"In life we carve the land up, that is not ours to carve, we cannot take it with us, but cut the greater half / And herein lies the problem, and herein lies the blame, you went through life with nothing, you leave it with the same". ~ Glenn Johnston, Piano Magic.

01. Christopher Bissonette - Provenance (In Between Words, Kranky)
02. Fanu - Children (Subvert Central Vol.3, Subvert Central)
03. Sileni - Failspan (Subtle Audio)
04. Weird Attractors - Arrival (Dolphinboy's Jump Off Mix) (Adrenaline Soup CD, Earshot)
05. Paranoid Society - Science (Exegene Unreleased)
06. Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok - Culture (Welcome To Violence LP, Violence)
07. Mecca - It Began In Africa (Unreleased)
08. Martsman & Bad Matter - Cold Love (Lightless)
09. Piano Magic - The Faint Horizon (Ovations LP, Darla)

Recorded 22nd August 2008, the first week of me going out again to nights in Oxford.

Edited April 2014 to include Piano Magic's "The Faint Horizon".


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