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Thursday, 27 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 167: SubVersion's End Of 2012 Charts & End Of Year Mix

Hi good subverts,

Time for the second "End Of..." / charts from me and fellow members if they wish. Here's the format to follow:


SubVersion End Of Year 2012 Charts


01. Favourite track: Boduf Songs - Eternal Memo

02. Favourite album: Bat For Lashes - The Haunted Man

03. Favourite label: Kranky

04. Favourite mixtape: "Flowers And Bones" by Peter Van Cooten of ambientblog.net

05 Favourite SC thread: 247 - old skool for da raverz...

06. Favourite gig: Death In Vegas @ 02 Academy, Oxford, May 2012

07. Favourite book: Carl Rogers - On Becoming A Person: A Therapist's View Of Psychotherapy

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Indian Himalayan Chicken, Keema Naan & Pilau Rice

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Snacking on Punjab Kitchen meals in mental hospital for seconds.

10. Favourite random moment: Realising love can be like an invisible aerial, the signal being interferred with on the fly.

Muttley - Secret Place - EOY Mixtape - 2012


00:01 Jan Linton & Matthew Seligan - Message (Sendai donation EP, Entropy Digital, 2012)
00:01 Boduf Songs - Eternal Memo (Internal Memo EP, Kranky, 2012)
02:40 Karl Verkade - Angelfish [Water In Ab] (Water: Music For Meditation LP, Karl Verkade Bandcamp, 2012)
03:18 Peter James & Disturbed Earth - Where Roses Bloom (Remains LP, Atom Netlabel, 2011)
03:47 Grouper - Come Softly (A.I.A: Alien Observer LP, Yellowelectric, 2011)
04:17 / 34:09 (Reprise) Nebula - Escapism (Astral Soul EP, Subtle Audio, 2011)
07:08 C. Paradisi - Celestial (Free Floating Music: Conception, free download, 2011)
08:58 David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette - In His Ghostly Heart (The Meridians Of Longitude And Parallels Of Latitude LP, Home Normal, 2011)
12:40 Journey Of Mind - Dawn Feeder (Oil Burner EP, Constellation Tatsu, 2012)
16:51 Foci's Left - A Sign She's Left (Grumpy Love LP, Unreleased)
17:43 Leyland Kirby - The Arrow Of Time (Eager To Tear Apart The Stars LP, History Always Favours The Winners, 2011)
18:09 Charlatan - Seed And Light (Equinox LP, Digitalis, 2011)
20:32 / 24:17 / 25: 59 Tomas Weiss & Antony Paul Kerby - Vision 6 (Appearances LP, 2011)
21:40 Bat For Lashes - A Wall (The Haunted Man LP, Parlophone, 2012)
23:53 Chad Valley feat. Active Child - Manimals (Young Hunger LP, Loose Lips Records, 2012)
27:44 Foci's Left - Speech In Order To Think (2012 feat. Mystery Baby, Foci's Left Bandcamp, 2012)
30:32 Bengalfuel - Mad Daddy Clawbone (Edgemere EP, Hibernate, 2010)
40:59 end


01. Favourite track: Greenleaf - Mercy Funk VIP (Lightless Digital)

02. Favourite album: Naphta - Democracy Now II / Repetition/Distract - salles des perdus

03. Favourite label: Weevil Neighbourhood

04. Favourite mix: Fabio & Grooverider - BBC Radio 1, 26th March (which isn't really a mix at all)

05. Favourite SC thread: http://subvertcentral.com/forum/show...rsary-giveaway

06. Favourite gig: Rammel Weekender, 9th-11th March, Chameleon Club, Nottingham

07. Favourite book: Deviations: A Gayle Rubin Reader (Duke University Press)

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Tesco Butterscotch Mousse

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Correcting people on the internet

10. Favourite random moment: Seeing a single blogpost go over 1000 pageviews


More to be filled in...

02. Favourite album: Currently Raime - Quarter Turns over The Living Line

05 Favourite SC thread: Probably the "It's Friday (Most Days)!!!!!" thread.

06. Favourite gig: Dead Rat Orchestra live soundtrack to The Guga Hunters of Ness. (Think you'd like this if you don't already know it Muttley...)

07. Favourite book: Read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep for the first time, it's even better than everyone says.

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Loads of Hunanese / sichuan veggie stuff from Fuschia Dunlop's new book.

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Kiss FM / the climbing wall.

10. Favourite random moment: Going on a trip through space in a caravan. 


01. Favourite track:: t b d

02. Favourite album: None.

03. Favourite label: Omni Music.

04. Favourite mixtape: Breaks Mix v1.0 – dj Euphoria.


05 Favourite SC thread:: Friday thread, lolz thread, or something started by Naphta.

06. Favourite gig: A local group called Kupaoa.

07. Favourite book: Horn, James. 1994. Adapting to a New World: English Society in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Snickers dark chocolate.

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Genealogy research.

10. Favourite random moment: Being able to control traffic with my mind. 


01. Favourite track: Ulrich Schnauss & ASC - MoirĂ© Pattern/Fracture Feat. Dawn Day Night ‎– Get Busy

02. Favourite album: Mala - Mala in Cuba

03. Favourite label: Auxiliary

04. Favourite mixtape: Minor Blow - Soundstrackforacoldsummer

05 Favourite SC thread: the one about plug.dj

06. Favourite gig: Tiger & Woods at Positivus Festival/The Experimental Tropic Blues Band at Rabarock Festival

07. Favourite book: Anything from Vonnegut

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Taffel Chili Nuts

10. Favourite random moment: Sending my kid to school for the first time  


01. Favourite track: Peaking Lights - Shines 4 U (Innergaze Remix) / dgoHn_and_Nic_TVG-They_Mostly_Said_Nice_Things

02. Favourite album: not a clue

03. Favourite label: Pinecone Moonshine / Modern Love

04. Favourite mixtape: A Sagittarium for Resident Advisor

05 Favourite SC thread: can't remember

06. Favourite gig: (personal) jaes' jungletrain show in march, seeing Primus at Wakarusa, maybe Moodyman in LA, various Droid Behavior parties, can't choose

07. Favourite book: Lazy Point - Carl Safina

08. Favourite food (or Snax): eggs in/on toast + huge organic salads

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: smokin and hitting on old chicks, loving Flo Rida's - Whistle

10. Favourite random moment: moving to Arkansas and trying to be a farmer, doing acid the first few times, maybe other moments best left unmentioned!  


01. Favourite track: Vatican Shadow - Church Of All Images (Regis Remix)

02. Favourite album: Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

03. Favourite label: Blackest Ever Black

04. Favourite mixtape: Blu Mar Ten Podcasts

05. Favourite SC thread: Best Tune You've Heard All Day

10. Favourite random moment: Being a godparent for the first time 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 166: Muttley - Without You (Christmas Special)

A mixtape to call near the needs of other Subvert Central members, by way of comfort in sound, challenge in mood, customary fittings for my 15 Minutes Of Fame diverse selections and listenership, plus the inter-spreading of emotions from childhood Pop to regal Rock and back again.

01. 00:00 / 21:41 Mono - A Quiet Place [Together We Go] (For My Parents LP, Temporary Residence, 2012)
02. 06:56 British Sea Power - Everybody Must Be Saved (Waving Flags EP, 2008]
03. 10:13 Eugene S. Robinson & Philippe Petite - Chapter 2 (Last Of The Dead Hot Lovers LP, 2012)
04. 12:00 Good Weather For An Airstrike - A Quiet Day (Lights LP, GWFAA Bandcamp, 2012)
05. 13:30 / 22: 42 Robin Guthrie, Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd - Don't Go Where I Can't Find You (Winter Garden LP, Rarenoise, 2011)
06. 17:46 Laura Veirs - Make Something Good (July Flame LP, 2009)
07. 18:46 Bat For Lashes - Laura (The Haunted Man LP, Parlophone, 2012)
08. 24:27 Manic Street Preachers - A Design For Life (Everything Must Go LP, 1996)
09. 28:37 Scouting For Girls - Without You (The Light Between Us LP, 2012)
10. 32:50 Coldplay - Trouble (Parachutes LP, EMI, 2000)
37:21 end


All feedback appreciated.


Friday, 21 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 165: Darren Hayman + My Crooked Teeth + Trevor Williams - Wednesday 12th December @ The Bullingdon Arms, Oxford

As a writer, I'm conducting a survey on "the blues" cause in society. Nay tonight's cast lumping turds with nu-gaze acoustic Folk styles. Darren Hayman ends my listening fizzed up, scribbling  - I couldn't get past his third about his dream girl looking like "that lesbian off of Brookside".

But I mean really. Where else to find a better solution to "the blues" than Folk nights? Whether it's foot-tapping sea shanties, or token hyper-literacy - take My Crooked Teeth's "Like an ostrich with my head in the sand, I couldn't see the signs", almost borderlining genius sequencing through lolloping lines and multifaceted raunch, you're guaranteed entertainment. Take local songsmith Trev Williams: a reinvented Michael Stipe of REM turn Anglo-American-ness if ever. "Lucky", his fourth after opener "Happy Song", placates the line "You can run for miles, or become a skeleton", following his chant and handclap loop FX. It tells harmonic structure belying much of depression and why it's experience - not only because an artist is total shite, but of all the scientific implications too. Thankfully Trev, even with a Christmas song on his tracklist, doesn't slip into tribute band second-rate-ism; it's ultimately down to his idiosyncratic integrity.

My Crooked Teeth, while lacking the accompaniment, plays a mean melodic guitar line, with gut-tippingly powerful lyrics, including "Hurt tells me to ignore what I've done to others" which really hits home. Read deaf, impact doesn't compare, but this is the power of sound - its determinancy shapes what we do, and when we do it. Explaining why The Bully is ceremoniously packed out by the time Darren Hayman enters the room. His second tune is so delicately played on the acoustic he reminds me of Helios' Keith Kenniff, despite the musings about "Bringing the waves into ground so we can make places to park" offering counter-direction. Steely rimshot to the 8 ball finish. From what's witnessed Darren promises much, My Crooked Teeth strap the rockets to the storm cloud, and Williams plays resoundingly, without whimsy. Three reasons why this evening was a corker above blue moon station.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 164: DJ Trax & Nucleus Present: Catch A Groove (feat Paradox)

Catch A Groove, the biweekly show set up by DJ Trax and Nucleus for Old Skool & subversive D&B, paid host to Paradox as their first special guest this December, with the show approaching its 1st Anniversary on 9th January. "Dev was over in the UK and enjoys the show and as you know we are all old friends so it was natural to get him involved" Dave Trax says. You can download the archive or listen via SoundCloud here.

Trax also says in his Subvert Central thread another special guest is confirmed, and I for one have high anticipation of the results. "It was a nice show!!!" remarks Dutch producer Infest there, one of the artists Dave would later find an upcoming prospect after our 2009 interview, on the DJ Trax website, and in The Dastardly Diaries Chapter 3. "Excellent show as always" adds Strictly Digital's Solar, the label Nookie operated in the early to mid noughties. "Particularly liked the early 90's vibes. Takes me back to the days of British Knights and Fiesta XR2 cars, even if I was only about eight at the time!" This shows wide appeal the show has accumulated already.

"Great history lesson" elucidates top blogger DIB on Catch A Groove Show 22 featuring Paradox. While in my own view regarding Wrekanise's Maledicent's question: "How do you think the music has progressed over the last 7 years, compared to the progression through the 90's?  I only mean tracks that use a breakbeat in both eras and only D&B", I comment: "I think it's quite self-evident to anyone that the rulebook mentality is quite rigidized by sticking to the same breaks to make up many tunes. People like Macc and Paradox have been consistently able to look outside of that though, and maintain their signature ruff'n'tuff drum workings. Personally the experimentation comes with emptying all the contents out on the tune, then discarding the clutter but keeping the progressions exciting. Martsman was the first to really catch my ear 2007 to 2008 for making a break his own, and morphing the beats so they became something notoriously rational.

But really, full kudos has to go to Seba and Paradox for their 2004-2009 refractive assuaging of the scenic properties that make up modern D&B - while sticking to the breaks, and sticking it 'to' the breaks, of old."

"Be sure to support the show by sharing ;)" ends Trax. Tune in to www.jungletrain.net at 8-10 PM GMT every other Wednesday for Catch A Groove. Listings on the Jungletrain website. Or better yet, keep updated by visiting Subvert Central when you're ready for a Hardcore / Jungle / Drum & Bass fix.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 163: Plug DJ SC Room

Originally posted by widzhit

Well, you can play any YouTube video or SoundCloud track. If there's more than one "DJ", you take turns to play your track. You can search for SoundCloud or YouTube tracks from your playlist window; also import your (or someone's) playlist/favourites. Listeners and other DJs can "woot" or "meh" playing tracks, which gives additional points for the current DJ (to get new character), or they're forced to skip track, if they receive too many negative votes.

Little illustrating picture:

Learn more