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Saturday, 23 February 2019

SubVersion Stop 322: FTAL - For The Ambient Lovers Winter Digest 2018

Hey Ambient lovers and newcomers,

What is ambient music? Music as ignorable as it is interesting, if you're Brian Eno. Sound that fills the gaps between somatic timbre, if you're me.

Living and breathing, heating and huddling, all these kind of things come into play for listenership.

Here are a few records from 2018 that I overlooked that have cropped up in my private registry.

To the top - Thursday 2nd May, start of Spring time proper

...Brings with it a good deal. Dennis Huddleston, the man behind the 36 (www.3six.bandcamp.com) moniker, is using Groupees website (sign up by email) today to sell off his entire digital and physical catalogue. With exclusive items, rare tapes and signed test presses from Ryan ASIP, all funds go towards the Crohns and Colitis UK Foundation charity. For: just $12 or offer price separately!

Definitely sounds like a good deal. Take advantage, yo.

On Eilean Rec

Oh, the ever reliable eilean rec. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn, they are a powerful and clear winner.

Leigh Toro's latest, "The Eternal Navigation", released in September 2018, and "Silfra" by Dronavinile, or similar artist (at least I remember the title because it's in front of me, ha) should be investigated immediately. Opinions are irrelevant here, I'm sticking to recos, IIKI Books next.

On Constellation Tatsu

4 new releases on 26th Feb. Curved Light sounds very good.

On Simon James French BC Sublet

Some rather extraordinarily beautiful, eviscerating soft sounds from Derive Soundscapes Episode 2 here, the creator of 2010's "Misery" ambient masterpiece. Equally melodic, this stuff is heavily subdued, dreamy without dissonance, and big on reverb and delay trails, with a hardware sound. Rather analogue, gluing itself to your ears like well-tacked bands in big concert rooms.

I actually had to purchase this one and download it - it's so good! Well worth supporting.

On Foci Left

Longformacus sees a Droneworks Vol. II release, a collection of soft and dark ambient beds.

In this chronology post, where you follow me with top-down scrolling updates for what's next like TDD then Facebuke, the ultimate aim is to present choices for inquisitive listeners, as well as broaden my horizons, getting away from the looming 250k plus viewed "black wall" of subvert FTAL.

It can be depressing viewing black text environments that are like the festering corners of the web.
In addition you can end up attracting some crazy misunderstandings about where you stand. Like I do.

Anyways, here's some of the lesser sung things that happened partially ignorably in Winter 2018. :)