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Sunday, 25 April 2010

SubVersion Stop 88: Muttley - In Heaven, Everything Is Fine (April 2010)

"In Heaven, Everything Is Fine" is dedicated to a family friend, who when he rings, always asks how everyone is. This mixtapes' agenda is based on the outro by Helios, where Keith Keniff sings "In heaven, everything is fine / You've got your good thing, and I've got mine". There is a sinister undertone from the instrumentation, a riposte of the fuzzy ambience that precedes it.


01. Lexithimie - Scale 3 (from No Matter How Many Time, Repeat, 2009)
02. Altus - Welcoming The Dead Days (from Black Trees Among Amber Skies, 2010)
03. Spheruleus - A Significant Circle (from The Disguised Familiar, 2009)
04. Bing Satellites - Late Summer Meadows (from Twilight Sessions Vol.1, 2010)
05. Helios - In Heaven (from Ayres, 2007)


Thursday, 1 April 2010

SubVersion Stop 87: Muttley - Alone In The Cosmos (March 2010)

Photo: Greg Haines' piano usage in Grunewald Church, Berlin

"Alone In The Cosmos" cites Fluid Radio's selectors as spiritual influence. Staking out ground is a target. An incense stick that will burn a pleasant aroma when revisited, Greg Haines and Alexander Thomas are blended to spark eye on the forthcoming SubVersion concert, while electro-rockers Glint were purveyors of the thematic lineage. "Dear brothers and sisters, dear enemies and friends: why are we all so alone here? All we need is a little more hope, all we need is a little more joy, all we need is a little more light, a little less weight, a little more freedom".


00:00 - 23:20 Paul Bradley - All That Was (Pt. 1) (from All That Was)
05:30 - 24:30 Greg Haines - Until The Point Of Least Resistance (from Until The Point Of Hushed Support)
08:15 - 12:10 Tom White -Top Floor (from A Well Known Phrase)
09:37 - 16:05 Alexander Thomas - Buffalo Lives (from Helium)
18:27 - 23:00 Glint - Alone In The Cosmos (from Sound In Silence)
22:28 - 27:00 A Silver Mount Zion - Built Then Burnt (Hurrah! Hurrah!) (from Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward)
27:00 - 31:28 Max Richter - On The Nature Of Daylight (from Blue Notebooks)
30:56 - 35:07 Bat For Lashes - Pearl's Dream (from Two Suns)
31:25 - 33:55 Gaston Arevalo - Maritim (from Marea)
34:18 - 35:05 Hilmar O Hilmarrson & Sigur Ros - The Black Dog And The Scottish Play (from Angels Of The Universe OST)