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Sunday, 4 September 2011

SubVersion Stop 140: Sci & Tech Posts: God Is In The Neurons / Building Blocks Of DNA Found In Meteorites From Space

SC member Shift posted two ace threads on the forum this Summer, one highlighting an audio documentary that introduces all-level neurology ideas; the second: scientists have confirmed building blocks of human life exist in asteroids, that have collided with Earth in previous centuries. I'll elaborate on what caught my ear the swiftest.

God Is In The Neurons

Narrated across 23 minutes, written and researched by Athene (www.athenism.com), some of it's pertinently enlightening, encouraging propositions begin with human calculator Rudiger Gamm, who used to fail at basic Math, training himself according to neuroplasticity (strengthening of emotional connections in the brain towards certain stimuli). One self-penned comparison I picked up early, was links with - here emotional - resilience being part of meditation, and the way Athene touches on this: "Whatever you are doing at any time, you are physically modifying your brain to become better at it" he states, speaks for sensory elevation with the concentrated mind; because you are attempting to alter your hemispherical connections, consciousness increases your ardour to doing so.

My second observation in the field of studying schizophrenia, is the chemical neuropinephrine, mentioned by Athene two minutes in, creating "narrowmindedness", has more than the limbic system's primitive conditioning and corruption effecting its outcome, "knocking out most of our working memory". Here, a catch: those experiencing paranoia, psychosis or similar mental difficulties require higher levels of comfort chemicals. Oxytocin, for instance, released by mothers in breastfeeding, but also, as neuroscientist Rick Hanson outlines in "Meditations For Happiness, "when you're giving someone a long, long hug" - to rebalance their minds from the defensiveness, elucidates we cannot necessarily function coherently contrariwise - like our head's drugged inside a beer barrel.

Other highlights to consider are Athene's information that serotonin is responsible for self-esteem, so the more exercise and outside influence we get, the more control we may be able to take overcoming depression. This is already accepted wisdom, but helps detox complexities in his compacted balls of intellectual wool.

So let's arrive at the "God" internal theology to save you a great session listening and watching. Did I mention the inner soundtrack's superb too? Ambient pianos and drone shifts in science fiction manna by Professor Kliq - you can also download. Athene cannot prove or disprove God isn't in the neurons, but he can theorise of the scientific explanations in a very palatable format. Don't delay taking your eyes off this text - if you're further intrigued in anything related to personal growth and understanding.

God Is In The Neurons

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