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Saturday, 5 June 2010

SubVersion Stop 92: Muttley - Ship's Close To Port (June 2010)

From manual labour springs "Ship's Close To Port". The music in this mix has a strong element of pretence, as if it's preparing you for arrival to a destination. I am currently absent from contact with a foreign friend, having learnt much, but nonetheless I'm not sure if I've got healthier - stress has overrided the good in certain contexts, and I'm struggling to be as raw as they are with my feelings.

The revised notions: you can love non-romantically - an easy point to digest - but if the spark isn't there, you're liable, if inexperienced, to be chasing invisible needles in haystacks. And there's no substitute for offline interaction. People hide their habits implicitly on the web, and living with someone you love can expose you to irritations from differences. However rose-tinted your glasses are from a distance, it sometimes takes grappling with the foundations to realise flippant and self-defeating behaviour arises if you're knocked for six.

Though the future doesn't have to be all gauzy black and grey when the clouds disappear, or the light of your sun shines through. There are good moments to be had if you stick with it. It just depends on your patience and stability. Likewise, dispelling mournful sentiments in crisis shouldn't be taxing on your epigraph. Individuals aren't as callous, manipulative or cold as they can seem if we strike up an honest conversation. There are points of reason to be gained on either side by opening ourselves up.


01. 00:00 Foci's Left - Regurgitated Impulses (Darren Harper remix) (from the "Spillage" EP, Audio Gourmet, 2010)
02. 01:03 Jan Linton - Buddha Machine Remix 1.5 (sounds from the Buddha Machine by FM3, unreleased, 2009)
03. 02:32 Vincent Kuhner - First (from the "Hiatus" EP, Audio Gourmet, 2010)
04. 02:50 The Caretaker - Unmasking Alzheimers (from Persistent Repetition Of Phrases, Install, 2009)
05. 04:20 Port-Royal - Bahnhof Zoo (from Afraid To Dance, Resonant, 2007)
06. 04:26 Alaska - Earthloop (from The Mesozoic Era, Outsider, 2010)
07. 05:56 Offthesky - Desert Poly (from Du Soleil, Resting Bell, 2010)
08. 10:36 Arkhaois - Oceanic (from the "Radial" EP, free download, 2010)
09. 12:36 Olan Mill - Cotton Access (from Pine, Serein, 2010)
10. 14:00 Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - Turn Off The Sun (from After The Night Falls, Darla, 2007)


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