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Sunday, 15 November 2015

SubVersion Stop 258: Foci's Left - LUV Project (Grand Canaria Has Someting Good In The Air) - Nov 2015

Got a new CD coming out, I might pair it up as a double CD package with Clavinova if there's more than one comment/like/share for this post. If you mention it on Facebook or Twitter and tell me, you get a free disc sent to you (postage covered by me). There are 300 download codes currently ordered by me, to be dispensed with unique codes at @MuttleySV on Twitter in the coming weeks. Reimburse yours at www.focisleft.bandcamp.com/yum. If you want to help me buy food for half a week to feed myself, PayPal £10 to mbucki07 at hotmail.co.uk and I'll send you a double CD-R (read on for another option) of the finished LP from 1 Nov-14th Nov, and Clavinova, already released on focisleft.bandcamp.com as a free download.
The new LP is called LUV: Grand Canaria Has Someting In The Air. I'm uploading it right now for your listening displeasure. To be honest, it's the LP that's taken me the smallest amount of time to make, the easiest thing is sometimes the best thing. The album was created completely on a mobile phone on my holiday around the Canary Islands to keep me sane/from relapsing. It's 14 tracks long and should be ready for release by the morning. I had a breathtaking time around the Canaries, visiting Lanzarote and Madeira on land, and Lisbon, Tenerife, Grand Canaria, Las Palmas and La Coruna on sailaway photographed on deck port sightseeings from the ship (I could watch those for days and is handy because I'm a lumbering sleepwalker). The ship, Ventura had amazing entertainment: pianist Campbell Simpson, Dynamite Groove and Eletrixx, Megan and Joe on vocal songs, Kai doing Michael Buble, Jimmy Love as Elton John, and shout outs especially to the Cinnamon and Sindhu restaurants for providing 2 weeks of the best food I've ever had this lifetime. The Sindhu in particular, for the best Indian 4 course (korma/rogan/tofu salmon) meal I've had in over 20 years.
So, CD, 2CD, like or mention for freebies, donate huggably for LUV. Boh :)

Release day progress: sold my first copy to FuturePast zine today with an order of Nothing 3CD too.