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Thursday, 23 April 2015

SubVersion Stop 251: Poem - Love's Blazing Trail 04.15

It was without seconds, yet with them
An eye of a needle broken in lightspeed
The brunt of a rhythm like a tension surge
Surging surreptitiously about the room.

These particles of air are like nebulae
Falling over each other in contortionism
Walking with two feet
In the same place
In the same step

Patterns that radiate a cove of light.

It's loves blazing trail, a failed wound
Trips over it's two feet into the core
A heart beating in two rooms, two bodies
Yet as one, with all movement embodied.

Mick Buckingham

- Accompanying mixtape and free SoundCloud download to arrive shortly.

EDIT - actually 3 months later: https://soundcloud.com/subversion-2/loves-blazing-trail-mix-wwwsubvertcentralblogspotcouk