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Monday, 2 December 2019

SubVersion Stop 325: DJ Muttley - Beauty And Anxiety Mixtape (December 2019)


MixCloud wouldn't let me upload this, funnily, because they didn't seem to pass it as a DJ mix.

Well, it is a sound collage, but PvC does loads of them, as does Dave Michuda, and they're both allowed to put stuff on MixCloud, they've both followed this blog from the start, and I'm sure they will enjoy this festive mix along with subverts.

I have a rough track list for this - reverb added to some tracks in Mixcraft 6 tracker software.

01 FL - Beauty And Anxiety Music Box Intro
02 James Murray - In Your Head
03 Marsen Jules - Beautyfear I
04 Brian Eno, Roger Eno & Daniel Lanois - Always Returning
05 Kyle Bobby Dunn - Tout Voyeurs
06 Lexithimie - Glass And Blood
07 Steve Roach - Towards The Blue
08 One Day Soon - Beyond The Veil Of Past And Present
24:00 end

Enjoy the glimmer of hope.
Mick Muttley

Sunday, 10 November 2019

SubVersion End Of 2019 Highlights: Muttley

Pokemon TCG Trainer Club - www.pokemon.com/tcgo
The Plough Inn, Alvescot - www.tripadvisor.co.uk
Random encounters with old acquaintances
Understanding marriage
Understanding soulmates
Understanding triggers
Recapitulation of the what when where hypercube
Ambient labels being more sharity alike
Less trash media
Mixing with the right people, at the right time (staying offline!)

Sunday, 3 November 2019

SV Stop 324: The Maddening Of The Situation

...the maddening of the situation is, that I just don't understand it.

It's very saddening how dead this forum is at the end of 2019. The regulars still post, and yes Jon Ben and Matt, the spirit is still there, but everything just feels, no offense...lifeless? Every time I visit here there's nothing new, and that's depressing, like, no offense again, everything's in a veritable karma coma. Mixes get posted...releases sink. Everything sinks. Everything festers, and everything starts to stink. We know that's not good.

The point is simple: we're all trying our best, and it is good enough. But most of us went elsewhere, and all of us have busy lives. Indeed, I'm mostly offline, or away from social media, because it's become the opposite of social media, it's become Nazist and control freak oriented. People with their happy clappy startup businesses and SEO overloads from the dribbling sociopath masses. I just saw Nicola Sturgeon's bigoted ignorance about the buffoonery of Johnson, putting another spanner in the works of social cocksure activists. This is what a lot of the masses are like unfortunately - Hitler may have been incredibly evil, but he did know they believe without questioning anything.

Braindead generation.

Roll up, roll up, welcome to the braindead generation. You will be fed at least three meals a day. All fats are good. You are "body positive!" Your beautiful! Note I said your, it is strict code to act illiterate. You will engage in bickering matches on Facebook and Twitter. You will troll anyone who's not in your "gang". You are the future. Only your opinion matters. Let's not all be friends, let's be two faced enemies with no real opinion of our own.

I digress :deep breath:

But yes, people do piss me off. A lot. That's why I partially live on the internet, but not on social media. My neighbours are all recluses, and we are all mates. But then, we're old enough to know enough. We know which side our bread is usually buttered. It's the same with people who flocked to SC, but none of us chose to become sheep. Full circle, is now the explanation. Everyone left and went away to work hard on pushing the message. Plurality. Multiple websites, just like the SC blog SubVersion, the subject here.

I don't need a virtual hug, it would be nice to know if friends are still well though, that's the main thing.

I haven't been doing many spoken gigs of late, you can tell.

I love it tho.

New posts added - check em out. www.subvertcentral.blogspot.co.uk

Maybe we could end the year with an aggregated end of year selection list.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

SV Stop 323: Ambient Digest Winter 2019

Time flies. A year has passed since my last post. I've been busy making a lot of ambient music, publishing stuff on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, and generally not relying on word of mouth to get stuff out there, because the audience is there always.

Something that made me want to check up on blog reading again was the new album by James Murray on Krysalisound - "Embrace Storms". It's a gallant little swivel through the debris of hum and peace that passes one ide into the next, and another idea into the very ideology of continuum theory.

Other labels that continue to send me stuff have expanded mightily: Silent Season has more limited editions; Sound In Silence is putting out some of the most angelic ambient out there; Eilean is steadfast as is Home Normal, Rural Colours and Whitelab Recs, and Krysalisound and of course Denovali have plateaued in their strength as constabularies of electro acoustic music.

A common theme is representing nearby scenic labels in a scenic way. Much like Ambient blogs and magazine websites, artist newsletters feature more mentions of other artists than ever before - a good thing that does not dilute the message, it just makes the original message more powerful.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

SubVersion Stop 322: FTAL - For The Ambient Lovers Winter Digest 2018

Hey Ambient lovers and newcomers,

What is ambient music? Music as ignorable as it is interesting, if you're Brian Eno. Sound that fills the gaps between somatic timbre, if you're me.

Living and breathing, heating and huddling, all these kind of things come into play for listenership.

Here are a few records from 2018 that I overlooked that have cropped up in my private registry.

To the top - Thursday 2nd May, start of Spring time proper

...Brings with it a good deal. Dennis Huddleston, the man behind the 36 (www.3six.bandcamp.com) moniker, is using Groupees website (sign up by email) today to sell off his entire digital and physical catalogue. With exclusive items, rare tapes and signed test presses from Ryan ASIP, all funds go towards the Crohns and Colitis UK Foundation charity. For: just $12 or offer price separately!

Definitely sounds like a good deal. Take advantage, yo.

On Eilean Rec

Oh, the ever reliable eilean rec. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn, they are a powerful and clear winner.

Leigh Toro's latest, "The Eternal Navigation", released in September 2018, and "Silfra" by Dronavinile, or similar artist (at least I remember the title because it's in front of me, ha) should be investigated immediately. Opinions are irrelevant here, I'm sticking to recos, IIKI Books next.

On Constellation Tatsu

4 new releases on 26th Feb. Curved Light sounds very good.

On Simon James French BC Sublet

Some rather extraordinarily beautiful, eviscerating soft sounds from Derive Soundscapes Episode 2 here, the creator of 2010's "Misery" ambient masterpiece. Equally melodic, this stuff is heavily subdued, dreamy without dissonance, and big on reverb and delay trails, with a hardware sound. Rather analogue, gluing itself to your ears like well-tacked bands in big concert rooms.

I actually had to purchase this one and download it - it's so good! Well worth supporting.

On Foci Left

Longformacus sees a Droneworks Vol. II release, a collection of soft and dark ambient beds.

In this chronology post, where you follow me with top-down scrolling updates for what's next like TDD then Facebuke, the ultimate aim is to present choices for inquisitive listeners, as well as broaden my horizons, getting away from the looming 250k plus viewed "black wall" of subvert FTAL.

It can be depressing viewing black text environments that are like the festering corners of the web.
In addition you can end up attracting some crazy misunderstandings about where you stand. Like I do.

Anyways, here's some of the lesser sung things that happened partially ignorably in Winter 2018. :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

SubVersion Stop 321: SV Eoyre (end of year registry entries)


Summing up at least five subverts charts is like onomatopeia. One can never get it. But that's not the point, is it really? The content these fellow operators divulge is refreshing and interesting . So go have a long rest with a good read of this project, encapsulating 2018.

Peace and quiet