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Monday, 12 August 2013

SubVersion Stop 201: FTAL (For The Ambient Lovers) Mixes 001-004

FTAL Mix 004 - Muttley - Tension Escapes Me (August 2013)
00:00 Siddhartha Barnhoorn - The Final Puzzle (Antichamber OST, 2013)
01:41 Robert Scott Thompson - Strange Lines And Distances (Upon The Edge Of Night LP, 2013)
03:47 The Green Kingdom - Sleep Snow (EGress LP, 2012)
04:47 The Green Kingdom - Woolgathering (EGress LP, 2012)
10:00 Leyland Kirby - And As I Sat Beside You I Felt The Great Sadness That Day (Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was LP, 2009)
14:28 Marsen Jules - The Endless Change Of Colour (The Endless Change Of Colour LP, 2013)
20:06 Quiet Evenings - Telepathic Heart (Impressions LP, 2013)
30:00 Foci's Left - Not Seeing Reality [Revisited] (Grumpy Love LP, 2013)
41:37 Ex Confusion - If There Is Love (Embrace LP, 2012)
45:00 end
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FTAL Mix 003 - Muttley - Concrete Wholemeal (December 2012)
Grit is part of a GUI's daily 5
But harm to natural alignment ain't striving
Harm to the book line domino piled
If left to topple the tarsel of flex.

Bread comes in many grains and batches
Except the ones getting ingrained grit
Some so tough I wonder who pack it
And some mouldy I worry men ignore.

The wholemeal grain isn't concrete
It's the mother's milk not silk purse
Silk purse's get clogged in sow's ears
The saints go marching hygenically.

Do they enter bracing though, I doubt
It seems they're too busy finding
A concrete surface for a toaster.


00:00 August Stars - November Et Decembre (Midwinter EP, Make Mine Music, 2007)
01:48 Pilote - Immobile (Do It Now Man LP, Certificate 18, 2001)
03:51 Quosp - Mound (Green EP, Metanoia, 2006)
05:02 Kyle Bobby Dunn - Meadowfuck (In Miserum Stercus LP, Komino, 2012)
06:41 Robert Fripp & Brian Eno - An Index Of Metals (Wind On Water LP, 1986)
10:57 Satellite Clouds - Turtles All The Way Down / Triumphant (Degenerate Sons LP, 2011)
18:05 Rhythm & Sound - Imprint (R&S Digital Release, boomkat.com downloads, 2012)
18:45 Ateleia - Salt Horse Scultpture (Formal Sleep LP, Xeric, 2007)
22:48 Jan Jelinek - Palmen Aus Leder (Tierbobachtungen, Scape, 2006)
24:53 Mindspan - Co-Axial 1 (The Aeon Expanse LP, Covert Operations, 2008]
25:20 Alva Noto - Xerrox Phaser Acat (Xerrox Vol.2, Raster-Noton, 2009)
26:04 Alex Cobb - Bewildered By It's Blue (Passage To Morning LP, Students Of Decay, 2012)
30:51 Steve Hauschildt - Kept (Sequitir LP, Kranky, 2012)
32:23 Helios - Ours Everyday (Moiety LP, free download, 2012)
32:57 Bvdub - Peonies Fall For Kings (All Is Forgiven LP, n5MD, 2012)
45:10 end

 FTAL Mix 002 - Muttley - If Suddenly You Forget Me (September 2011)
FTAL 001 selected works mentioned in each review batch; this instalment integrates DIB's GWFAA recommendation, plus Barn Owl's "Midnight Tide", my prime cut of the year. Not quintessentially Ambient, but enough emotional heft and restrained evolution to validate fusion. From my July 2011 Fluid review:

"Three and a half minutes in, a remarkably shiver-worthy buoying of chords hit you like a circuitboard of tesselating sparks, manipulated cassette recordings adding to the special moods formed. I have heard few works of this kind as moving, almost as if the noise forces response from your neural autonomy."

As rule, FTAL mix content remains topic-lifted, while I've applied Etokle's title from the "Looking Back" Auraltone Music release: "If Suddenly You Forget Me", to highlight my concerns with conversating removed from people's attention thresholds - the rest followed like a proverbial doddle.

01 - 00:00 Thanet - Another Story (Receiving Calls LP, Mordant Music, 2011)
02 - 00:50 Alex Tiunaev - Daylight (Blurred LP, Audio Gourmet, 2011)
03 - 01:00 Triangular Ascension - A New Beginning (Leviathan Device LP, Cyclic Law, 2011)
04 - 02:02 Barn Owl - Midnight Tide (Lost In The Glare LP, Thrill Jockey, 2011)
05 - 06:22 Leyland Kirby - My Dream Contained A Star (Eager To Tear Apart The Stars LP. History Always Favours The Winners, 2011)
06 - 10:47 Etokle - Het Mechanische Gebied Van De Slaap (AM: Looking Back LP, Auraltone Music, 2011)
07 - 11:52 Darren Harper & Gimu - Dawn (Field & Fern; Mountain & Sea EP, Rural Colours, 2011)
08 - 13:03 Carbon Based Lifeforms - Inertia (Twenty Three LP, Ultimae, 2011)
09 - 16:31 Karnak Temples - Foul Nest (The Din Of Light LP, Debacle Records LP, 2011)
10 - 19:54 Dementia & Hope Trails - Soaring, Skimming Treetops, Wrapped In A Blanket (Rainbow Bridge Compilation, 2011)
11 - 22:39 Mathias Deplanaque - Passeport 7 [Nantes III] (Passeports LP, Bruit Clair, 2011)
12 - 24:21 Karl Verkade - Homeland (Collections I EP, Self-release, 2011)
13 - 29:03 Talvihorros - Delta (Descent Into Delta LP, Hibernate, 2011)
14 - 35:59 Good Weather For An Airstrike - The Beginning Of The Rest Of Our Lives [Revisited] / [Reprise]
(A Summer LP, Sonic Reverie, 2011)
15 - 40:19 Jumpel - Edinburgh (Europa LP, Hidden Shoal, 2011)


FTAL Mix 001 - Muttley - Engaged Or Ejected (July 2011)
FTAL Mixes are submitted every 5 batches of reviews, collating 15 works to mix, in 45 minutes maximum.

"Engaged Or Ejected", set one, has two themes: 1) two tracks playing at all times, eschewing construction's engagement or ejection; 2) pattern recognition prototype for investigating the brain's nervous system through physiological study, and how long it can be kept between the two gates before arousal disintegrates.

As the series builds with additional topic material, so will the concepts and narrative.

01 - 00:00 / 44:31 Donato Wharton - Breath Held (A White Rainbow Spanning The Dark EP, Serein, 2011)
02 - 00:00 Igor Karaca - Deserts (Rituelle LP, Darkwinter, 2011)
03 - 00:06 bvdub & Ian Hawgood - Lie In Lone (The Truth Hurts LP, Nomadic Kids Republic, 2011)
04 - 00:54 Robert Carty - Shimmering (Photonic Movements LP, Earth Mantra, 2011)
05 - 06:37 Seconds Before Awakening - Seven 4 (Seven LP, 2011)
06 - 15:56 Mystified - Bone Drone 14 (Bone Drones 3 LP, Webbed Hand, 2011)
07 - 23:11 offthesky & Pillowgarden - Feather Anchor For A Tidal Yawn (A Dream In A Dream EP, Audio Gourmet, 2011)
08 - 24:54 Loscil - Cheekye (Only Light To Clear Away compilation, Distance Recordings, 2011)
09 - 24:55 Jacob Newman & Devin Underwood - Unconscious Movement (The Vivid Unmapped LP, Data Obscura, 2011)
10 - 31:08 Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - We Enter The Night (For Nihon compilation, Unseen, 2011)
11 - 32:08 Grouper - A Lie (A.I.A: Dream Loss LP, Yellowelectric, 2011)
12 - 34:32 Nawang Khechog - May All Be Kind To Each Other (Tibetan Dream Journey, Sounds True, 2011)
13 - 34:58 Tadzio - The End Of The Earth...A Flower With No Scent (The End Of The Earth...A Flower With No Scent EP, Blindsight Recordings, 2011)
14 - 40:09 Noveller - Glacial Wave (Glacial Glow LP, Weird Forest, 2011)
15 - 42:08 Jon Porras - Land's End (Undercurrent LP, Root Strata, 2011)


Thursday, 1 August 2013

SubVersion Stop 200: Music Submissions

Over time, and with the viral growth of www.subvertcentral.blogspot.com, I have begun to ponder how, where, when and why people send me submissions. Via this post you can find out how to get involved, and what it means for you, the listener, label and entity...

Promotional materials I accept

I accept forthcoming albums, EPs or single tracks through my primary music account: muttley_subversion@hotmail dot co dot uk. I already have offers from www.fluid-radio.co.uk and www.tailoredcommunication.com. Any style is worthy, any genre and angle. For your content to have the soonest opportunity of a review or creative feature, please tag your files accordingly, include as much relevant information as possible, and wait patiently.

I accept promotional content from labels, shows and event promoters to further their publicity. I place a negotiable charge of £5 per feature on these materials. This is due to a highly idiosyncratic vision for SubVersion, and the fact that this blog gets 700,000 visits a day. Statistics don't lie, and if that wasn't enough reason for considering the blog as an alternative promotion source, I can show you the all time individual page views count too. This would be, for example, for a concert listing and blurb inclusion.

These materials should again be sent to muttley_subversion@hotmail dot co dot uk with a brief introduction, and then payment, if any to mbucki07@hotmail dot co dot uk address.

Promotional materials I don't accept

- Pornographic content
- Slanderous content
- Call-out-culture content
- In the least unspecific terms, spam.

What this means for SubVersion's future

I'm keen to outline this doesn't detract from SubVersion's future as a very deep, in-depth music, science, politics and psychoanalysis outlet. The agenda remains the same, I simply wish to broaden the content base and give something reciprocally back to entities that have affected me.

Next up: FTAL Mixes 001-004, with me highlighing "Tension Escapes Me".

Be well, and thanks for reading once again.

Mick Buckingham (Muttley).