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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Subversion Stop 268: Muttley's Reflections On The Year 2k16 (Shortform; all)

A little diary entry to sum up the year. 2016 has been very strange. In every way, it's the year that at 28, I REALLY grew up.

Good times: First Floor, Aangon, Suwanna Thai (birthday), World Chef (virtual), My Cafe (new Xmas game), Angrid restaurants.

Understanding what copyright really means: respecting the rights to privacy by the creator not to literally spread recordings.

Wishing Uncle Paul a safe passing on at this time on Xmas day. To me he fell asleep 2 days ago, I had a moment at 1131pm Fri.

Made him and the rest of the family an emotional instrumental mix. First time I've felt inspired to bind tracks in a while. (Ed: that's on www.subvertcentral.com in time - search "Dust Bowls")

Gifts from wifey this year. The love, the laughs, the chance encounters, the doting, soft tender care, her tailored river mix.

Music: Locrian, Haffenetty, Sharon Van Etten, Ulrich Schnauss, Radioactive Man, Macc & dgoHn, DJ Trax, new FL, ASC, Bat FL,

Ryan Teague, Reinier Van Houdt, Drawing Virtual Gardens, LYEF, Francis M. Gri, Alan Courtis, BJ Nilsen & Stillupsteypa, Steve Roach, Steve Brand, all the Soma.FM artists, Delia Derbyshire, Jandek, Harry Bertoia.

Electronica: Hed Kandi 2006 3CD, Chicane, Noname, Daniel Thomas Freeman, Aphex Twin, Brigid Mae Power, Peter Broderick, Marina and The Diamonds.

Live: seeing any of these people out, otherwise Toney Batey, Sal, Sparky and crew, The Firegazers, Kosmosis, Ras Brother John, James Berwale, Matt, Hurricane.

Treasured memories: David Bowie for Blackstar (RIP), Tremble & Medika & Shady Novelle MC for my tracks of the year, "Trouble" and "Penitentiary Dub".

All the ZIPDJ.com music from their sub service, eMusic's ever-growing catalog and excellent app. Ableton Live 8 and studio production.

Games: for two. Me and soulmate. Me and friend. Pvp. P&P. No postage and packing, all app games and 3DS and PC games. Easy. Retro City Rampage much fun. Super Street Fighter IV channelling aggression and anger of my old fighting days. Also inspiring me to train and stretch limbs. Game Of War, Slotomania Free Slots Game, Candy Crush, Nano Assault on 3DS. Zelda: A Link
Between Worlds. Sonic Shattered Crystal. Advanced Wars Dual Strike. Command And Conquer on PC and Rogue Assault and RedSun S6. Challenging games with structure and good rewards systems.

Converts beauty into my waking life and portion controls on BMI. Knowing smaller is really bigger.

Benefits: changed and stayed the same. Provided with money to eat. Left with no money to save, or a paltry sum. Cut back as much as possible.

Mental health: still schizoaffective. Worse in some ways than ever. But importantly more wise. Capable of real EFT therapy.

...Read my full spiel and more writings on the year at www.subvertcentral.com; search "SubVersion".

Merry Crimbo and Happy New Year.
All the best

Sunday, 11 December 2016

SubVersion Stop 267: Wire Chart 2016

Now in its fourth year: “buying one record reviewed in The Wire each month” – plus three more to make up a proper Wire 15 chart. The lists for the previous three years can be found by following the following links: 2013, 2014, and 2015.

And here's my chart for 2016. The # marks denote the issues in which the records featured.

SubVersion 2016 15

#383 The Sprawl - EP1 (Death of Rave)
#384 Roscoe Mitchell - Sustain and Run (Selo Sesc)
#385 David Bowie - Blackstar (ISO / RCA)
#386 eMMplekz - Rook to TN34 (Mordant Music)
#387 Puce Mary - The Spiral (Posh Isolation)
#388 Elza Soares - The Woman at the End of the World (Mais Um Discos)
#389 Ben Johnston - String Quartets 6, 7 & 8 (New World)
#390 Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Black Stabat Mater (Rune Grammofon)
#391 Teresa Rampazzi - Immagini per Diana Baylon (Die Schachtel)
#392 Moor Mother - Fetish Bones (Don Giovanni)
#393 Joëlle Léandre & Théo Ceccaldi - Elastic (Cipsela)
#394 Peter Evans - Lifeblood (More is More)

+#383 Guttersnipe - Demo (Arcane Pariah)
+#388 Let’s Eat Grandma - I, Gemini (Transgressive)
+#389 Der Zyklus - Renormalon (WéMè)

Compiled by Jonathan Tait, subvertcentral.blogspot.co.uk

No, not a “best records of the year” list. It's a set of releases that each piqued my interest when reading the reviews, and then made me sit up when checking out audio online. But if I was to pick one out as a favourite, it'd be Camae Ayewa's Fetish Bones LP as Moor Mother, which is the best hiphop I've heard in a long time.