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Thursday, 30 July 2015

SubVersion Stop 253: A Film Review (And A Bloody Good Film At That)

#muttleyfilm The Voices (Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, et al., 2015)

Immediate thoughts: incredibly affecting biopic that takes in psychopathology in relation to paranoid schizophrenia.

In short: the easy choice is thr right choice.

I'm interested analysing psychopathy, being prone to psychopathy myself. And psychopathology - paths from the psyche, which takes in mindfulness - as less a severeance-rite.

For some, that's hells road. But for me, and a crucial backbencher ideologue of the film supports: "you're never alone". Health spreads out.

In medicine this [the good] is health; in strategy, victory; in architecture - a building- different things in different arts,

As *some* of us know, me from reading Garrick Alder's 'Mind Bombs', "the majority of psychopaths are non-violent". "Some even work in offices"  - see the film. "Like their cold-blooded counterparts, they are manipulative and controlling, lack emotional depth. In most respects they are to be seen as highly likely to succeed in corporate culture, where one person is just a cog in a bigger mechanism".

- But the reason ultimately that Ryan's character in the film doesn't succeed is because of complex aftercare from institutionalisation.

The rhizome (root) of all suffering can arise from childhood trauma; judge in the film for yourself.  When we take indoctrination, in any field - say schizoaffective (me, and partially psychopathic) with voices I hear (partial guides, but not always) - truth is corrupt.

Thusly this film, beyond just a cheap horror flick archetype with a tacked on message, is multidimesionally revelatory because of surrealism.

Psychopathology is the ultimate subversion. It leads all places, takes no prisoners. Yet it wields the ultimate dogma: for people to become prisoners of their own minds.

Re: and conclusion: the easy choice in paranoid schizophrenia is driven by mindfulness, but this is only the connective. Thusly psychopathy.

Mick Buckingham

[Editor's note: I stumbled across this film in an EE and Wuaki.TV company partnership offer for £1 a film a week for EE customers. I watched it on my phone at a less WiFi traffic time (230pm) and got a non-buffering excellent film for the price of 700mb data (1h43m length).