock
6) bring to boil 7) cook rice sprinkle over Soy Sauce and ground chilli to taste.

Now we've just got to see how it tastes. :)


Special Recipe By Michael 3 - Tomato, Cinnamon And Button Mushroom Chicken Curry Dip
2tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground coriander leaves
4cm root ginger, peeled ...
pack of button mushrooms
1 tin chopped tomatoes
2 onions
1 yellow pepper
1.6kg cooked chicken
1 tsp garam masala
2 tbsp med curry powder
1 tbsp mixed spice
1 / 2 cup ratio basmati rice
1 naan bread

I have 3 special homemade recipes I've done in the last 2 months now. Before I invite house guests - family when they come for dinner.

Friday, 27 January 2017

TDD Chapter 6 Diagnosiness - Now available to read (NO) (6 pages) (2016-2017)


Link to the Subvert Central thread, with comment.

Happy reading. :)

Love xx

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Muttley - 15 MOF PTY.111 - Stories Of Solace In Miniature Episode 3 - Black Eyes

Muttley - 15MOF Pyt 111. Black Eyes

>SoundCloud 1h58min Mixtape Link<

Depression. Difficult, isn't it? Everyone has it, don't they? Seems so in the last ten years in Great Britain. Yes, besides the unaware club at school who don't yet know what depression is, the germinating angst-turned-despair of the mental illness that becomes all-consuming to some of us is no stranger. It's the black dog following us home, as Oxford's Little Red like to say. "Black Eyes" is a concept mix for the accompanying lyric, "this black dog, is everywhere I go". Because: how does depression "change" us? Personally this is highly interesting - not for the sob stories, but for the perception area.

Say I am having a conversation with my mate - let's call him Rob. Rob likes good conversation, but has a bit of a temper. The depression latches onto Rob's temper and creates a facsimile - or a false projection - of the actual reality at hand. In the interest of attachment psychology, this could be referred to as "predestined selection". What makes depression different? For me, there is something about the parasitic logic of hormones in the body, gestating and losing it - to bring us back to the conversation, my spiel is where "Rob" loses his temper, and opens a bottle of Scrumpy Jack. Depression - the notion - leads to a device for depression - the dis-ease; the alcohol; the black eye in a fist fight at worst; the black eye, rather in the eyes of the depression sufferer.

Do not worry if this does not make sense to you. But to document depression for my family, it does explain much. Take me at secondary school. Before Americanised "High School", I was a cheerful infant. I used to look at cars all day from a closed window on the road passing by (I lived on a main road at the time). What you should know: at secondary school, I came home regularly miserable, this is no lie. Yet, in long term recall, there were several moments per week when I had lots of friendly
encounters. At times, I was high as a kite! Does this not seem odd? Fanciful, even? Seems so. But perhaps the gain (mixology) I put on the volume of the encounters - i.e putting myself into lots of situations at school where I felt uncomfortable, but what created almost heavenly sociological results in terms of maturing and maturing my obsession for music - which I was very kindly allowed by tutors and heads without bullying or confiscation obtruding it - created a seismically big paradox.

The paradox being, and reasoning, is this where my bipolar started?

Is this where I started to become schizophrenic?

I would like to think, not unreasonably so for my own sanity, that this was the case. It also leads me to believe everyone has the time of their life at school, in their own way. Despite me never being bullied, yet occasionally being a popular choice for conversation (I was always either quiet or rejecting, but not awkward, just peaceful), me, I, had the time of my life. And this is the polarisation of wide-eyed-wonder, not black eyes at all. Man and woman often thinks of what is to be achieved by undergoing a task, any task at that, great or small, it all comes down to priorities these days, simples life, yours gratefuls, kisses. But let's recoup our logic on depression and my theorising. Life seems to change when we positively engage with it; life seems to disappear when we move away from it. This is simple and related to the laws of physics, acceleration and entry and exit gates. So to suggest a neutralising (depression) additive to create a neutralising outcome, is not implausible. But we really need to get a "hold" on the actual physicality of the life environment for any of this to mean something worthwhile. In short "actions speak louder than words". Life is bigger than

Summary: depression is neutralising of an environmental perception by the individual, whether observer, undertaker or pacifist; life is bigger than these events sound, and adds a large sense of reality to the proceedings.

Whether we choose to believe the emotions in "Black Eyes": well, that's another story entirely...

Love x