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Thursday, 27 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 167: SubVersion's End Of 2012 Charts & End Of Year Mix

Hi good subverts,

Time for the second "End Of..." / charts from me and fellow members if they wish. Here's the format to follow:


SubVersion End Of Year 2012 Charts


01. Favourite track: Boduf Songs - Eternal Memo

02. Favourite album: Bat For Lashes - The Haunted Man

03. Favourite label: Kranky

04. Favourite mixtape: "Flowers And Bones" by Peter Van Cooten of ambientblog.net

05 Favourite SC thread: 247 - old skool for da raverz...

06. Favourite gig: Death In Vegas @ 02 Academy, Oxford, May 2012

07. Favourite book: Carl Rogers - On Becoming A Person: A Therapist's View Of Psychotherapy

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Indian Himalayan Chicken, Keema Naan & Pilau Rice

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Snacking on Punjab Kitchen meals in mental hospital for seconds.

10. Favourite random moment: Realising love can be like an invisible aerial, the signal being interferred with on the fly.

Muttley - Secret Place - EOY Mixtape - 2012


00:01 Jan Linton & Matthew Seligan - Message (Sendai donation EP, Entropy Digital, 2012)
00:01 Boduf Songs - Eternal Memo (Internal Memo EP, Kranky, 2012)
02:40 Karl Verkade - Angelfish [Water In Ab] (Water: Music For Meditation LP, Karl Verkade Bandcamp, 2012)
03:18 Peter James & Disturbed Earth - Where Roses Bloom (Remains LP, Atom Netlabel, 2011)
03:47 Grouper - Come Softly (A.I.A: Alien Observer LP, Yellowelectric, 2011)
04:17 / 34:09 (Reprise) Nebula - Escapism (Astral Soul EP, Subtle Audio, 2011)
07:08 C. Paradisi - Celestial (Free Floating Music: Conception, free download, 2011)
08:58 David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette - In His Ghostly Heart (The Meridians Of Longitude And Parallels Of Latitude LP, Home Normal, 2011)
12:40 Journey Of Mind - Dawn Feeder (Oil Burner EP, Constellation Tatsu, 2012)
16:51 Foci's Left - A Sign She's Left (Grumpy Love LP, Unreleased)
17:43 Leyland Kirby - The Arrow Of Time (Eager To Tear Apart The Stars LP, History Always Favours The Winners, 2011)
18:09 Charlatan - Seed And Light (Equinox LP, Digitalis, 2011)
20:32 / 24:17 / 25: 59 Tomas Weiss & Antony Paul Kerby - Vision 6 (Appearances LP, 2011)
21:40 Bat For Lashes - A Wall (The Haunted Man LP, Parlophone, 2012)
23:53 Chad Valley feat. Active Child - Manimals (Young Hunger LP, Loose Lips Records, 2012)
27:44 Foci's Left - Speech In Order To Think (2012 feat. Mystery Baby, Foci's Left Bandcamp, 2012)
30:32 Bengalfuel - Mad Daddy Clawbone (Edgemere EP, Hibernate, 2010)
40:59 end


01. Favourite track: Greenleaf - Mercy Funk VIP (Lightless Digital)

02. Favourite album: Naphta - Democracy Now II / Repetition/Distract - salles des perdus

03. Favourite label: Weevil Neighbourhood

04. Favourite mix: Fabio & Grooverider - BBC Radio 1, 26th March (which isn't really a mix at all)

05. Favourite SC thread: http://subvertcentral.com/forum/show...rsary-giveaway

06. Favourite gig: Rammel Weekender, 9th-11th March, Chameleon Club, Nottingham

07. Favourite book: Deviations: A Gayle Rubin Reader (Duke University Press)

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Tesco Butterscotch Mousse

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Correcting people on the internet

10. Favourite random moment: Seeing a single blogpost go over 1000 pageviews


More to be filled in...

02. Favourite album: Currently Raime - Quarter Turns over The Living Line

05 Favourite SC thread: Probably the "It's Friday (Most Days)!!!!!" thread.

06. Favourite gig: Dead Rat Orchestra live soundtrack to The Guga Hunters of Ness. (Think you'd like this if you don't already know it Muttley...)

07. Favourite book: Read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep for the first time, it's even better than everyone says.

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Loads of Hunanese / sichuan veggie stuff from Fuschia Dunlop's new book.

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Kiss FM / the climbing wall.

10. Favourite random moment: Going on a trip through space in a caravan. 


01. Favourite track:: t b d

02. Favourite album: None.

03. Favourite label: Omni Music.

04. Favourite mixtape: Breaks Mix v1.0 – dj Euphoria.


05 Favourite SC thread:: Friday thread, lolz thread, or something started by Naphta.

06. Favourite gig: A local group called Kupaoa.

07. Favourite book: Horn, James. 1994. Adapting to a New World: English Society in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Snickers dark chocolate.

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Genealogy research.

10. Favourite random moment: Being able to control traffic with my mind. 


01. Favourite track: Ulrich Schnauss & ASC - MoirĂ© Pattern/Fracture Feat. Dawn Day Night ‎– Get Busy

02. Favourite album: Mala - Mala in Cuba

03. Favourite label: Auxiliary

04. Favourite mixtape: Minor Blow - Soundstrackforacoldsummer

05 Favourite SC thread: the one about plug.dj

06. Favourite gig: Tiger & Woods at Positivus Festival/The Experimental Tropic Blues Band at Rabarock Festival

07. Favourite book: Anything from Vonnegut

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Taffel Chili Nuts

10. Favourite random moment: Sending my kid to school for the first time  


01. Favourite track: Peaking Lights - Shines 4 U (Innergaze Remix) / dgoHn_and_Nic_TVG-They_Mostly_Said_Nice_Things

02. Favourite album: not a clue

03. Favourite label: Pinecone Moonshine / Modern Love

04. Favourite mixtape: A Sagittarium for Resident Advisor

05 Favourite SC thread: can't remember

06. Favourite gig: (personal) jaes' jungletrain show in march, seeing Primus at Wakarusa, maybe Moodyman in LA, various Droid Behavior parties, can't choose

07. Favourite book: Lazy Point - Carl Safina

08. Favourite food (or Snax): eggs in/on toast + huge organic salads

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: smokin and hitting on old chicks, loving Flo Rida's - Whistle

10. Favourite random moment: moving to Arkansas and trying to be a farmer, doing acid the first few times, maybe other moments best left unmentioned!  


01. Favourite track: Vatican Shadow - Church Of All Images (Regis Remix)

02. Favourite album: Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

03. Favourite label: Blackest Ever Black

04. Favourite mixtape: Blu Mar Ten Podcasts

05. Favourite SC thread: Best Tune You've Heard All Day

10. Favourite random moment: Being a godparent for the first time 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 166: Muttley - Without You (Christmas Special)

A mixtape to call near the needs of other Subvert Central members, by way of comfort in sound, challenge in mood, customary fittings for my 15 Minutes Of Fame diverse selections and listenership, plus the inter-spreading of emotions from childhood Pop to regal Rock and back again.

01. 00:00 / 21:41 Mono - A Quiet Place [Together We Go] (For My Parents LP, Temporary Residence, 2012)
02. 06:56 British Sea Power - Everybody Must Be Saved (Waving Flags EP, 2008]
03. 10:13 Eugene S. Robinson & Philippe Petite - Chapter 2 (Last Of The Dead Hot Lovers LP, 2012)
04. 12:00 Good Weather For An Airstrike - A Quiet Day (Lights LP, GWFAA Bandcamp, 2012)
05. 13:30 / 22: 42 Robin Guthrie, Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd - Don't Go Where I Can't Find You (Winter Garden LP, Rarenoise, 2011)
06. 17:46 Laura Veirs - Make Something Good (July Flame LP, 2009)
07. 18:46 Bat For Lashes - Laura (The Haunted Man LP, Parlophone, 2012)
08. 24:27 Manic Street Preachers - A Design For Life (Everything Must Go LP, 1996)
09. 28:37 Scouting For Girls - Without You (The Light Between Us LP, 2012)
10. 32:50 Coldplay - Trouble (Parachutes LP, EMI, 2000)
37:21 end


All feedback appreciated.


Friday, 21 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 165: Darren Hayman + My Crooked Teeth + Trevor Williams - Wednesday 12th December @ The Bullingdon Arms, Oxford

As a writer, I'm conducting a survey on "the blues" cause in society. Nay tonight's cast lumping turds with nu-gaze acoustic Folk styles. Darren Hayman ends my listening fizzed up, scribbling  - I couldn't get past his third about his dream girl looking like "that lesbian off of Brookside".

But I mean really. Where else to find a better solution to "the blues" than Folk nights? Whether it's foot-tapping sea shanties, or token hyper-literacy - take My Crooked Teeth's "Like an ostrich with my head in the sand, I couldn't see the signs", almost borderlining genius sequencing through lolloping lines and multifaceted raunch, you're guaranteed entertainment. Take local songsmith Trev Williams: a reinvented Michael Stipe of REM turn Anglo-American-ness if ever. "Lucky", his fourth after opener "Happy Song", placates the line "You can run for miles, or become a skeleton", following his chant and handclap loop FX. It tells harmonic structure belying much of depression and why it's experience - not only because an artist is total shite, but of all the scientific implications too. Thankfully Trev, even with a Christmas song on his tracklist, doesn't slip into tribute band second-rate-ism; it's ultimately down to his idiosyncratic integrity.

My Crooked Teeth, while lacking the accompaniment, plays a mean melodic guitar line, with gut-tippingly powerful lyrics, including "Hurt tells me to ignore what I've done to others" which really hits home. Read deaf, impact doesn't compare, but this is the power of sound - its determinancy shapes what we do, and when we do it. Explaining why The Bully is ceremoniously packed out by the time Darren Hayman enters the room. His second tune is so delicately played on the acoustic he reminds me of Helios' Keith Kenniff, despite the musings about "Bringing the waves into ground so we can make places to park" offering counter-direction. Steely rimshot to the 8 ball finish. From what's witnessed Darren promises much, My Crooked Teeth strap the rockets to the storm cloud, and Williams plays resoundingly, without whimsy. Three reasons why this evening was a corker above blue moon station.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 164: DJ Trax & Nucleus Present: Catch A Groove (feat Paradox)

Catch A Groove, the biweekly show set up by DJ Trax and Nucleus for Old Skool & subversive D&B, paid host to Paradox as their first special guest this December, with the show approaching its 1st Anniversary on 9th January. "Dev was over in the UK and enjoys the show and as you know we are all old friends so it was natural to get him involved" Dave Trax says. You can download the archive or listen via SoundCloud here.

Trax also says in his Subvert Central thread another special guest is confirmed, and I for one have high anticipation of the results. "It was a nice show!!!" remarks Dutch producer Infest there, one of the artists Dave would later find an upcoming prospect after our 2009 interview, on the DJ Trax website, and in The Dastardly Diaries Chapter 3. "Excellent show as always" adds Strictly Digital's Solar, the label Nookie operated in the early to mid noughties. "Particularly liked the early 90's vibes. Takes me back to the days of British Knights and Fiesta XR2 cars, even if I was only about eight at the time!" This shows wide appeal the show has accumulated already.

"Great history lesson" elucidates top blogger DIB on Catch A Groove Show 22 featuring Paradox. While in my own view regarding Wrekanise's Maledicent's question: "How do you think the music has progressed over the last 7 years, compared to the progression through the 90's?  I only mean tracks that use a breakbeat in both eras and only D&B", I comment: "I think it's quite self-evident to anyone that the rulebook mentality is quite rigidized by sticking to the same breaks to make up many tunes. People like Macc and Paradox have been consistently able to look outside of that though, and maintain their signature ruff'n'tuff drum workings. Personally the experimentation comes with emptying all the contents out on the tune, then discarding the clutter but keeping the progressions exciting. Martsman was the first to really catch my ear 2007 to 2008 for making a break his own, and morphing the beats so they became something notoriously rational.

But really, full kudos has to go to Seba and Paradox for their 2004-2009 refractive assuaging of the scenic properties that make up modern D&B - while sticking to the breaks, and sticking it 'to' the breaks, of old."

"Be sure to support the show by sharing ;)" ends Trax. Tune in to www.jungletrain.net at 8-10 PM GMT every other Wednesday for Catch A Groove. Listings on the Jungletrain website. Or better yet, keep updated by visiting Subvert Central when you're ready for a Hardcore / Jungle / Drum & Bass fix.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 163: Plug DJ SC Room

Originally posted by widzhit

Well, you can play any YouTube video or SoundCloud track. If there's more than one "DJ", you take turns to play your track. You can search for SoundCloud or YouTube tracks from your playlist window; also import your (or someone's) playlist/favourites. Listeners and other DJs can "woot" or "meh" playing tracks, which gives additional points for the current DJ (to get new character), or they're forced to skip track, if they receive too many negative votes.

Little illustrating picture:

Learn more

Thursday, 15 November 2012

SubVersion Stop 162: Muttley - Perfect Pals Orient (November 2012)

Muttley - Perfect Pals Orient

Curing the soul, coming to completeness
Of sound mind, operative in psyche sanskrit
The guru pilots historically a marathon
26 miles, starting all over, 15 Minutes Of Fame.
Love the way she kills for you, like a diamond shrine.

Exclusive to the subvert is a bypass of greed
In spirit and historically relevant, like a caramel seed.
No racism necessary, or incited hatred poppy burners
Perfect orient pals are more than sidekicks.
Like perfect orient, my Uncle Paul is greater than moonshine.

Curing the soul, digesting pre-ordained wholesomeness
Is awesome like a court case with the Goddesses' worlds
Everyone has their angels, and no pain, no rainbows.
Set the captives free if innocent, like they repent for us.

For the night owls, miss you so much Uncle Brendan
You were an excellent Dad and loving husband
Safely and dearly as a soul that lives on in this time.
I'll see you on the other side of Mount Rushmore.

Matters of the soul, are good now with me and Paul
A reg of car where no boxer's or hurt person's stool.
Universal love through no harsh feelings.

Perfect Pals Orient - Tracklist

01. 00:00 Bo Becker - Descension (Brecilian LP, 2011)
02. 00:05 Ryan Teague - Neo (Field Drawings LP, Village Green, 2012)
03. 00:21 Mirada - Truth In The Face Of Adversity (Unfolding Memories LP, free download, 2011)
04. 00:21 Hutch Demoulipied - Dolphinium (Otherness LP, Entropy)
05. 01:33 Planetary Nebula - Astrosole (Creation VI EP, Audio Gourmet, 2011)
06. 01:49 Alexandre Navarro - Dust [Beat Version] (Dust EP, 2011)
07. 02:19 Fescal - Alchemical Wanderings (Alechemical Wanderings LP, Time Released Sound, 2012)
08. 04:13 The Circular Ruins - The Birth Of Tragedy (The Birth Of Tragedy LP, Data Obscura, 2012)
09. 06:01 Altar Eagle - Honey (Mechanical Gardens LP, 2011)
10. 06:34 Seconds Before Awakening - Ten 4 (Ten LP, SBA Bandcamp, 2012)
11. 08:20 Bengalfuel - Proper Skeleton (Oneida LP, free download, 2012)
12. 08:55 Duotone - House In Keremma (Work Harder And One Day You'll Find Her LP, Duotone self-released, 2010)
13. 08:56 Jens Lekman - The World Moves On (I Know What Love Isn't LP, 2012)
14. 12:24 Sharon Van Etten - A Crime (Epic LP, 2010)
15. 14:06 Andreya Triana - Daydreamers (Lost Where I Belong LP, Ninja Tune, 2011)
15. 14:54 Dvs1 Transmat - Pressure (Ben Klock: Berghain 4 LP, 2010)
16. 15:23 Animal Collective - Banshee Beat (Feels LP, 2006)
17. 16:54 Maps And Diagrams - Images Distant Thoughts (Lights Will Call On You LP, 2012)
18. 18:28 Slowdive - Missing You (Souvlaki LP CD 2, Creation, 1994)
19. 18:44 Beautumn - When I Found Her She Was Sitting On The Grass (Northing LP, Infraction Records, 2006)
20. 20:15 Various Artists - Drume Negrita (Cuban Lullaby LP, Sounds True download, 2010)
21. 21:33 Radiohead (Mixed) - Idioteque (RXYLAB - InAudible Mix, Kid A LP et al, 2007)
22. 22:40 Barn Owl & The Infinite Strings Ensemble - Levitation (The Headlands LP, 2011)
23. 23:22 Fragile State - Hoop Dreams (The Facts And The Dreams LP)
24. 23:37 Radiohead - Lotus Flower (The King Of Limbs LP, 2012)
25. 27:31 Antibreak - Horizons (Horizons EP, Absys Records, 2012)
26. 27:33 Noxroy Atlas/Wngs Infinity (Cotyledon Observatory LP, Rest + Noise, 2012)
27. 27:44 Doron Sadja - III (Residuals LP, 2012)
28. 28:58 / 29:13 Cindytalk - On The Tip Of My Tongue (Hold Everything Dear LP, Editions Mego, 2012)
29. 30:39 Grouper - Cover The Windows And The Walls (Cover The Windows And The Walls LP, Root Strata, 2007)
30. 31:28 Calibre - Idris (Shelf Life CD 2 LP, Signature, 2005)
31. 32:49 / 38:15 Dak - Ovi A (Re-Opened) (Dak EP, Lightless Digital, 2011)
32. 34: 56 The Circular Ruins - Q.E.D (The Birth Of Tragedy LP, Data Obscura, 2012)
33. 36:43 Glint - Kernel Panic (Glint EP, self-release, 2010)
34. 38:56 Sparkling Wide Pressure - Looking To Remember (Grandfather Harmonic LP, Preservation, 2012)
35. 41:13 Metal Alvin - Rain And Shine (Metal Alvin LP, BLWBCK cassette, 2012)
44:10 end


All feedback much appreciated.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

SubVersion Stop 161: Muttley - The Psychoanalysts' Margin

Muttley - The Psychoanalysts' Margin

This essay will discuss what I have deemed, on basis of behavioural attitude evidence, "The Psychoanalysts' Margin". My areas of concern are: the 'orientation-association area' of the brain; its' contradistinctions with 'psychosis' and 'psychotherapy'; and the positive intrapathicities available from any outcomes.

It was alerted to me by Dr. Andrew Newberg (Phd) and his excellent "God And The Brain" discussion programs for www.soundstrue.com, of the overlaying cortex forming verbal conceptions, wilful decision-making, attention-focussing tasks, of the 'orientation-association area". For an example of this area working, please consider a psychotic patient trying to put a face to name, when the face and name don't quite match up in memory.

You'd imagine how frustrating situations like these could be, even for someone not suffering bouts of 'madness'. But it's for me to argue against the actual effectiveness, of scientific control groups, those which place dis-eased individuals in similar surroundings - with tweaked parameters - that cause the dis-eased patient to suffer more. This happens since primary association areas are liable to become overloaded with abstract worldly ideas and other recontextualisable phenomena.

On basis of an 'in flux' perception area, the psychoanalysts' margin of the sufferer, arguably, gets melted down into a pool of glue, pritt-sticking his or her experiences together through damage to muscle, visual and orientation-association areas of the brain. These types of behaviours, at the least personally, affect us as a kind of illusory probe; a quasi-scientific storytelling mechanism that floods our belief system with opposing ideas, similar to a kind of psychosis. Only this is not psychosis, as psychosis has at least rationality at core.

The pragmatism of solutions for mental health surfeits, such as psychotic behaviour and henceforth psychotherapy, gets me to include expressionistic views from www.askphilosophers.org contributor Thomas Pogge. "We might then distinguish four classes of expressions: 1) Those that ought to be outlawed and are morally wrong; 2) Those that ought to be legal and are morally wrong; 3) Those that ought to be legal and are morally indifferent; and 4) Those that ought to be legal and are morally called for". ('I Am, Therefore, I Think' P.121, Sceptre Pbk).

In effect, the multifaceted need for liveliness of the plain and simple beliefs those eventually undergoing psychotherapy take, cause them a vicious circle of turbulent energies. When, combined with orientations, plus the removing of any fictions and facades. Their energy reduces antimatter to factual gravel, at one extreme. At the other extreme, it accelarates an antagonistic sectioning service; when worked into 'therapeutic conversations', as they may be deemed.

An epistemologically related area is the time spent creating reductionist views based on the approvability of a freelance psychoanalyst's as opposed, or in contradistinction to, a social worker or clinician, including psychiatry as a field. The authorities' approval remains a benevolent yet tenacious force that should be managed as a small dose, not a quixotic tranquilizer.

In conclusion, it's for me to highlight the amniotic dexterity of the majority (of) behavioural attitudes to the 'orientation-assocation area', the general casts of opinion applied to 'psychosis', and 'psychotherapy' (as "bad", "weird"), and the positive intrapathicities of (the) aforesaid data, as more failures to recognise deficiencies than achievements. Fundamentally,"The Psychoanalysts' Margin", as I call it, is our ability to openly express beliefs and ideas about our psychological and physical capabilities and wellbeing - prejudices from mental health practitioners are still in decline. All I've left to recalcitrate, is the point we should be welcoming liberal panelling of viewpoints, not crushing them in a waiting line. I see this waiting line as a domino pile that will topple all and sundry if separations and proper assessments are not selectively taken. Here's to a future with the psychoanalysts' margin!

Muttley (Mick Buckingham)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

SubVersion Stop 160: Muttley - Air Conditioning (October 2012)

Artwork Cover - Tropic Of Coldness - Commuting LP.

The losing streak in the face of loss
A circumnavigation of variety's spice
Effectively the cumin of courier life
Collateral damage doesn't grow dross.

Life's golden herb, slowing down birds
But no clay pigeon shooting in the herd
They wait for the phone call clarity.
Or the touch of grace amidst fallacy.

To rhyme ry wheat takes energy
For the crop of anti-funereal corp
Blemishing shins of vision before.
A time battling as Heaven on Earth.

Peace signs sing when we're winning
No matter how much we're shot down
To wake up in reprised air conditioning.


00:00 Tropic Of Coldness - The Burden Of Commuting (Commuting LP, 2012)
00:38 ASC & Sam KDC - Cesium 137 (Decayed Society LP, Auxiliary, 2012)
00:50 d.wenko & D'Incise - Clm Plt Mer De La Tranquilite (AM P.E.R.E.M EC LP, Everest, 2012)
01:03 Brian Eno - Lesser Heaven (Small Craft On A Milk Sea LP, Warp, 2010)
02:31 Three Metre Day - Stay That Way (Coasting Notes LP, 2012)
03:35 Mirada - Unfolding Memories (Recommended free release, Mirada Bandcamp, 2012)
05:22 A Produce - The Big Sleep (Smile On The Void LP, 2001)
07:30 Hakobune - Recalling My Insubstansial Thoughts (Takihiro Yorhufuji's Album, 2012)
08:10 Bruno Sanfillipo - Alchemical Powers (Subliminal Pulse LP, 2011)
10:33 Bvdub - Love (Serenity LP, Darla, 2012)

Download "Air Conditioning" (20:00)

Friday, 5 October 2012

SubVersion Stop 159: Muttley - Displaced Tenderness, Let's Reconnect (October 2012)

Tenderness' system, a sea of milk
Waist deep in sickness otherwise
Once falling into lucidity, never bitten
People after time connected revert.

Displaced emotions, a spoon silver
Fed to the weary, equilateral triangle
Reflections tranquil, of right angles
The mosaic needs gentle hands on side.

Visions of Greeks, Vikings and Scots
Tilting like yogurt in woven-low pots
Into the seasons, autumnal nights
A remainder, tenderness remains.

Intact, resurfaced, alive, in the ilk 

Need less of an in/out, amalice in chains.
Displaced tenderness caresses the stains.
And when one allows, connection maintains.

01. 00:00 Carbon Based Lifeforms - System (TwentyThree LP, Ultimae, 2011)
02. 00:01 David Tagg - Waist Deep Sea 6 (Waist Deep Seas Of Milk LP, Install, 2010)
03. 01:13 UUUUUU - Falling Into Lucidity (The Astral Travels LP, 2011)
04. 03:42 Grouper - Sick (Hold/Sick EP, Yellowelectric, 2011)
05. 05:17 36 - After Time (Memories In Widescreen LP, 36 Bandcamp, 2011)
06. 10:15 Mirada - Tranquil Reflection (Unfolding Memories LP, free recommendation, 2012)
07. 10:31 The Circular Ruins - Displaced Pt. 1 (The Birth Of Tragedy LP, Data Obscura, 2012)
08. 11:18 Seconds Before Awakening - Seven 3 (Seven LP, SBA Bandcamp, 2011)
09. 13:28 Machinefabriek - Mosaic (Colour Tones LP, 2012)
10. 15:20 Simon Scott - 881626952627_1_2 (Below Sea Level LP, 12k, 2012)
11. 15:24 Noxroy - Osteoma (Cotyledon Observatory LP, Rest + Noise, 2012)
12. 17:36 A Produce - Visions (Smile On The Void LP, 2009)
13. 19:37 Peter James V Disturbed Earth - Autumnal Nights (Remains LP, Atom, 2010)
14. 25:31 Sophie Hutchings - It Remains (Becalmed LP, Preservation, 2010)

Download (30:14)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

SubVersion Stop 158: Muttley - The Psychic Coinfuse (September 2012)

I keep falling into deep-seated seam
But it's better at least than steam
The mother of nature is not your own
And she deserves a place that's owned
No bad home, but a spacious zone.

Until all you quiet, space is throned.
And the the throw is a velvety droney
Dome of contended relent
Silence is golden for the chill tent
And no disability changes the rent.

No-one can trust expressways bent
Copper is useless with beaks
Pipe dreams are twin peaks saved
No-one can touch love IChiOne stayed.

Once staged, psychic confusion blurs.

Download 'The Psychic Coinfuse' (18:42)

Special fan shout from Michael to Sharon Van Etten for 'Don't Do It', a timeless song that helped me through many sleepless nights in the last 12 months. Respects - her picture is included with the SVE text, since it also contradistinctionally mirrors the Sub Version Editor pretexts. You can find her brilliant "Epic" LP here.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

SubVersion Stop 157: Muttley (aka Michael Robert Buckingham) - Children

Muttley - Children

I got won over by a roof one day. 
A roof too big to seal by itself 
I tried to fight urges to wait 
But I couldn't let wax sit on the shelf.

 It was wax I didn't want to clean 
A drowning of objects I'd seen 
I started believing, very deeply 
But children and love came first. 

The best marriage is a birth 
I never used to feel like that 
But the emotion replaced girth 
Once it was pressed, I changed. 
All tension released and regained 

Marriage and carriage go together 
Like children, they change like 
The weather a rainbow 
Raising Rameses' aether from fight 

Muttley - Children - Tracklist

00:00 Desert Of Hiatus - The Meaning Of Life (The Meaning LP)
00:00 Chapel Club - Telluride (Palace LP)
00:00 Savaran - Grauuw (Resonances LP)
04:17 ASC - Underwater Temples (The Light That Burns Twice As Bright LP, Silent Season)
04:17 Valet - We Went There (14 Tracks: Strange Angels)
04:48 Olan Mill - Amber Balanced (Paths LP, Serein)
06:38 A Produce - Night Curve (Smile On The Void LP)
07:51 Will Johnson - Awakening The Body (Meditation 03pt.1, Sounds True)
 07:51 Steinbruchel, Cory Allen - 04_2 (Seam LP)
07:52 Brian Eno - Emerald And Stone (Small Craft On A Milk Sea LP, Warp)
09:37 / 20:56 Bvdub - While They Dreamed We Were There (The First Day LP, Home Normal)
12:38 / 25:38 Aloof Proof - The Ghost Ship (Piano Text LP, Aloof Proof)
17:02 Benjamin Daueur - Crown Of Sparks (Saturation: Event LP, Feedback Loop Netlabel)
19:32 Lauki - 5-69-54-S-135-12-E (69o EP, Audio Gourmet Netlabel)
21:14 High Wolf - Meeting Of The Three Seas (The Wire - Below The Radar 3 LP - www.thewire.co.uk)
25:38 Andy Stott - Love Nothing Siberia (Tell Me Anything Love Nothing EP, Modern Love)
29:44 Colo - Never Again (George Fitzgerald remix) (Midday Sun EP, Take Records)
31:53 Nest - Stillness (Body Pilot EP, Serein)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

SubVersion Stop 156: ASC & Sam KDC - Decayed Society (Auxiliary CD)


The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster is an unlikely inspiration for any record, not least an Ambient one. Theorising how to convert a theme of such destruction, with a genre renowned for a neatening calm seems conflicting. But beneath surface of James Clements' (aka ASC) & Sam KDC's first Ambient record for Auxiliary, is a contrasting dichotomy for optimism through disturbance.

In a first time listen to "Decayed Society", cataclysm "Block 4" shines. Like a rewiring of Christian Fennesz and "Static"-era Godspeed, contaminating hiss spills through the speakers. Melody poses obtusely grandiose. It's as if "Decayed Society" was ghostwritten by a sincere desire to help those choked by grief in their lives. Unwravelling the richly layered seven track construct, prescience of not only strength in numbers, but digestibility of content is clearly beneficial. As is the fine line between obviousness and informed understanding of past events - all titles, including the gloomy "Lost Negatives", with its sonar synthesizer sharpness, tie in with the thematic details of Chernobyl.

This is more than pseudo-intellectual posturing, though. Those delving into the back catalogue of Clements, and specifically his second label Auxiliary, will be familiar with the "Symbol" series. There, each Electronica instalment is inclined to give one a certain mood; and a correspondence, ultimately, that an idea can be art. Marcel Duchamp's 1917 work "Fountain", a urinal with a name written on it, was more than pissing in the wind when superimposing meaning directness with contemporary artwork. For Clements and KDC with Chernobyl, contextual reworking gives a sprightly transference of expectations.

If you like, "Decayed Society" can be listened to as a retro-analysis coolant; a removing of decay heat from your own reactor. The finale "No Safety Zone" really caps the emotion levels present in all pieces. Gorgeous Grouper-esque harmonic residue warms the heart, sanitising the feel of impending catastrophe that surrounds the impetus. There's a firm rotational energy of elements between each track, snippets of string and piano to diversify the potentiality, and enough water in the well; immersion from depth being quintessential to "Decayed Society", Clements, KDC, and their success.

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SubVersion Stop 155: FTEL 002 - Komaton / LXC & Senses / Various Artists - January 2011 - March 2012

Komaton - Rachtor EP
Dame Records 013 vinyl

Techno: a false economy? Conservative shades and shifts are usurped to the power of the vitally functional. One way of seeing with your arms instead of your ears perhaps. The physicality counterpoint I constantly yearn for, purchased by intent listening to bore into your brain, has another way of embracing a hug-and tug. Komaton scooters a pavement, collecting obstructions such as perceiveable layering, ice cream synth whips, daft helium balloon sound stretching, hitherto a bastard child of the two bloodline forms of 4/4: House and Electro. Grace upstaged by transcendent valour, "Rachtor EP": it's pop-techno, a loosely defining descriptive, referencing influence topography, the triad of House, Techno and Electro - stabilised by the Techno - and techniques, which turns to popularity from its axel.


LXC - I Know U / Senses - Rodney's Choice
Bustle Beats 002 10' with exclusive comic strip / digital

An irregular drum pattern, resembling an elephant with tap dancing shoes on and a rocket shoved up its behind, inducts submerged voices, shadowing like ghosts of Steve C & Monita's early Jungle; traipsing the edges of the groove. That's LXC's "I Know U", the Alphacut owner's top production so far, leading the second 10' vinyl on newly established Bustle Beats, Subtle Audio's big brother, who've received support from Mary Anne Hobbs and several leftfield D&B DJs in their still-progressing lifespan. Senses' "Rodney's Choice" instead goes heavy on the Tighten Up break, one of the Jungle & D&B circle's salts of the earth. Puncturing any unseen disability with a self-righteous attitudnal swagger, aggressive attentiveness unites the two sides, and represents an artistic jekyll and hyde.

Subvert Central info thread

Various Artists - It's All About House Music Vol.3
Musica Diaz Senorita download

Compiling 25 tracks genreifically builds detail disenfranchisement. But since we revisit the past cyclically, influenced by present priorities, and looking for clues to view our future, "It's All About House Vol.3" is forgiven for approaching Milo commercial cheesiness in elemental places. The variety, at the size, commands as strength, channelling soul-feeding honey like Tiger Stripes' "Kayoko (Kiko Navarro remix)", Soul Cola's "Hit The Morning Beat" and DJ Tekin's Funk-infused re-spin of "Black Magic Pearl". Where outros are inverted commas of obviousness in the unmixed format, the ordering improves the mundanity of DJ tools. "If you get the groove to start your day, the negativity bounces off you, and flies away" Terra Mia overlays onto his production. As a "It's All About..." mantra, it couldn't be more fitting.

Purchase on eMusic

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For The Electronica Lovers...review and mixtape archive 001

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SubVersion Stop 154: Muttley - Soul Eraser - A Concept Mix On The UK Benefits System (March 2012)

"If we recognize mutual obligations, how far does that mutuality extend? Who is 'us' and to whom can we legitimately say we have no obligation? If we only look to ourselves, we narrow our field of vision and in the end become automata: selfish, self-obsessed, habitually shirking our responsibilities. If we only take the longest view, we somehow forgive ourselves for not noticing what is under our feet or in the next street. But both the longest and nearest gaze negate the need for trust. It is in the middle distance - amongst our neighbours, our police, our fellow citizens, our politicians - that trust can be found and where debate about making the world a better place can effectively take place. Escaping inside will simply negate our experience of friends and colleagues. Escaping to the ends of the earth will bring excitement but no permanent gain. The issues we need to grapple with are in the here and now, in our cities, towns, and families. Unless we rethink our social obligations and reassess the issue of trust, we will become even more cynical, even more atomistic, even more individualistic - and there will then really be no such thing as society."

Julia Neuberger, The Moral State We're In, Introduction, 2005.


Julia's quote has guided my memory, when assessing my social position, from 2008. I turned 24 on 17th March, and have been in the mental health system: hospitals, housing, under weekly psychiatric care, for four years. But I've always fought resigning myself to the fact I'm "one in four", the UK ratio towards how many suffer mental health problems. Still a very taboo subject in eyes of many, this ratio highlights it's more common than we think.

The magazine of the same name - One In Four - published an article on the introduction of ESA (Employment Support Allowance) last year. The catch-all replacement for Income Support and Incapacity Benefit, there's also DLA (Disability Living Allowance). That's what those, including me, have to support their illnesses because they're unable to work.

In this mix series I've already dedicated one mixtape to the theme of psychosis prevention; one to anxiety reduction, both with thematic essays. Many remainder mixtapes involve therapeutic components. Those of which I'll be backdating with this "background, foreground, transcendental introspection" model. In this timeline I've been suggested a triad of illnessess: bipolar disorder, schizo-affective disorder and psychosis, then as dual diagnosis bipolar and psychotic depression. I'm increasingly optimistic I'll eventually be able to work again, as the only thing I can do well besides the job I lost - painting and decorating - is a very hard business to break into - writing.

The old adage is though, with many on benefits, they can actually work. However the most extreme cases choose to bleed the system dry. Their mentality, in my experience, values the expensive materiality, such as designer trainers, binge drinking or takeaways, in the front of their brain, as opposed to saving money so they can come off benefits, apply for part time paid work as is allowed, or put it towards education. Many substantiate huge families on benefits, then have the nerve to complain of a lack of funds. Essentially, not contributing to society. They can negate the lack-of-jobs-available reality prevalent today. But many choose to suppress their conscience, seemingly caring very little for the world around them.

I've heard things like "I get paid on x date" - what are you getting paid for? Like me, you don't have a job. You're not doing anything to be paid for. Splitting hairs over semantics is a possible interpretation here, but I believe the idealised construct is hardwired into some of these people, because they partially think the world owes them a living.

Though, if you've seen The Fast Show's The Self-Righteous Brothers, I'll attest I'm no Frank Doberman. "Oi! Jeremy Kyle! NO!" There are several complications with those underpriveliged: they usually come from rough backgrounds, have consequential baggage that subconsciously haunts them, and resulting the balancing act of obligation over the obsolete isn't always to be hounded. But I feel as the years roll on, with the maximalist, materialist and bloated greed that surrounds societal growth, there's a lot of problems that, from the grass roots level, really need to be addressed greater.


When making "Soul Eraser", the mix dedicated to one look at the benefits system archetype, I'd been influenced at the other tangent: shockingly unfair governmental appropriation of a benefits claimant as unfit for benefits. See this thread on Subvert Central by Statto:

Diary Of A Benefit Scrounger

There's someone who should apply for DLA much more than some I know. Some go out clubbing every week, and besides their hangups, can lead fairly normal lives.

So while I propose "Soul Eraser" as a personal account of my moods, in movements, upon entering the benefits system, I also wanted to account for a universal questioning, a reinstating of nuance, something that can become obliterated by both forms to fill in, untruths, and the subsequent ultimatum lyrics that end the mix: "If you mean to be lost, are you ever truly lost? If you mean to forget, do you ever really forget?"

"Soul Eraser" - TRACKLIST

Movement One - 00:00 - 06:55 - Entering The Void

00:00 Fescal - Alchemical Wanderings (Alchemical Wanderings LP, Time Released Sound, 2012)
00:38 Seconds Before Awakening - Nine (9 LP, Free Floating Music, 2012)
01:16 / 18:52 Robert Davies - Quintessence (The Alchemy Of Nature LP, Data Obscura, 2012)
02:56 / 07:36 Carbon Based Lifeforms - Somewhere In Russia [-3 cent octave adjustment gradation] (TwentyThree, Ultimae, 2011)

Movement Two - 06:55 - 16:40 - Slowly Downward

03:41 Xela - Potion (Exorcism LP, learnwithxela.com download, 2011)

Movement Three - 16:40 - 20:15 - Rising And Falling

14:44 Aaron Martin - Water Tounge [Jasper TX remix] (Stitched In Fire LP, Falserec, 2011)
15:17 Christina Vantzou - Super Interlude Pt.2 (No.1 LP, Kranky, 2011)
18:11 Bengalfuel - Goqua (Toth EP, Hibernate, 2011)

Movement Four -20:15 - 37:49 - Soul Eraser

20:07 Adrian Aniol - Slowly Downward (Arrhythmia OST, TQA Records, 2012)
21:48 Grouper - Soul Eraser (Dream Loss LP, Yellowelectric, 2011)
23:54 ASC & Sam KDC - No Safety Zone (Decayed Society LP, Auxiliary, 2012)
27:40 Sophie Hutchings - Portrait Of Haller (Becalmed LP, Preservation, 2010)
32:05 Last Harbour - If You Mean To Be Lost [A.R.C. Soundtracks remix] (Escape Was All I Ever Meant LP, Little Red Rabbit, 2012)

37:49 end


Transcendental introspection

With the mix, I've used a collection of techniques to bring about an efficiacy for development:

Collaging (up to six tracks played at once; the blend with Carbon Based Lifeforms and Xela lasting over 10 minutes)

Track re-introduction with different textures (CBL's "Somewhere In Russia" is overlapped with Xela in two versions - one as normal to start, the second re-pitched 3 cents, and octave adjusted with Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch, in order to create an effect of going "Slowly Downward" as the movement states. Robert Davies' drone collages a different mood later)

Volume drop-outs and changing incremental fades throughout tracks to impression a feel of subtle transparency

Generally, long mixing (ASC & Sam KDC's "No Safety Zone" is blended with three alternate tracks over its 12 minute duration, but all these shifts dovetail each other).


You'll find me backdating the 15 Minutes Of Fame Mix Series archive with the emboldened triplet of headers to give readers the quickest entry into the sounds as possible.

Feedback welcome with open arms, and I hope you like what angle's been taken this time.


Monday, 27 February 2012

SubVersion Stop 153: Little Dragon + Holy Other @ 02 Academy, Oxford - 26th February 2012

Questioning your ruse doesn't faze a holy other. Indeed, the Mancunian doesn't outline the exact ruse of his music; all full of half-there shoegaze density meets industrial 'Bass Music' dualism. But it's darn appealing. Through a set pre-ordained at dominantly 80-140 BPM, Holy Other touch textural bases with Animal Collective support Grouper, Hessle Audio stalwart Pangaea and Murcof. Like those artists, it's a fairly lifeless experience visually, here mixed with no 'instrumental' interaction. However when the tracks are this absorbing - especially effervescently flirtatious "We Over" - it makes for an interactive mindgame, and I for one want to question with a desire to see this Holy Other again. He acts as amiable warm-up to this evening's Swedish headliners Little Dragon. A feel of a gig can be traced by its support, but there's also a gradient, present here certainly, that causes enjoyment to increase when acts are combined.

Musically, Little Dragon seem displaced from their 1980s upbringing. Their only throwback to that era tonight is a synth arpeggio intro, elongated to Oneohtrix Point Never size, similar to what adorned the "Ritual Union" standout "Precious", which fittingly commands the encore. Their signature swingbeat, slowed down to pop palpability, recalls a form of dance music tripping its own laces from noughties exhaustion. This translates well live: bodies are moving early, lights are dimmed and everyone's at home, so they must be doing something right with their productions. Pogo beats of varying varieties don't clash with singer Yukimi Nagano's sultry, bandy voice; her range skits prettily between Madonna-ish broken melismas and wisps of a more subdued M.I.A. They're like a nocturnal version of 4Hero in the 02, adapting to the venue's boxed-in-ness in a cuddly yet energetic bond with band and audience.

Ramjam up to the bar before we even started, an adventurous take on tonight might see Little Dragon as an update of 60s Rocksteady, while Holy Other a hint towards the Bass Music underground. The journalistic catch-all for whatever transcends Dubstep, it's excellent to observe so many enjoying themselves from a line that traces back over five decades.

Little Dragon: website
Holy Other: SoundCloud

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SubVersion Stop 152: For The Electronica Lovers...review and mixtape archive 001

Hi folks

The premise of my "For The Ambient Lovers...review and mixtape archive 001" counterpart thread, with over 10,500 views in 8 months at last observation, doesn't apply here. As I'm fully aware Subvert Central, underlying everything, is an Electronica-centric forum news wise, with many threads about Electronica-centric music, as well as science, politics and banter. But what I want to do with this topic is, firstly, prolong the work of my Dogs On Acid "Music And Mixes Of Interest Archive" started in 2006, which amassed over 100 descriptive reviews of Jungle, D&B and things in between. I stopped that to form the SC webzine, TDD, in late 2006, began the SC group blog SubVersion in 2009 with Statto as a firm continuation, so if you don't know me: the zine had thousands of readers, the alongside mix series' many thousands of downloaders and readers.

My plan here, then, is that anyone can join in with recommendations of tunes, albums and mixes, lumped into one thread all about Electronica, which to me constitutes House, Techno, Dubstep, Jungle, Drum & Bass and the various segregated sub-styles, and for the messages to reach as wide and varied an audience as possible. So, this thread will be updated periodically personally, but any further natter and picks from readers would be awesome. I'll start as meaning to go on...

FTEL 001 - February 2012

Colo - Midday Sun EP
Take Records 005 vinyl

Seriously good eight track EP; Take Records' first of 2012, ululating synth on "Never Again" twirls lightly like a feather duster stuffed with confetti, perfectly accenting the broken beats that sensibly step. Last original "Church" follows that tack; sax clusters chisel a lacksaidasical groove, sanding the pieces together and possessing a gummy bassline in progress. George Fitzgerald's remix: proof where "bass music" foreseeably ends, Dubstep tempo is modern comma, punctuates Techno stylism. Ken Kojima aka Nick Anthony Simoncino's ambituous re-rub of "Church" adapts the wandering backing melody of The Cars' "Who's Gonna Drive You Home" and scatterguns a truckload of percussive licks over it; pick of the remixes, but only just - Epoque's "Rick" version half-speeds Hospital Records' golden days.

http://www.takerecords.co.uk/ (out March 12th)

Greenleaf - Cold Soul EP
Lightless Digital download

Booming beats, syncopation - not two things that always work really well together. But on "Cold Soul", New Orleans subvert Greenleaf bears testament to persistence in confluence. "Who", for example, stews Droppin' Science junglism to choppy waters, not unlike the path laid by Paradox in his 2004 breakbeat mission - more drums, more funk, less cheese, no junk heard. Except when every drum workout starts to sound the same. That's a fair criticism of the musical area, but assuredly on "Cold Soul" there's more to Greenleaf's title subversion than bass warmth. The atmospheres straddle 90s tablature to fork out old sensibilities, and the difference is the edits are readily alternated. Consequently boredom thresholds many heads tired from even after finding "the good shit" vanishes. "Mercy Funk VIP?" Merci.


June Miller - Give Up The Ghost EP

Horizons Music CD / vinyl / download

June Miller, the duo of Mark Mcann and Bert Van Djik, could be spited for associations with now nails-on-blackboard Drum & Bass labels including Renegade Hardware. Whereas "Give Up The Ghost" benefits from collaborations with established deeper soundsmiths like Instra:Mental, IChiOne guest Mindmapper and female Tracey Chapman-alike Gonnie Case, for now multi-genre imprint Horizons Music. "Neurosis (140 mix)" is the obvious choice for Burial fans, but excess soul turns saccharine with more knowledge and maturity, so I'm inclined to vote for "Tundra" as the lasting spirit exciter. Gorgeous 'verbed guitar granules mix up with tunnel-richocheted Latin percussion overlays, firm offbeat rhythms, and a vibe recalling a more restrained Arcon 2. Six very good tunes, one generic tech tune from Amoss.


2 Mixes To Begin

Tim - Reaper - Mix For Rhythm Incursions

Originally Posted by Rhythm Incursions

"Tim Reaper is a young Jungle/D&B producer I was introduced to by the always on it Joe Muggs. Since then his SoundCloud page has been a regular stopping point, especially when I need an amen fix (check his "Amen Warfare" mini mix for some chopped up bliss).

As always one thing leading to another we got chatting on Twitter and we invited Tim to deliver a mix for the show, which he did in the shape of this short but intensely sweet mini mix. With only two years’ producing experience under his belt, Tim’s already showing the kind of flair that bodes well for the future, especially in his ability to reconcile the sounds and vibes of Jungle’s golden era with its various modern incarnations and evolutions. He’s had releases on Trace’s DSCI4 label and forthcoming ones on Inperspective among others – there’s plenty forthcoming he tells us, so be sure to keep an eye out."

01. Ricky Force – All Kinda Style [Space Amazon Dub]
02. Discography & Tim Reaper – He Feels Like A Carpet [Dub]
03. Jazzsteppa & Foreign Beggars – Raising The Bar (Stray Remix) [Studio Rockers]
04. Jedi – Robber Baron (Gremlinz & Rene LaVice Remix) [Bad Concept]
05. LXC – I Know U [Bustle Beats Dub]
06. Future & Stranjah – The List [Dub]
07. Tim Reaper – Congo Bad [Dub]
08. Optimystic – Roots (Relapse’s Bleeding Roots Remix) [Dub]
09. Double O – Africa Sweetness [Hidden Hawaii]
10. Flatliners – Dub Tune (Jaybee Remix) [Dub]
11. Phuture-T – Waterhouse Dub [Dub]
12. DJ Trace – Final Chapta VIP [Dub]
13. Tim Reaper – Call My Name [Free Download]
14. Theory – Dirty Tricks [Translation]
15. Parallel & Tim Reaper – The Sound [Inperspective Dub]
16. Champa B – Bodies [Scientific Wax Dub]
17. Tim Reaper – From The Top [Free Download]
18. Nolige – The Drift [Free Download]

Download on SC

The Night Kitchen Podcast: Feb 2012

Originally Posted by InfiniteSloth

This mix has been long in the works and I'm glad to finally be able to post about it. Wanted to give an upbeat and quirky intro to the PCMS/Drum Funk sound.


"Well worth the wait, this incredible Jungle ‘n’ drumfunk mix is crafted by Nic TVG from Los Angeles. It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed new/current Drum & Bass that these sounds were like an 8am wake-up call - caffeine to my ears. Warning - this mix may be addictive, and go into heavy rotation 'pon your iTunes. Enjoy!"

01. Baked Beans vs Toshi Ichiyanagi - Appearance
02. Nic TVG - A Mouse Among Monsters (Takeshi Nakamura’s Rhythm and Noise Mix) [Pinecone Moonshine]
03. Sub - So Finster die Nacht (Fracture’s Astrophonica Mix) [Pinecone Moonshine]
04. Fanu - Brotz [Pinecone Moonshine]
05. Takeshi Nakamura - 4 [Pinecone Moonshine]
06. Pieter K - Set the Record Straight [Inperspective]
07. Macc & dgoHn - July 39th [Subtle Audio]
08. Nic TVG - No Truth in Tuning (Mixed Media Version) [Pinecone Moonshine]
09. Icarus - Uke ‘Em [Not Applicable]
10. Sub - Tensions [Subtle Audio]
11. Macc & dgoHn & Nic TVG - TTT [Pinecone Moonshine]
12. Nic TVG - A Mouse Among Monsters [Subtle Audio]
13. dgoHn - Summit [Pinecone Moonshine]
14. Intense - Time Space Continuem [Rugged Vinyl]

Download on SC

Ta all, and looking forward to getting this stone rolling.

For The Electronica Lovers...review and mixtape archive 001


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SubVersion Stop 151: SubVersion Recommends Muttley - Responsibilities (February 2012)

59:10 - 320kbps - 135MB

01. 00:00 Gordon Giltrap, Carol Lee Sampson & Martin Green - Echoes Of Heaven (Echoes Of Heaven LP, K-Tel, 2012)
02. 03:02 Matt Bartram - Healing (The Dreaming Invisible....... LP, Drifting/Falling, 2011)
03. 09:09 Nest - The Dying Roar (Body Pilot EP, Serein, 2011)
04. 14:12 Robin Guthrie, Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd - Stay With Me (Winter Garden LP, Rarenoise, 2011)
05. 19:35 Marc Atmost - Heliotropic Islands (Above EP, Stasis, 2011)
06. 26:12 Sylvain Chaveau - A Cloud Of Dust (Singular Forms: Sometimes Repeated LP, Type, 2010)
07. 33:44 Barn Owl - Temple Of The Winds (Lost In The Glare LP, Thrill Jockey, 2011)
08. 36:55 Wolves In The Throne Room - Woodland Cathedral (Celestial Lineage LP, Southern Lord, 2011)
09. 42:21 Twinsistermoon - You Can Tell Me No Lies (When Stars Glide Through Solid LP, Blackest Rainbow, 2011)
10. 44:27 June Miller & Mindmapper - Tundra (Give Up The Ghost EP, Horizons, 2012)
11. 49:23 Suzanne Ciani - The Velocity Of Love (Meditations For Dreams, Relaxation And Sleep LP, 2011)
12. 53:49 Gordon Giltrap, Carol Lee Sampson & Martin Green - Walk Beside Me (Echoes Of Heaven LP, K-Tel, 2012)


"Responsibilities" is a gift to the first woman I officially went on a "date" with. Her birthday today, this is a mark of friendship wished, since we both had a nice time. And we concluded that being 'just' friends was the desired outcome. So I gathered 12 tracks, ordering them conceptually to represent my journey on the "date".

Like "Hurt", they map moods and tempos to feelings. E.g: Budd, Guthrie & Bernocchi's "Stay With Me" is my sentimentality of leaving family at Oxford station. While religious tunes from Gordon Giltrap, Carol Lee Sampson & Martin Green taper edges as faith in/out.

"Dating", principally: that's not really me; the idea of assessing something or someone straightforwardly. Because I always grasp essence in physical meeting that there are black and white polarities working. I refuse to be judgemental until the lowest ebb. And I think with any relationship, you've got to keep that level-headedness when you cross a line.

For those tracing history back in my 15 Minutes Of Fame instalments since 2006, see this as a longer counterpart to "Cut Your Losses". Then, in January 2010, I had a very productive month mixing-wise, wholly from freeing myself of hanging onto the past. Productivity has decreased since 2010. That's due to a key sub-theme of "Responsibilities": muse selectivity.

All our motivations differ to some degree or another, whether it's to try out an idea full-on, or deliberately leave room for expansion. But to quote Klute in regard to making music: "As long as you are doing it for the right reasons" - and that's the crux of an ethical viewpoint that leads to creation universally. In other words, if it's undercooked, you shouldn't dish out.

So, part one of this info was to foreground a "date" mapped concept. Then part two is background on "dating" from my perspective. Part three is middling, so I'm now, from the forthcoming part 55 of shorter series 15 Minutes Of Fame, taking the responsibility of backdating each archived mixtape in a triplet: foreground, background, and transcendental introspection - see SV Stop 149. This way an overview is possible via a list format of notes.

As a final thought: "Responsibilities" is the only mix of mine that's fully unmixed. Enjoy!

Friday, 3 February 2012

SubVersion Stop 150: A Personally Meaningful 2012 Project Open For Contribution

My Uncle John Buckingham who passed away at 45 years of age from MND.

Hi all,

My folks are trekking up Machu Picchu, Peru on 12th May 2012, raising money for Motor Neurone Disease Association, in memory of my Uncle's death from the condition.

I'm dropping word here with the idea if there's anyone who's enjoyed the projects I've done in the past, and wanted to say thanks - here's something I really believe in helping out.

Our target is £1000, with 37% achieved for this already, but any - and I mean anything, as much as a penny - would go a great deal to aiding a charity that has too little pioneers researching MND.

The info and link to my Mum and Dad's page:

Originally Posted by Mick & Lynn Buckingham

"It is ten years since John was diagnosed with MND, and within four months he passed away on 9th August 2002. Funding for researching this devastating disease is crucial as very little is known about its causes. Equally important is the support a sufferer and his family receives through dwindling NHS resources and the MNDA.This support makes an immense difference to their comfort and quality of life during this difficult time and we are so grateful to everyone who was involved in this. Please donate as much as you can so that their valuable service can continue."


Thanks for reading everyone, hope this finds you well.

SC support thread


Thursday, 19 January 2012

SubVersion Stop 149: Transcendental Introspection Musically Explained

Spacey music, wallflower music, droney music - that's what this showcase concerns. You might wonder how to connect them with a term. So I came up with something to bridge these three bases, much like I did "Attitude", "Chill", and "Deepersounds" variables for the second unofficial Subvert Central zine. That was a response to identikit sub-genre labelling without any emotion, minus any description. Or: once a description-inside-the-term is made, all descriptions that lead on cease to become relevant; it's all about the initial impulse. Enter arguments, pointless sub-labelling, ad infinitum. Creativity is fine - at least it's doing something - but regardless, you have to find a way to un-pigeonhole for a piece of art to hold any intellectual relevance over time.

So, I decided to connect two words: "transcendental introspection." At first you might think: "What the hell is that - psychobabble for hypochondriacs?" - but, looking again is the point. A drawing on your inner reserve and crossing a boundary - logical or illogical, thematic or non-thematic. Whereby the point musically is to inject fresh ideas into style, pitch and all and sundry else. To start with, here's the term in my 27th review for Fluid Radio last year:


As stated there, "applied across genres, 'transcendental introspection' alludes to postmodernist values of artistic composition – citing relativity as a conduit to alter, and monotony of subject as a course to lease". By introspecting on your creation process, you are ideally able to transcend states, whether it's finishing your track, trimming the track, blissing out to the track. An optimistic theory to live by with the positive attributes in mind - otherwise "transcendental introspection" could become a buzzword aside, fit only for describing meditation procedure. That's where the term, I found through research, originates. But as far as I'm aware, no-one else has used it in a musical framework until now.

Of course, it could be argued that this "transcendental introspection" as a quality is really just a replacement for plain old thinking. The way I like to perceive this notion, is that there has to be a middle gate, and that for something to transcend to start with, something penetrating must take place. Ultimately a differential in the linguistic make-up, as well as a preference to separate thinking and transcendence myself. To put it another way: thinking is the start of transcendence. And as such, any journalist's piece of writing can be judged on how it applies its thinking transcendentally, to whatever it writes about.

In this nature, onto the music I've selected. Like Pascal Savy's "Fragments", it all has transcendental introspection dotted throughout. The releases are Absys Records' "Mystical Deep Vol.2" compilation, Three Metre Day's "Coasting Notes", and Lawrence Ball's "Method Music" two disc set.

Absys CD006 - Mystical Deep Vol.2 CD

Depending how far you nosed Dubstep's voiciferous sound den 2005-2012, you'll perhaps be familiar that "bass music" is the term bandied about for transcendence through House, Techno, Dubstep and all lower tempo offshoots than Drum & Bass. This doesn't mean it can't be applied to what peaks near 170bpm, and "bass music" is indeed a good mainstay for what to expect of Absys. Then you're getting a small taste verbally; otherwise breakbeat experimentation populates the sequencing of this 13 track Dubstep and D&B melange.

Perceptually, transcedental introspection - that term again - has been lacking in Drum & Bass proper since 1993. "In almost every genre, there's good and bad. You just have to pick the gems" Cycom noted in TDD 2's 2007 interview. And this theory traces equally back as far as classical music - the punctuation mark of academic circles - or further, Neanderthal man, who was knocking pieces of rock together to make good ol' fashioned noise, post-T-Rex becoming T-vexed. Where transcendental introspection tows "Mystical Deep Vol.2", is in the credence applied to tonal juxtaposition between tunes. A constant mood maintains, flexes, ricochets: it's music where you sense each producer has introspected to bring something new out, hitherto inviting you to create your own expulsion - to own the tracks in a transcendental perspective, and hence keeping them at the front of your record crate, CD pile, or hard drive sector for longer.

A bit of extra context: Ambient music was my daily critical diet 2011-2012, and it's very rare I come across anything that excites me in D&B any more. The loss of that transcendence may well be a part: fads become re-generated heavily in this genre; pick up the journalistic template for a D&B review and most writers drop in names and tracks straight away, heretofore promoting a switch on/off mechanism that comes down to familiarity breaching. We live in a perpetual vacuum of uninspired copout extremes all the while, and what you consider to be musical gold, turns into bargain bin commercial fodder with nothing to show for it even quicker. The critics get bored, you get bored, I get bored. Isn't excitement wonderful? That's a major part of just getting up in the morning. So do give this a listen if you're Electronica minded.

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Three Metre Day - Coasting Notes CD (Self-Released)

Some days you reject leaving bed - maybe you're off work, out of work, down henceforth, trying to face the black wall. Later a thought pops into your head that lifts your mood, and you are able to transcend space and time to enter another. "Please baby please, I'll buy you a ring" might be such a lyrical strand to Michelle Willis, singer of Three Metre Day on "I'm Like An Oak", "Coasting Notes" album opener. Akin to smoothed bark, Willis has been compared with Norah Jones by one reviewer, Beth Orton another, and there's an icy playfulness to her voice that is transcendental for emotion being gradually released, and introspective in compliment to the former. The lyric is one of several niceties weaved into the group's fabric of violin, drums, pump organ and slide guitar. 3MD play sobering - but not negatively austere - pieces with transcendental introspection pittering and pattering in flurries, like your heart will upon hearing, and finally leaving on "We Now Hope We Win".

According to their biography, late 2009 was new material time. A conglomerate of several bands previously, their recent California tour was organised by James Williamson from Iggy And The Stooges, which highlights their creative diversity. Yet at the same time, all wallflower sounding, this record. Nothing approaches instrumental raunch - it's more romanticist than that, "Reputation Girl" being the raw red herring. "This Night Is Getting Old" adapts the narrative of having "things to do" and seduces by reductionist songcraft, something which also features on "Stay That Way", one of the most immediately striking LP tunes. What ultimately wins you over is that these are skilled musicians playing music which shouldn't require skill to shape, yet it does, and the subconscious adherence to this fact commands a certain respect in your psyche of the work, and all things you notice thereafter. Roots music isn't my forte, but if I can find something to really love and grow with throughout any record, it has to be worth recommending.

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Lawrence Ball - Method Music 2CD

If you belittle yourself for long enough, you'll feel relieved when you stop. The case of taking on a structural misogyny paints a historical documentary for your life that never quite "was" in the purest sense. Where Lawrence Ball has transcended this principle with "Method Music", is to obtain masses of raw external stimuli with the aid of programmer Dave Snowdon, then butter it into his own compositions, co-produced in collaboration with The Who's Pete Townshend as musical portraiture. The concept originated with Pete's "Lifehouse" project, in which a website was created to process personal data from users' in unique sound corroboration. While artistic petals of Three Metre Day might wilt in the presence of electronics, they are comfortingly bastardized into ditzy-cool runabouts by Ball, who extrapolates the theoretical implications of "Method Music" into the dedication format as well. On disc one, the springboard strings of "Sitter 10" exemplify the underlying construction: method has plenty to do with humility, plus existential realities beyond ourselves. "Sitter 12" counterintuitively dons psychopathic typewriter percussion and deciduous melodies.

On disc two, the cosmic awaits via "Galaxy 01 (For The Late Syd Barrett)"; spectral synth swirls abolishing the soda pop coda, and pirouetting flashes of subconscious junk - siphoned out - provide an uplifting 20 minute chunk of space Ambient Barrett would be glad to associate with. Its timbre pokes Theremin eeriness; its dissonance is something to revel in. Wallowing has often been an emotional pitfall of long form ambiences, but Ball's stab at it - marrying chimes with 90s warptronica synthesis - has you in perpetual, lucid trance. "Galaxy 02 (For The Late Hugh Hopper)" has strings of dolphin-esque grace jumping out of the sound sphere, bobbing their heads about and back in. The Ligeti dedication, by far the pinnacle multilayered and evolving composition of this CD; a constant stream of continually tugging notation, melding each end of the journalist's alphabet, then condensing the remnants by fridge-freezer, chilly flights of instrumental fancy. A bleeping sonic area here, next a refraction transcending onto the last. Importantly clutter is minimized by a measuring-up-to-classical-inflected restraint; an Arvo Part "Silentium" comparative, fed an electromagnetism milkshake. Flute adjoins the latter half with a fluttery texture, akin to 70s freak Folk. By the end my ears were exhausted, and it's a priori you'll require proper speakers to do the refrains and weavings due justice.

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SubVersion's Conclusion

"Transcendental introspection" can be seen as the development of a more or less standardised code of associations, pursuing the borderline, and allowing less close-minded terminology to be present in the web world.

Personally I have a cumbrous relationship with genreification, seeing sub styles as irrelevant in the perspective of not allowing the listener a surprise, transcendent moment or critique.

We have become accustomed to putative language that threads our collective muso-society together, and unless differentiations are made from that format, paradoxically more segregation will occur.

I hope you enjoy the releases reviewed.

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