Sunday, 15 November 2015

SubVersion Stop 258: Foci's Left - LUV Project (Grand Canaria Has Someting Good In The Air) - Nov 2015

Got a new CD coming out, I might pair it up as a double CD package with Clavinova if there's more than one comment/like/share for this post. If you mention it on Facebook or Twitter and tell me, you get a free disc sent to you (postage covered by me). There are 300 download codes currently ordered by me, to be dispensed with unique codes at @MuttleySV on Twitter in the coming weeks. Reimburse yours at If you want to help me buy food for half a week to feed myself, PayPal £10 to mbucki07 at and I'll send you a double CD-R (read on for another option) of the finished LP from 1 Nov-14th Nov, and Clavinova, already released on as a free download.
The new LP is called LUV: Grand Canaria Has Someting In The Air. I'm uploading it right now for your listening displeasure. To be honest, it's the LP that's taken me the smallest amount of time to make, the easiest thing is sometimes the best thing. The album was created completely on a mobile phone on my holiday around the Canary Islands to keep me sane/from relapsing. It's 14 tracks long and should be ready for release by the morning. I had a breathtaking time around the Canaries, visiting Lanzarote and Madeira on land, and Lisbon, Tenerife, Grand Canaria, Las Palmas and La Coruna on sailaway photographed on deck port sightseeings from the ship (I could watch those for days and is handy because I'm a lumbering sleepwalker). The ship, Ventura had amazing entertainment: pianist Campbell Simpson, Dynamite Groove and Eletrixx, Megan and Joe on vocal songs, Kai doing Michael Buble, Jimmy Love as Elton John, and shout outs especially to the Cinnamon and Sindhu restaurants for providing 2 weeks of the best food I've ever had this lifetime. The Sindhu in particular, for the best Indian 4 course (korma/rogan/tofu salmon) meal I've had in over 20 years.
So, CD, 2CD, like or mention for freebies, donate huggably for LUV. Boh :)

Release day progress: sold my first copy to FuturePast zine today with an order of Nothing 3CD too.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

SubVersion Stop 257: Curry Crew - The Dastardly Diaries Chapter 5

Foci's Left, Magix, Fellow Concert Performers - Curry Crew - Muttley's Dastardly Diaries - Chapter 5

I just couldn't bee bovvered to vocalise or write at length in visual language and text format about TDD 5.
Well, it was called 'Dynamic Encounters With The Ultramundane' underneath. Then I called it somethin joyous. Curry!

What I really wanted to say originally is that two opposites put together equals transcending to a higher state. That's all there is to it really. Hence the 54 track 7.6 hours of free music.

I do not own copyrights to any of these recordings, but I recorded all of them. This is to cite one file with musicians. That's the last Sparkys night I went to before I go on holiday soon. Enjoy all the free music, studio and field recorded. Everything else is under Foci's Left (FL) name, and all of it can be downloaded individually, or Dropbox folder downloads.

I collated all this stuff together in one place because it's a lot easier to find, experience fully, as parts of an onion. It's also all of my best recordings from the last 2 months!

So have a feeding fix, and thank me when your hearing aid magic's your ears back to life.

On wiv der fred.


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

SubVersion Stop 256: SC's Handy New Tagging Index

This is a handy little thing thats been on the forum since it was refurbished in August-September '15. Scroll down the page to the bottom of the forum index and you will find a collection of about 25 sequentially (but not alphanumerically) ordered tags, updated every time you refresh. You can click on these to find new and old threads that you may have glanced at once but forgot to check, older stuff from 2002 initiation onwards, and sub-appropriated tagging by nature of threads having this function in their 'submit post' functionality.

Have a look:


Thursday, 10 September 2015

SubVersion Stop 255: Nissenmondia

New tune is LARGE. Sounds like acid houser Manacles of Acid live mixed with rock bombaism.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

SubVersion Stop 254: On the subject of Simon Reynolds...

SC thread lifesavers firefinga and Statto have been talking about the Energy Flash (released late 1990s) book refurbishment. It sounds good, in short. Meant to cover dubstep (still a bit Arnie-eurgh with me besides Actress, Burial, Zomby, Distance and Pinch) and EDM - which I'm commenting on in shorthand here since The Wire for October 2015 issue have EDM roots (electronic dance music, c'mon people, it just got anglicised = Americanised) on the cover. I'm not a massive keeper of hardcover books in my waking life, but I will be buying this. I'll report back later with a post edit.

(I will also be picking up a copy of Statto's SV reviewed The Sex Revolts on Joy Press from 2012).

Thursday, 30 July 2015

SubVersion Stop 253: A Film Review (And A Bloody Good Film At That)

#muttleyfilm The Voices (Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, et al., 2015)

Immediate thoughts: incredibly affecting biopic that takes in psychopathology in relation to paranoid schizophrenia.

In short: the easy choice is thr right choice.

I'm interested analysing psychopathy, being prone to psychopathy myself. And psychopathology - paths from the psyche, which takes in mindfulness - as less a severeance-rite.

For some, that's hells road. But for me, and a crucial backbencher ideologue of the film supports: "you're never alone". Health spreads out.

In medicine this [the good] is health; in strategy, victory; in architecture - a building- different things in different arts,

As *some* of us know, me from reading Garrick Alder's 'Mind Bombs', "the majority of psychopaths are non-violent". "Some even work in offices"  - see the film. "Like their cold-blooded counterparts, they are manipulative and controlling, lack emotional depth. In most respects they are to be seen as highly likely to succeed in corporate culture, where one person is just a cog in a bigger mechanism".

- But the reason ultimately that Ryan's character in the film doesn't succeed is because of complex aftercare from institutionalisation.

The rhizome (root) of all suffering can arise from childhood trauma; judge in the film for yourself.  When we take indoctrination, in any field - say schizoaffective (me, and partially psychopathic) with voices I hear (partial guides, but not always) - truth is corrupt.

Thusly this film, beyond just a cheap horror flick archetype with a tacked on message, is multidimesionally revelatory because of surrealism.

Psychopathology is the ultimate subversion. It leads all places, takes no prisoners. Yet it wields the ultimate dogma: for people to become prisoners of their own minds.

Re: and conclusion: the easy choice in paranoid schizophrenia is driven by mindfulness, but this is only the connective. Thusly psychopathy.

Mick Buckingham

[Editor's note: I stumbled across this film in an EE and Wuaki.TV company partnership offer for £1 a film a week for EE customers. I watched it on my phone at a less WiFi traffic time (230pm) and got a non-buffering excellent film for the price of 700mb data (1h43m length).

Sunday, 7 June 2015

SubVersion Stop 252: Muttley - Black Stars [2008]

Muttley - Black Stars - July2008 Poem

However adept one is at painting black over white
The moon will tell you otherwise within time
And these stars have many layers on their sights
And this sky is a tapestry of picture-perfect
Whenever you're down sing a song for hope
Even if worrying seems like all you can do
Ruminating over past actions won't help
Even if it feels like all you can do
These bright lights are your decision
Words aren't always meant to be red
Sometimes we're all wandering towards what was unsaid
But whether there's fruit is anyone's guess.
Black stars are in your head and heart.

~ This is a sleight edit to what I wrote in a mental health outpatients department in 2008 when induced with symptoms of bipolar disorder and psychotic depression. It has stayed in the back of my mind all this time. It is one of the favourite poems I've written. I will adapt it into an intuitive song-based improvisation at some point, as well as a mixtape.