Monday, 7 April 2014

SubVersion Stop 225: Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 73 - Almost Certainly (April 2014)

Muttley SubVersion - 15 MOF Pt. 73 - Almost Certainly (April 2014)

"In life we carve the land up, that is not ours to carve, we cannot take it with us, but cut the greater half / And herein lies the problem, and herein lies the blame, you went through life with nothing, you leave it with the same". ~ Glenn Johnston, Piano Magic.

01. Christopher Bissonette - Provenance (In Between Words, Kranky)
02. Fanu - Children (Subvert Central Vol.3, Subvert Central)
03. Sileni - Failspan (Subtle Audio)
04. Weird Attractors - Arrival (Dolphinboy's Jump Off Mix) (Adrenaline Soup CD, Earshot)
05. Paranoid Society - Science (Exegene Unreleased)
06. Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok - Culture (Welcome To Violence LP, Violence)
07. Mecca - It Began In Africa (Unreleased)
08. Martsman & Bad Matter - Cold Love (Lightless)
09. Piano Magic - The Faint Horizon (Ovations LP, Darla)

Recorded 22nd August 2008, the first week of me going out again to nights in Oxford.

Edited April 2014 to include Piano Magic's "The Faint Horizon".

If you like this, why not check out "Love Conquers All (Outro)" on my "Life In A Less Southern Town LP" on Omni Music? It's of similar style.

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Monday, 24 February 2014

SubVersion Stop 224: FTEL 015 (For The Electronica and mixtape archive 001)

FTEL 015 - February 2014

Fanu - Bassoradio 17.02.14
Fanu SoundCloud download

This radio show from Janne Hatula aka Fanu is a running example of the amalgamation between slowfast as a movement and old school hardcore. Pensive buildup moods ("Flocon" by Moresounds) are mixed into mellow Think break steppers like Dillinja's "Sovereign Melody" at 160 BPM. The general mood is borderline chaotic yet timbrally streetwise; flows of breakbeats and 4/4 from The Prodigy's "Everybody In Da Place" juxtaposing well at the slower tempo and connection with older rave music. Fanu's own "Paracosm" makes a brief apppearance, sounding purposeful and extra-tight in the drums department, while Lemon D's All Roads Music gets a showcase through "Big Poppa", a free download on the Inflect Bristol website right now. A rollicking 2 hour sonic microcosm if there ever was one!

Crashfaster - Further LP
Russian Winter Records download

Best bracketed as electronic rock rather than electronica, or dance rock, Crashfaster's "Further" is a great album that deserves patience in every department. The buildup in ultramundane themes such as God ("I've been waiting for this moment, moment to come, well here it is [above the world] / I've got everything I need here, right here with me, above the world" speak of a mischevious crossing between heavenly enunciation and heavenly feeling. Some of the lyrics, especially the shouted ones, are incomprehensible, and it's unclear to me yet, on several listens whether this adds to its otherworldiness. I think it does currently. As for the effects otherwise, the beats are pretty kinky and spiffy, whereas the track ordering feels consistent, even though the last third pales in comparison to earlier on.

Recondite - Hinterland LP
Ghostly International download

Recondite's demeanour is similar to Murcof, however Autechre of the "Amber" style gives the record its unique, telling character. Organic beats, little synth ditties, eddying your eardrums like a sandworm in rev-up mode, splay out all the tracks in complex arrangements with the beatwork. 54 minutes of delicate melodies and stylish new age-meets-techno drums and bass to digest. "Leafs" repeats in E, mixing up scales and chords like a proficient instrumentalist. These tracks really are instrumental wonders, vamped with blood red carnations of seriousness and loving totality. Pacing of the record feels very thought-through, dense enough to invite acutely active listening but spacious also to recline you into the passive. A gem of a techno LP from Ghostly International, and surely remaining forever now.


Thursday, 20 February 2014

SubVersion Stop 223: Muttley's Winter 2013/2014 Mixtapes

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 69 - Subconscious Junk

Healing the unconscious.

01. -
02. Tim Hecker - Hatred Of Music II (Ravedeath 1972, Kranky, 2012)
03. Wolves In The Throne Room - Prayer Of Transformation (Celestial Lineage, Southern Lord, 2011)
04. Billy The Kid - Drown (The Lost Cause, Lost Records, 2008]
05. Eluvium - By The Rails (The Wire Tapper 33 / Temporary Residence,
06. Bat For Lashes - Deep Sea Diver (The Haunted Man, Parlophone, 2012)
07. Transmuteo - Motivational Holography (Motivational Holography, Aguirre, 2013)
08. Max Wuerden - Fulfilled (Or Lost, Ambientmusic, 2013)
09. Beautumn - October Cafe (Northing, Infraction, 2006)
10. Grouper - Living Room (The Man Who Died In His Boat, Kranky, 2013)


Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 72 - Encounter (February 2014)

A soundtrack for encountering a person, a persona, and the changes in life and experience that result from these cornerstones.

01. 00:00 Slow Walkers - Wake (Slow Walkers LP, Peak Oil, 2013)
02. 00:00 EUS - Amori II (Sol Levit LP, Contradicta, 2013)
03. 04:57 BJ Nilsen & Stillupsteypa - Space Finale 1.2 (Space Finale LP, Editions Mego, 2010)
04. 11:45 Tmmrw - Vision (ENDPR010, Tmmrw Bandcamp, 2013)
05. 13:07 How To Disappear Completely - Still (Still EP, HTDC Bandcamp, 2013)
06. 15:03 Bing Satellites - Encounter (Twilight Sessions Vol.11, Bing Satellites Bandcamp, 2013)
07. 20:23 Secret Pyramid - A Descent (Movements Of Night LP, Students Of Decay, 2013)
08: 25:31 Bat For Lashes - Seal Jubilee (Fur And Gold LP, Parlophone, 2007)
09. 29:01 EUS - Siete (Sol Levit LP, Contradicta, 2013)
10. 30:53 Foci's Left - Transistory Stringency (Life In A Less Southern Town LP, Omni Music Unreleased)

Download (34:16)

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

SubVersion Stop 222: SubVersion Recommends - Burning For Love - Muttley - Christmas 2013 Special

SubVersion Recommends Muttley - Burning For Love - Christmas 2013 Special

A Christmas present from me to you, to your friends too, covering what sounds really cool, and what puts a spark inside of you.

01. 00:00 John Davis - Palestrina (Ask The Dust LP, Students Of Decay, 2013)
02. 01:40 36 - Dangerous Days (Heather Spa EP, ASIP Places Series, 2013)
03. 04:00 Siavash Amini - A Mist Of Grey Light (Futuresequence Sequence 7, Bandcamp, 2013)
04. 07:33 Faures - Asthenospheric Movement III (Continental Drift LP, Home Normal, 2013)
05. 12:00 Fabio Orsi & Pimmon - Garnacha (Procrastination LP, Home Normal, 2013)
06. 16:00 Abandon - White Summer (Abandon LP, Bindsight Records, 2013)
07. 26:25 Goldfrapp - Stranger (Tales Of Us LP, Mute, 2013)
08. 29:15 Imbogodom - Summer Fungus (Metafather LP, Thrill Jockey, 2013)
09. 31:45 Foci's Left & Mike Twelve - In Our Lives, There Have Been Many Terrors (Life In A Less Southern Town LP, Omni Music, April 2014)
10. 35:20 Borealis - Jawberry (LGBT Rights For Russia Now! Compilation, Bandcamp, 2013)
11. 38:03 Atoms For Peace - Default (Amok LP, XL, 2013)
12. 41:45 Kapsil - Deliverance (Missing Link EP, Complex Logic, 2004)
13. 44:45 Total Science feat. Riya - See Your Face (See Your Face EP, Shogun Audio, 2013)
14. 50:22 Hakobune - The Length Of The Wind (Watching The Prescribed Burn LP, Pure Wave Recordings, 2013)
56:38 end


Thursday, 19 December 2013

SubVersion Stop 221: Muttley's 20 favourite ambient albums of the year

In no particular order, my 20 favourite ambient releases I enjoyed listening to in 2013 - some new, some old:

01. Hakobune - Watching The Prescribed Burn

02. Foci's Left - Grumpy Love

03. ASC - Time Heals All

04. Secret Pyramid - Movements Of Night

05. Slow Walkers (Grouper & Lawrence English) - Slow Walkers

06. Dirk Serries - Microphonics XXI-XXV

07. Steve Roach - Soul Tones

08. Futuresequence - Sequence 7

09. EUS - Sol Levit

10. Various Artists - Piano By The Sea

11. Ateleia - Formal Sleep (my favourite LP of all time, in any genre)

12. Isnaj Dui - After The Flood

13. Faures - Continental Drift

14. The Seaman And The Tattered Sail - Light Folds

15. The Angling Loser - Author Of The Twilight

16. Jon Hopkins - How I Live Now OST

17. How To Disappear Completely - Still

18. Stars Of The Lid - The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid

19. Foci's Left & Geoff Brooks - Hypnosis Session 1: Dreams

20. 36 - Heather Spa


Check one, or two, or whatever :)

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

SubVersion Stop 220: What 'legends' have you seen live?

This thread on SC was started 8 years ago in 2005, a year before I was even a member. Quite a testing approximation, what is considered a 'legend' by many or few. It sparked 3 pages of lists though on the forum over this duration.

Jake starts by explaining he saw James Brown live. "In December (2004) I got to see James Brown, and although the event was unquestionably a shadow of his former stage show, I still found it very entertaining. He had a couple of girls who looked like washed up early nineties porn stars or video extras dancing in hot pants with "JB" on their asses. The band was tight enough, but not old-school James Brown tight. He had a percussionist in addition to the drummer which was actually pretty cool. Mr Brown even did more dancing than I was expecting him to, being an old man. I had a huge grin on my face the whole time."

Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr and Lee Scratch Perry are three names that pop up in many people's submissions. Personally I've now added Squarepusher (2009), The Wailers [minus Marley, not my generation] (2010), DJ Shadow (2012). I haven't seen many people I would consider 'legends', probably in part due to the fact I dislike people being termed as such in general discourse. All the same, it's a thread with a plentitude of acts still kicking around some noise, noise that you might like to go and see with someone.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

SubVersion Stop 219: SubVersion's End Of Year 2013 Charts - Open For Contribution Up To 29.12.13

Past Charts: 2011 & 2012:

 SubVersion Contributors


01. Favourite track: Foci's Left feat. Eschaton - Eternal Sands (The Shapeshifter's Reprise) (Omni Music). My favourite track I've completed, complete with a low boom bass sample from the excellent Eschaton. My favourite tune of 2013 besides my own Foci's Left productions is VUM - Laura Palmer . So graceful and emotive with a really trippy vibe that transforms your environment into a wonderland. Scope it from my Bandcamp collection:

02. Favourite album: EUS - Sol Levit (Contradicta). Closely followed by Goldfrapp's "Tales Of Us" - a real return to the form "Felt Mountain" showcased.

03. Favourite label: Time Released Sound. A favourite non-label would be declassifying valuable schizophrenics as violent offenders.

04. Favourite mixtape: 39 - MaudGlyph - LAST Jungletrain Session September 2013. A great female French DJ on the best Jungle radio station.

05. Favourite SC thread: So, DOA is D(OA). Instrumental into getting me into Drum & Bass and Jungle, whatever negative associations I grew to develop.

06. Favourite gig: Bat For Lashes + Nadine Shah @ Shepherd's Bush Empire, August 2013. An electric performance with great covers of Julie London's "Cry Me A River" and Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannan".

07. Favourite book: Clarissa Pinkola Estes - Women Who Run With The Wolves (Ballantine, 1992 pbk). 8 years have passed and I still haven't finished it!

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Home cooking by my sister. Here's the recipe:

Lamb And Apricot Tagine

Preparation time 20 minutes (plus standing time) - (more like an hour she said). Cooking time 1 hour. Serves 8.

1 2/3 cups (250g) dried apricots
3/4 cup (180ml) orange juice
1/2 cup (125ml) boiling water
2 tablespoons olive oil
900g diced lamb
2 medium red capsicums (peppers) (400g), chopped coarsely
1 large brown onion (200g), chopped coarsely
2 medium kumara (sweet potatoe) (800g), chopped coarsely
3 cloves garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons ground cumin
2 teaspoons ground coriander
1 cup (250ml) dry red wine
1 litre (4 cups) chicken stock
2 tablespoons honey
1 cup loosely packed fresh coriander leaves
3/4 cup (200g) low fat yoghurt (optional)
1 litre (4 cups) water
4 cups (800g) couscous
1 tablespoon finely grated orange rind
2 teaspoons finely grated lemon rind
2 teaspoons finely grated lime rind

1. Combine apricots, juice and the water in a small bowl. Cover; stand 45 minutes.
2. Meanwhile, heat half the oil in large saucepan; cook lamb, in batches, until browned all over.
3. Heat remaining oil in same pan; cook capsicum, cook onion, kumara, garlic and ground spices, stirring, until onion softens and mixture is fragrant.
4. Return lamb to pan with undrained apricots, stock and honey; bring to a boil. Simmer, covered, about 50 minutes or until lamb is tender. Remove from heat; stir in fresh coriander.
5. Meanwhile, make citrus couscous.
6. Serve lamb and apricot tagine on citrus couscous; drizzle with yoghurt. CITRUS COUSCOUS Bring water to a boil in medium saucepan; stir in couscous and rinds. Remove from heat; stand, covered, about 5 minutes or until water is absorbed, fluffing with a fork occasionally.

Per serving 12.8g fat / 1837kJ (439 cal)

: dine :

Besides that: Mongolian Lamb with Egg Fried Rice +- extra chillies. A real kick in the tastebuds with the heat and spices; not even Indian food could touch it this year.

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Receiving critical acclaim for my first album, "Grumpy Love" on Fluid Radio, plus good reception in Nightshift, Oxford's Music Magazine. I put so much work into it and for it to be well received by those who have listened is a great feeling.

10. Favourite random moment: Discovering Giesuppe Verdi's music on BBC Radio 3 while waiting at the shops, and hearing "Four Seasons" choral sections.


01. Favourite track: Omar Souleyman - Wenu Wenu

02. Favourite album: DJ Sprinkles - Queerifications & Ruins (Mule Music, Japan)

03. Favourite label: Fataka

04. Favourite mixtape: Biosphere - Secret Thirteen Mix 054

05. Favourite SC thread: "be more interesting please" –

06. Favourite gig: Consumer Electronics @ Rammel Club #46, March 9th

07. Favourite book: Julia Serano - Excluded (Seal Press)

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Border biscuits' dark chocolate gingers

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: too old to feel guilty about pleasure

10. Favourite random moment: nearly falling into Polperro harbour and then not doing




01. Favourite track:Dub It X Vol. 1 and 6.

02. Favourite album:Don’t know that I have a favourite album, but I will say I have a new favourite net radio station: DubXtra London.

03. Favourite label: Omni. One of the most prolific labels I’ve seen in a while.

04. Favourite mixtape: The Uncle Dugs Congo Natty – Rebel Mix and Omni Sessions Part I and IV

05. Favourite SC thread: “So subverts what have you been reading recently?” and “Be more interesting please” and this one! "SubVersion's End Of Year Charts"

06. Favourite gig: I went to a few gigs this year, and don’t have a favourite. Hmm.

07. Favourite book: I read 25 books this year. Top 5 are:

(1) Diamond, Jared. 2012. The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn From Traditional Societies? New York: Penguin.
(2) Bailyn, Bernard. 2012. The Barbarous Years: The Peopling of British North America: The Conflict of Civilizations, 1600 – 1675. New York: Knopf.
(3) Sandburg, Carl. 1993. Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years One-Volume Edition. New York: Galahad Books.
(4) Jones, Dan. The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England. New York: Penguin.
(5) Thornton, Mark and Robert B. Ekelund Jr. 2004. Tariffs, Blockades, and Inflation: The Economics of the Civil War. Wilmington: SR Books.

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Nuclear Spaghetti. Made with brown noodles, Portuguese sausage and a special blend of insanely hot sauce and herbs, eaten with hard-boiled eggs.

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Watching the show Moonshiners.

10. Favourite random moment: Five friends deciding to get on a plane and go on a day trip, epic day!

Daniel Crossley ( editor)

08. Favourite food (or Snax): "That is easy mate... pie and mash from Roman Road market "


01. Favourite track: Favourite of my own is either Pleaides or Cepheus. From other artists it gets more difficult as there’s so much good stuff I’m sent. I’m currently digging Scale – Drummin’ Till Dawn and on a more mellow tip probably ...Erm, actually it’s impossible to answer as it changes week by week, so I’ll just say I’ve been loving tunes by these guys this year: Infest, Cryogenics, Nic TVG, Okee, Limit and Asymmetric, Scale, Aural Imbalance and Indidjinous. 
02. Favourite album: Ignoring anything from Omni, I would say the Aural Imbalance – Legacy LP. Although I’ve been rocking to the new Manix LP the last few weeks too  
03. Favourite label: Umm…there’s a lot, but Subtle Audio still hit the mark, but this year I’d possibly say OffWorld Recordings. I’m also partial to a bit of Monochrome Recordings too. 
04. Favourite mixtape: Yuambits excellent 2 hour mix of every tune from Digitized Parts 1 and 2 really hit the spot for me. Excellent mixing, well thought out structure, blinding overall. The tunes weren’t bad either  
05. Favourite SC Thread: SubVersion's End Of Year Charts - Open For Contribution up to 29.12.13 
06. Favourite gig: I’ve been that busy with the label and training this year (as well as recovering from injuries thanks to said training) that I haven’t been to any gigs as such. I went to a few beer festivals and ended up singing if they count?  
07. Favourite book: Tryptamine Palace by James Oroc.  
08. Favourite food (or Snax): Got to be Pizza  
09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Being interviewed by K Mag  
10. Favourite random moment: Having a few cheeky brews in the afternoon in my local town and coming across the window cleaner who cleans all the windows for businesses round the town and who calls everyone Ken. No matter if they’re male or female, he calls them Ken. He’ll also greet you when you walk by, by saying ‘Morning Ken’, even if it’s the afternoon. I Struck up a conversation with him and he still never let his guard down, and managed to call both me and my wife Ken numerous times in the midst of his sentences  
Morning Ken  
Ask me again next week and I'll probably have an entirely different set of answers