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Friday, 17 July 2020

Pseuds corner: Iron Shackle poem

The scribbles are set
And The Time is wasted?
not copied and pasted
rather hastened and slim-waisted
falling like an evergreen curve
around the hips of a parabola
time may make us loners
but too much pride is for stoners
getting stoned to death
and stoned out of their heads
until ash comes out of their ears
and all they breathe is fears
not copied and pasted
rather gripped like life was chastised
tormented, trailed like an iron shackle
attached to the wrecking ball of days gone by.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

[Foodie Noodlings] Three FIsh Roast, Red Wine Jus garnish, White Stilton and Salad Tomato

Three fish roast, salad tomato, white Stilton Cheese and Red Wine Jus.
A healthy, tasty meal that doesn't cost the Earth, provides nutrition and is easy to source.
Lay out the fish on the plate once cooked or ready to eat, crumble the Stilton alongside, spoon over the Jus and halve the
tomato and lay the pieces on a shape on the plate.
The flavour you will get from this is strong flowers, vegetables and quality meat, with the sauces giving necessary garnish.

Monday, 13 July 2020

Foci's Left [Music] - Unofficial Pokemon Game Music For Nintendo Switch 2020 Edition


Hi all,
What with the very very nice twelve views on my last post, I am incensed to post more about my music projects, as people are into them. This time, comes three new tracks to begin an archives release by FL, a Pokémon Unofficial Game Music album based around games from Nintendo Switch compatibility. This release is exclusive to my FL fan club - see www.focisleft.bandcamp.com

- A sound track to all the games
- Various pieces work at different times
- Different cut-scenes
- Based around animal encounters, spectral activities and soul searching exploration.

For example, the Sword & Shield games of recent: I was thinking of music to accompany these.

Pokémon music is usually a bit zany, very complex and deceptively simple.

It calls on the clarion of traditionalist Japanese and Chinese music(s) and has a certain feel.

I have played Pokémon games since 1998. When they first made their way to Kent, United Kingdom.

I have a constant love for the card game, the computer games and the merchandise in all forms.

It is easy for me to overdo it. Hence, these pieces are as plain and precise as possible.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Dangerous Pike - Aquarium Jazz LP - finally the trilogy package is complete

For more information on all that, scroll back a few posts to the "like Tangerine Dream" post.

There's a rundown there. Here's your link to the origins of Dangerous Pike on BC since Crimbo:

Fear Pain Grief LP
Snakes And Lathers LP
Aquarium Jazz LP [third in the official trilogy of CDs]

For the record, "Fear Pain Grief" and "Snakes And Lathers" are NOT DP LPs per se, they are just origins records, not part of the trilogy at all. The official trilogy record weighs up like this:

1. Treacherous Paths LP
The most concise, and dosed-sounding music by FL's new side project, withdrawal music.
2. Trail LP
Two long-form tracks, 24 plus minutes each. Comprises micro-passages, with a sound not unlike William Basinski in his prime. It's also the happiest sounding DP music, made for my father's Day.
3. Aquarium Jazz LP
The most low-fidelity of the three CD records. Everything works as part of a compositional whole.

Finally, there are remixes of "For David Robert Jones" by Basinski, "Under The Coke Sign" by Boards Of Canada and "A Deeper Silence" by Steve Roach. Those are omitted from self-release, so keep your ears peeled for how I can get public versions of those out there in other forms. =)

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Good morning MixCloud

MixCloud, the Soundcloud equiv for mixtapes and podcasts, is like a cotton candy dispenser to a young boy or girl. I highly relish checking out the best selectors on there; my page comes up by searching "Muttley Subversion".

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

SC Thread by DJ ML - Recommend Some Good Chill Out / Downtempo albums!!


In this thread, currently with 221 readers, a few of the board are commenting with records - specifically, albums - that grew our likings for chilled out music, with beats or not.

As such, the differential is with chillout music being more a brand that got fashioned by Paul Oakenfold and the like, the Café Del Mar and Ibiza club scene and after parties - rather than a generative mood music, or an isolationist discovery.

Because of this, I have reached for slightly more middle-ground releases than my usual isolationist ambient music recommendations, as even for me, I do enjoy a good hook or mood music vibe, whether we call it aciiied related or not (see acid house, Tall Paul, 808 State and Jam and Spoon).

Ecumenically so, talking points on club culture and Ibiza have been covered in much depth even by auteur writers like Simon Reynolds; "Energy Flash" and "Retromania" for example are often cited by book selling sites as common go-tos on the scene itself.

And that's commenting on dance music as a whole - not microgenres, subgenre grenades thrown into the mix and what have you.

Check it out - or chill out, either way - you might be placidly cleansed.

In a similar vein to 36, Boards Of Canada and Tangerine Dream


Currently I'm compiling and decompiling punctuation and musical asterisks for the first Dangerous Pike artist trilogy album.

It's a bit of a "Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was", just not quite as bleak and blustery.

Expect a pie graph in musical form most parts distant melody, with fractions of movement and textural sustenance.

The 3CD set comprises [3 bonus "name" remixes excluded]

Treacherous Paths CD
Trail CD
Aquarium Jazz CD

The third one at the time of writing is still in progress.

It's partially inspired by animal communications, particularly pikes (snakes). Nothing to do with bad dives at all. Otherwise, a nod to Arthur Lowe and Pike in Dad's Army and their bond in the Home Guard.

Likely been the most life-affirming music I've consciously made since the "Nothing" original.

Keep in touch to see what's cooking here, and be sure to revisit www.focisleft.bandcamp for all.