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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

SV Stop 310: Dua Lipa

Got a bit of a thing for Dua Lipa at the mo =)
It's just plain nice pop dance music. Cool implementation of guitar fretwork.
"IDGAF" club mixes hit the spot. They optimise themselves in Dorian mode and do it well.
I can get them from ZIPDJ.com legal subbie. That's my go-to for most club music I hear dreaming.
Glad she won a Brit Award. (The artist)
Same happened for BFL and Saint Vincent, and I've seen/known those performers too.
Real women do it better. Chauvinist pigs and irritating arrogant men aren't where it's at.
Yeah I'm a mincer, but I'd rather be prolife than psychopathic.
Way too many idiots about in hyperspace for my liking. And the reason I stay away from cities.
Why don't you all just go to Benidorm already and get it over with?
That would mean not buying so many six packs to fit your twenty pack bellies though, wouldn't it.
Really though, I've got stories circulating around my arse for where these alienoids come from.

SV Stop 309: Syncopathic Recordings new project ANMA


Amidst the dust and decay of retrostylin' dial-up lagtime in thought and handling internet processes, I am actually understanding the admins at SC give me about 5 fresh topics a day to keep me entertained. Generally it's non-crapper stuff, Dastardly Exposure/Twitter/FaceBook style projects of algorithmic fortuity. And also very non-crapper is this exceptional jazzy electronica from various artists related to SC and Syncopathic Recordings respectively.

Sounding professional to a tee, this kind of Ekziel Honig style multi-instrumentalism is no coffee table interloper, preferring to swoon and swoop at the fringes and eschelonic practices of rhythm against solitude. Tilman Ehrhorn and Murcof, Matmos and Animal Collective also spring to mind. All very organic stuff, and that piano hits joyous notes in my heart. The great thing is that the music could be slapdash and untidy all the time but it chooses to be elegantly arranged and absorbant, like a wet kitchen towel to a beer spill. By track three we get washes of delay and pinpoint piano precision, raspy electronic crackles and annotated bassline zorbing. This trend continues through a cracker of a release. Check out straight away, you won't be disappointed!

SV Stop 308: Flying Vinyl Podcasts


I'm having all sorts of things go very very slow with my operating system recently. Lawwwd 'aaaaav mercy on the man.
I know I am on 2GB internal storage 20GB secondary slave on this lappy, but it's pretty bad.

In optimistic terms, I came across this for the fourth time in my email newsletters. Eventually I will get it to load. It's the @FlyingVinyl podcast for iTunes.

Highlight generally of the show is the fluidity and high ideals conceptualising of the label owners - something that got them to break artists like Regina Spektor.

If you don't know FlyingVinyl, they are basically an ongoing £20 a month subscription series that ships you out a box of 5 double-sided seven-inch singles per month with a picture disc and booklet, sleeves etc. It's a quality deal, the music is great, and the artwork matches it nicely.

Bands included Willie J Healey, Black Honey, InHeaven, and more. Many more.

In growth, you HAVE TO respect the original artists. The people who made your music for you. Regardless that you invest in it, you are basically being paid to listen to it.

So, check out Craig Evans cause this week Subverts, I'm sure you'll find something to like.
I did not write this on SC because we're basically a ghost blog on there now, only bots visit there.

Friday, 25 May 2018

SV Stop 307: Stop With The GDPR Email Baloney From 300 Addresses Please?

Is it because you use my content to publish under other people's names? Yes. Is it because you make money off of it? Yes. Is it because you are crooks? Yes. Funny how you don't see me doing that, and I earn less than minimum wage per day.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

SV Stop 306: FL (FOCI LEFT) - Tapas_Mosaic_LP (April 21st-May 19th 2018 - FREE RELEASE)

Hi decent people of les miserablenets

For a limited time only. "Tapas Mosaic LP", the long-planned follow-up to "LUV LP" from 2015, also a release created on holiday. Spain, The Canary Islands, both one and the same, both totally different at certain times. I am making this available for free here, and may update with a BC link.

Here is the weTransfer link...


Spain was incredible. But in the end, I was incredibly exhausted by just how hard work it was to live there day to day. Mentally, I was more sane than ever, however. The property was heavenly to stay in, very clean and modern with a wicked Blue Tooth Speaker. As well as really bad separation anxiety with my long time soulmate and friends back home, and general detachment from local amenities that involved my long time parents using a car at all times to carry me around, I will cherish the memories, but not because it is early days, I just have a premonition that having been there for a full secure month with my housing officers notified, I felt better, but it was a massive expense, and that is very discouraging, and so I feel I may never encounter such a test of patience.

Of course, it is early days. With such a huge natural wonder (search Morcilla on www.subvertcentral.com for a currently 2 page thread) it is easy to be down, as a downwards spiralling anxious person. It is so easy to forget all the trials of walking, hiking, restauranteering, pool playing, beaching, partying (nerd style not Gangnam), siestas, evening candles, pool table snoops, sun lounger and swim time. My fave place, out of the whole trip, thankfully, was where we stayed. Then, I felt it was sometimes nice to socialise, to be extroverted, as long as it didn't break me.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

SV Stop 305: Attn Statto

while we're having security issues accessing the sc server on my network (my bytefence anti-crapware tool says it's full of malicious content, yada yada) I thought i'd continue a thread I started on subvert central on the roundup blog, subversion.

"attn. statto" has a long philological history on sc. not only is it the standard sort of 'attention' thread and re-tread over recommendations, it makes it easy for me to be specific to my friend statto, aka Jonathan, second contributor of this blog.

(if you're wondering why I removed lata and khal, it's not because I fell out with them, quite the opposite; it was because I was worried I was privately overburdening them. bless em).

anyway...here is a little "opening up" to the big subversion audience of spirits about what's on the stereo at the moment.

Sky City (Tom Carter, Robert Horton, Lisa & Lee Ann Cameron) - Sky City (Important Records)

this is a psychedelic big shamble, full of foiled attempts to craft a car mot. it's utterly bent, and utterly captivating. sounds damn fine in the studio lounge. I had a few carter things beginning in 2007, whatever they were called, but the rest are new names to me. shifts about like a mouse with a blindfold on, in the nature of sounding like an ebowed guitar, played in the dark.

imprec@importantrecords.com for cd copies.

David Terry (LP on Opal Tapes)

"sorrow lp"...what a release! full of funereal dirge in the best sense. tripped up organic rhapsody; church organ tendrils hitting like tonsillitis. very throaty bass lines on the album give a crepuscular sheen to the whole shebang. lots of anti-static yet shiver inducing ultramundanity. a recommended high (or if it's too early pink Floyd for you, low).

From The Mouth Of The Sun - Sleep Stations (LP on Bandcamp)

another very fine asking of transcoded instrumental compositions by jasper tx and aaron martin. a bit of a dream duo if you ask me, this stuff was made available last week and all the tapes on bandcamp (including mine) have sold; they're dubbed on both sides so i'm really looking forward to kicking back to that.

...so yeah, just a few releases to keep you ticking over. remember to search on www.bandcamp.com for a greater thrill than direct links. there's also a chance you'll find something else as good if not better. we love bandcamp at subversion, it was very helpful for getting the solo fl stuff careered.

(p.s if you're wondering why sv wasn't updated for a couple of months, I was on holiday from 21st april to 19th may, in spain of all places, and however spectacularly therapeutic it was, I am very glad to be back home. I was starting to have really bad separation anxiety, even though my carers were with me. there's a thread about the whole trip over 2 pages currently on the sc front page - search "morcilla").