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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

SubVersion Stop 90: Muttley - Unconscious Fears And Fantasies (May 2010)

01. 00:00 - 03:46 Spheruleus - Moss (from Frozen Quarters, 2010)
02. 00:00 - 05:23 Relmic Statute - 1ehet Ednalnge (from Sitting Under The Lantern's Glow, 2009)
03. 00:00 - 09:21 Enuui - Slow Moving Thoughts (from Mindstate Disposition, 2010)
04. 01:34 - 05:52 Concern - Young Birth (from Truth And Distance, 2009)
05. 02:10 - 07:29 The Sight Below - New Dawn Fades (from It All Falls Apart, 2010)
06. 06:05 - 11:44 Greg Haines - Marc's Descent (from Until The Point Of Hushed Support, 2010)
07. 07:22 - 15:01 That Black - And The Spring Comes (from Timelessness, 2010)
08. 11:24 - 15:58 Simon James French - Shame (from Anthem, 2009)
09. 12:12 - 16:20 Haruki - A Century Of Losses (from The Land That Lies Behind Us, 2010)
10. 15:20 - 19:55 Olive - You're Not Alone (from Extra Virgin, 1997)

Download exclusively with TDD 3's "DE Loves" package

“Unconscious Fears And Fantasies” is a 20 minute concept mix inspired by seeing a hypnotherapist who is teaching me positive affirmations, and having a friend trek to the UK and predicting the best possible outcome. For the former, I am advised to tap into my unconscious mind because as I'm told it believes everything you tell it. Reading literature such as “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay, tells me bodily areas correlate to feelings, and pressure points. Rebalancing your brain is available from EFT, relaxing monopolies of lucky chances spilling from one brain state to the other. Now an ingrained segment of the therapist's voice appears when things are overcast. “Unconscious Fears And Fantasies” also transposes darkness with elation – the high pitched seriousness of Greg Haines' “Marc's Descent” to Olive's rapturously reassuring “You're Not Alone”.

SubVersion Stop 89: TDD Chapter 3: Now available!

The Dastardly Diaries Chapter 3 is a non-profit collection of varied informations from the period of July 2007-2010. The editor, Muttley, specialises in ambient, modern classical and leftfield drum & bass. You can choose either "DE likes" or "DE loves" as download packages. "DE Likes" is 5 documents to read, giving you a brief insight into my mind, whereas "DE Loves" is a 75 exclusively cut clip collage, all documents, and a special 20 minute concept mix.

Download "DE Likes"

Download "DE Loves"


The DE agency has always operated on word of mouth and this chapter is no different. What some downloaders had to say about the last issue:

Originally posted by cycom

I downloaded the Endo Edition this morning and boy it's just :shock: :shock: :shock: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:


Brilliant work, Muttley. :applause:

It'll take ages to go through all the texts, bits of information, tunes & mixes, but it's gonna be sooo sweet :love: :love:

Fantastic selection, I'm loving almost ALL of the 140+ tunes (and that's something I'd never expected):shock:

:eek: :eek: :eek: :P :hyper:

Originally posted by droid @ weareie.com

Honestly Muttley, I have lot of respect for your enthusiam and vitality... And it's fine to be a bit arrogant. If you believe in what you're doing it's only natural to defend it.

Originally posted by MetaLX

Ok! Read Muttley's TDD right now! It's brilliant. I actually appreciate your alternate perspective on things Muttley, reading this is like taking a journey into a parallel universe Star trek Stylee. Your writing is pretty cool actually, enigmatic at times, and definitely a flip of the script!

Future and contact

DE is inherently looking for high quality music and sources to promote - in these magazines, on the MySpace, via the SubVersion blog, or through physical means. If you think that your ideas are suitable, email muttley_subversion@hotmail.co.uk with your proverbial itinerary.

Promotional threads for TDD 3


As if this wasn't enough, Muttley will be creatively bumping the promo threads with outtakes from the 'zine, and audio analysis.

If you've read this, many thanks, and I hope you like what's showcased this time.

Muttley (Dastardly Exposure / SubVersion)