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Sunday, 7 January 2018

SV Stop 302: Path Optimist - When I Awoke songsheet / lyrics / chord structure (free to remix/rework)

path optimist - when i awoke (live recording)

riyl: gordon lightfoot, zelienople, james blackshaw, ags Connolly

key variations
c suspended 4th, c suspended 7th
d minor, e major, f major
g major, g dominant 7th, a minor 9th

title themes
"your rhythm is my woe" / "my mind is my rhythm (i make my own decision)"
"connect four and we know the score" / "drawing dots on a matrix of course"
"station to leave, embankment to erode" / "are all the lines once drawn by a candle wax flow"
-"candlestick, match / candlestick, wax, lose all your recrimination and set fire to my sights"
- "waxwork, pedestal, recriminant, old girl, my old girl is a rhythm inside my mind"
"so i leave, that station wasn't very merry, it burnt half a lid of glue over the cesspool"
"planted next to my sherry, when I awoke".
i recorded a 5 minute .m4a file on my samsung s6 pc phone and the guitar is rich and crisp.
because the song is sung with backing vocals in style and timbre (no mic) i need a female vocalist.
or rather, i should make a request for a female vocalist to trigger a youthquake (my word hahaha, i do come out with some bs
on facebook randomly in my keyboard warrior troll ways - then it became a new word in the oxford urban dictionary in 2016).
the point of writing all this is endemic to a growth of rhythm and blues guitar music with an abstract vox edge to it. yours truly, your neighbourhood spaceman.