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Friday, 9 February 2018

SubVersion Stop 304: Wire Chart 2017

I'm a bit behind with this one but, belatedly, here's my fifth (2017) set of acquisitions, obtained according to the criterion “buying one record reviewed in The Wire each month” – plus three more to make up a proper Wire 15 chart. For whoever's interest (or not), the previous four years were: 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

The # marks denote the issues in which the records featured.

SubVersion 2017 15

#395 Ariel Guzik - Cordiox (VON Archives)
#396 Bobbie Johnson - You & I (Escape Route Media)
#397 Harriet Tubman - Araminta (Sunnyside)
#398 various - Total Reggae: Special Request (VP)
#399 Dopplereffekt - Cellular Automata (Leisure System)
#400 Dead Neanderthals - Craters (Consouling Sounds)
#401 Sarah Angliss - Ealing Feeder (Bandcamp)
#402 Bill Orcutt - Bill Orcutt (Palilalia)
#403 Maggi Payne - Crystal (Aguirre)
#404 Myra Melford Trio - Alive in the House of Saints (hatART)
#405 Melaine Dalibert - Ressac (Another Timbre)
#406 Wadada Leo Smith - Najwa (TUM)

+#396 Tanya Tagaq - Retribution (Six Shooter)
+#402 Jo Thomas - Sunshine Over Nimbus (Bandcamp)
+#405 Anji Cheung - Spirit as Creature (Utech)

Compiled by Jonathan Tait, subvertcentral.blogspot.co.uk

My favourite of those has to be Bill Orcutt's LP of standards ripped out on solo electric guitar. Go listen to Lonely Woman if nothing else.

Friday, 2 February 2018

SV Stop 303: Fractals And Auditory Hallucinations

Hi friends and acquaintances,

Working on a type of think piece on auditory fractals. This simple example:

  • Something playing on the stereo, can be transduced as something else.
Filling this out: it's understanding auditory hallucination. It does help that my "out of it / drunk 24/7" state does lend me a certain cloudiness. Importantly though, anyone can listen to a tune on someone else's stereo and think "hang on, x sounds like y". "Then z, maybe", after they've assessed the gap between reason and logic.

Since the concept of perception is logic and reasoning based anyway, and each person has more of one reptilian brain variable than the other, the monkey-brain and neocortex are responsible for y and z decisions. That for one is simply because the amygdala reptilian brain processes things first, then the two smaller brains within the brain come up with other options. Plus other three-brained options. And so on and so on.

  • Depends on amount of possible timbres, pitches, and algorithms possible at any 1-2 bar interval.
1 bar, 2 bar. Space between takes in all of these certain typesets in music. The timbre is the type and quality if sound. The pitch is its melodic consonance and key. The algorithm is the particular processing of sounds.

  • Losing data (lossy Mp3s?) can transduce the idea that something is not quite normal.
Personally it's one of the most intriguing notions in music today - generation and regeneration in digital files whatever the format (CD, vinyl, Mp3, FLAC, et al)...machine code being manipulated.

  • Also the repeat function (fn) on music players changes the tone sometimes.
  • Whatever the musical content, the idea of lateral (mapping) thinking onto another thing is relevant.
  • It’s related to cross-examination in law, but importantly the point of it is to uncover deeper facts.
  • Conclusively I do not need to listen to a huge amount of “surface different” music to get a good fill.
  • This type of thinking could be argued to have stabilised the music industry of “tried and tested” method.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

SV Stop 302: Path Optimist - When I Awoke songsheet / lyrics / chord structure (free to remix/rework)

path optimist - when i awoke (live recording)

riyl: gordon lightfoot, zelienople, james blackshaw, ags Connolly

key variations
c suspended 4th, c suspended 7th
d minor, e major, f major
g major, g dominant 7th, a minor 9th

title themes
"your rhythm is my woe" / "my mind is my rhythm (i make my own decision)"
"connect four and we know the score" / "drawing dots on a matrix of course"
"station to leave, embankment to erode" / "are all the lines once drawn by a candle wax flow"
-"candlestick, match / candlestick, wax, lose all your recrimination and set fire to my sights"
- "waxwork, pedestal, recriminant, old girl, my old girl is a rhythm inside my mind"
"so i leave, that station wasn't very merry, it burnt half a lid of glue over the cesspool"
"planted next to my sherry, when I awoke".
i recorded a 5 minute .m4a file on my samsung s6 pc phone and the guitar is rich and crisp.
because the song is sung with backing vocals in style and timbre (no mic) i need a female vocalist.
or rather, i should make a request for a female vocalist to trigger a youthquake (my word hahaha, i do come out with some bs
on facebook randomly in my keyboard warrior troll ways - then it became a new word in the oxford urban dictionary in 2016).
the point of writing all this is endemic to a growth of rhythm and blues guitar music with an abstract vox edge to it. yours truly, your neighbourhood spaceman.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

SV Stop 301: SubVersion End Of Year Chart by Muttley for 2017

Looks like it'll be three to five key subverts this year end contributing a roundup chart. The best thing is there is no limit on amount of entries by one person. So that means you can add different unique things to your chart while I get time in listening to it and potter.

Since I posted my full chart just before Xmas Day, there's been a nice little wellspring of contributions from www.subvertcentral.com regulars, and some not so regulars too. Very nice of them.

Rest assured I found it difficult to make any definitive entries at all in 2017. It was a year of recovery, both for the media (Grenfell Tower anyone?) Hence the influence for this record: 

  Best LP of the year: Black Swan - Travesty Waves.

...And when I actually owned up to creating the frequencies, my Best record this year was "May Everyone Be Safe From Harm". Followed by "Warneford Hospital Wanderings". Followed by the magic alterations of mind of Leyland Kirby's "Everywhere At The End Of Time 3CD".

Food wise, I ate like a pig, spent like a spendthrift, returned to restaurants, and lost 2 stone in total!

Best food of the year eating out: The Beehive Asian Inspired Swordfish 12pm-230pm Tuesday lunch. Shouts to Big Steve Sal Kelly Chloe Liam (two of whom are no longer working) and others I knew from the local area. I go there for everything good, and I've never had a bad day there.

Best random moment: celebrating my Grandad's 90th birthday in Carterton with a meal at the Plough with tea and friends. The Plough has revamped itself as full of tradition and flavoursome food.

Best Indian meal eating out: the Aangon "excellence and expertise with a touch of brilliance" owned Dovecote Spice Indian English and Carvery in Burford, Minster Lovell. With: Indian Hot Pot. Chicken, Lamb, Green Chili, Peppers, Prawns, Spicy Sauce and all dolled up with a fancy ceramic pot topped with Nan pastry lid. Only available in restaurant. £10.95.

Now I've filled my boots, Best track confirmed. Which is:

Sub Loam - Elevation, A Map Unfolding And Simultaneous Apprehension Of A Pineapple Mayweed (Wist Rec. 2017)

Layering up, Best song is:

Cigarettes After Sex - Apocalypse

"Your lips my lips...apocalypse".

Best mix: Goldfrapp live at 02 Academy OX4. 20th March 2017.

Favourite book: Josephine Cox in the tradition of Catherine Cookson novels - Outcast.

Favourite lyrics: Tracks-wise, Im a huge fan of the partially unreleased Ric Gordon operation, "Despairs Lover EP". Particularly "Suddenly Single". The lyrics are really well voiced in a cool, fluid tone. "Hands in the air, nobody move / dangerous games make your spine tingle, when you're suddenly single".

Favourite upcoming artists: Calexico and Scanner also really got my attention with their latest album tunes. Im also really partial to Goldfrapps "Systemagic" and "Ocean".

Favourite computer game: Pokemon Moon Beta on the Nintendo 3DS XLR and friends Clubs.

Favourite 2017 Pokemon: Popplio.

Favourite SC thread: MMA.


Fave ambient blog: a tough one, but Low Light Mixes never fails to calm my schizophrenia disorder down. I read a lot of http://www.ambientblog.net and http://www.fluid-radio.co.uk in the summer to spring of this year. Asip has been grand for features.

Favourite boxing fight: Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko.

Other good ones...too many to list. The big money McGregor stoppage was great to watch, as well as Canelo Alvarez draw with Gennady Golovkin. Editing tonight I watched the best bits of Billy Joe Saunders vs. David Lemieux. I was really impressed.

I tend to remember boxing fights more...more chess. Plus it's what I want to see. I've done Muay Thai focussing for years. I don't need to see the kicks; I can imagine them, in replacement or combination.

Favourite dedication concept confirmed:

"Utopia" CD by Bjork & Arca that I have a deluxe copy of. The "pearl inside the clam" poem inside joke notice made me emit a heartfelt lol.

My review of the year is this...

Malk - Death From A Love

Can we really imagine death from a love? It's one of those rare things that happens all too often, painted into the fabric of
cotton goods promises and soft-hearted tenderness. Say a love leaves us unexpectedly, dies suddenly, and we are insatiable to
that love originally - that could be marked as death from a love. Like something inside us has died, ready to be replaced with
something else that we don't really want to replace at all costs. This is the "love" element, closeness, some would say clinging,
but I don't know about you, love never comes through death...

And I don't know either, whether you also feel how mental transmogrification turns the concept of "it" inside out, with fake
society, conceited people, counterfeit claims and all that negative mind-melting stuff that comes through death. Do some people
enjoy perverting the concept of death? Of over-dramatising what life is actually always eternal? Seriousness is seriousness, and
words are just that - dust in deserts of sound. It is only when we find material serious and mature enough to tranquilise the
sheer grief that non-psycopathic people feel that we find albums like "Death From A Love". It's a great title, a great album and
a great package. One that will last for all eternity in the eyes of those willing to use that oh-so important word: care.

You need patience, in other words, to tackle a concept like "Death From A Love". The weak-minded fall down and have no patience.
The creator of this recording has a lot of patience, I would wager. How else could one commit to things that are seen as trite
in the minds of the unminded robot-hybrids of our generation? Pedalling out the unreal at every turn - this album is real. From
the opening lines, where morose tones touch the back of the neck in a FareWell Poetry style, the anger that we all feel is self-
contained and instead of being left to fester, is expressed in musical, and here, reviewer language. It's the least trade-off a
true artist could expect of intelligent life, after all. As represented by electronic skeletons throughout the central coda.

In life, nobody is better than anyone else. We are all winners. And every album is a treasure, whether you choose to "like" it
or not? And what is like? We may as well be all self-defeatist - I'll tell you what; we may as well all be Franz Kafka. Never
finishing our stories properly - I've wrote a lot of those stories over the years. But the deciding factor on whether we keep
art in our collections (we are ultimately nerdy collectors if we are perusing this area of music by nature, after all) is if the
central concept is a successfully realised one. Come tune in to "Death From A Love" and find out why we have something special.

Fave streaming service: Spotify.
Fave streaming playlist: "drone music" 203 h Spotify continuous playlist.
Fave new music video app: Box Plus.
Fave longstanding Mp3/Mp4 hybrid: YouTube.
Fave app game: World Chef virtual restaurant manager.
Fave exercise: cardio kickboxing.
Fave virtual exercise: UFC brainstem endurance training.
Fave new channel sub: Boxnation.
Fave drink: hot chocolate.

Feel free to send your charts in to the usual address.


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Celebratory SV Stop 300: Unofficial 12' DATS from Squatch Lair Studios

hey all fl fan fam
here's a couple mastered at medium volume dats straight from my digital recorder


"condensed milk" is solo prepared piano, playing the melodies that have been in my head
guy fawkes day was sure inspirational
Inspiration continues into "wanton suspension", with repitched cheap tech house beats
really there's no better tag for this stuff than electronics

if you would like to show your appreciation for the free downloads, sign me up
either to your newsletter, a compilation would be nice, or offer a discount
i'm heavily into vintage emulator gear, you know, sts, analog synth vsts

"condensed milk" and "wanton suspension" can be previewed before dl

a flower bouquet for you <3 p="">love to all
Michael :)

Sunday, 27 August 2017

289: Pseud's Corner

The preservation of an idea, musically, succeeds, for me at least, when it has become ambient music, with leaning to the flagship phrase "ignorable as it is interesting" counterbalanced with the thought that, when I listen to music, "it doesn't really matter". That means, basically, that it's an aperitif, not a main meal in the spice list of life.

Do you agree?

Friday, 18 August 2017

Tinsel Town In Scene Of A Crime

Poem – mrb

Tinsel Town In Scene Of A Crime; August 2017

Those woolly mammoth machines

The tanks on the horizon

Firing shells over the seashores

We’d hope they were extinct by now

Why won’t they let us be?


Bees in a hive of sweet honey

Those furry sloths

Those tinsel town furries

The cuddly truth – life, lived and huddled

The negating slurry pile outside

We must avoid the drab somedays

To mention the futile is a nun day

Few like none say

Tiles on the church floor are all splintered

Let us keep our resistance, friends

Keep the resistance of machinery

And the warmth of the natural world

It’s tinsel town in scene of a crime

Roll up boys and girls!

Father Christmas has come to play with you

Sit on his lap for a present or two

Chuckle with mince pies and mum’s cookin’ stew

Far away from the mammoth tanks

And the slurry pile of everyday life.

Tinsel town in scene of a crime.

Life beyond feeling like a lost dime,

Thrown into the sea like a shell off a soldier;

Relaxing from conflagration of aggressive boulders;

A rolling bauble gathers no moss .

And a child of the world no unkindness to throw over the trenches

Why won’t they let us be?

We knew...

We lied to father Christmas once...

We didn’t put tinsel round the tree

We lost our faith in humanity.