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Friday, 23 March 2012

SubVersion Stop 155: FTEL 002 - Komaton / LXC & Senses / Various Artists - January 2011 - March 2012

Komaton - Rachtor EP
Dame Records 013 vinyl

Techno: a false economy? Conservative shades and shifts are usurped to the power of the vitally functional. One way of seeing with your arms instead of your ears perhaps. The physicality counterpoint I constantly yearn for, purchased by intent listening to bore into your brain, has another way of embracing a hug-and tug. Komaton scooters a pavement, collecting obstructions such as perceiveable layering, ice cream synth whips, daft helium balloon sound stretching, hitherto a bastard child of the two bloodline forms of 4/4: House and Electro. Grace upstaged by transcendent valour, "Rachtor EP": it's pop-techno, a loosely defining descriptive, referencing influence topography, the triad of House, Techno and Electro - stabilised by the Techno - and techniques, which turns to popularity from its axel.


LXC - I Know U / Senses - Rodney's Choice
Bustle Beats 002 10' with exclusive comic strip / digital

An irregular drum pattern, resembling an elephant with tap dancing shoes on and a rocket shoved up its behind, inducts submerged voices, shadowing like ghosts of Steve C & Monita's early Jungle; traipsing the edges of the groove. That's LXC's "I Know U", the Alphacut owner's top production so far, leading the second 10' vinyl on newly established Bustle Beats, Subtle Audio's big brother, who've received support from Mary Anne Hobbs and several leftfield D&B DJs in their still-progressing lifespan. Senses' "Rodney's Choice" instead goes heavy on the Tighten Up break, one of the Jungle & D&B circle's salts of the earth. Puncturing any unseen disability with a self-righteous attitudnal swagger, aggressive attentiveness unites the two sides, and represents an artistic jekyll and hyde.

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Various Artists - It's All About House Music Vol.3
Musica Diaz Senorita download

Compiling 25 tracks genreifically builds detail disenfranchisement. But since we revisit the past cyclically, influenced by present priorities, and looking for clues to view our future, "It's All About House Vol.3" is forgiven for approaching Milo commercial cheesiness in elemental places. The variety, at the size, commands as strength, channelling soul-feeding honey like Tiger Stripes' "Kayoko (Kiko Navarro remix)", Soul Cola's "Hit The Morning Beat" and DJ Tekin's Funk-infused re-spin of "Black Magic Pearl". Where outros are inverted commas of obviousness in the unmixed format, the ordering improves the mundanity of DJ tools. "If you get the groove to start your day, the negativity bounces off you, and flies away" Terra Mia overlays onto his production. As a "It's All About..." mantra, it couldn't be more fitting.

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