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Saturday, 6 October 2012

SubVersion Stop 160: Muttley - Air Conditioning (October 2012)

Artwork Cover - Tropic Of Coldness - Commuting LP.

The losing streak in the face of loss
A circumnavigation of variety's spice
Effectively the cumin of courier life
Collateral damage doesn't grow dross.

Life's golden herb, slowing down birds
But no clay pigeon shooting in the herd
They wait for the phone call clarity.
Or the touch of grace amidst fallacy.

To rhyme ry wheat takes energy
For the crop of anti-funereal corp
Blemishing shins of vision before.
A time battling as Heaven on Earth.

Peace signs sing when we're winning
No matter how much we're shot down
To wake up in reprised air conditioning.


00:00 Tropic Of Coldness - The Burden Of Commuting (Commuting LP, 2012)
00:38 ASC & Sam KDC - Cesium 137 (Decayed Society LP, Auxiliary, 2012)
00:50 d.wenko & D'Incise - Clm Plt Mer De La Tranquilite (AM P.E.R.E.M EC LP, Everest, 2012)
01:03 Brian Eno - Lesser Heaven (Small Craft On A Milk Sea LP, Warp, 2010)
02:31 Three Metre Day - Stay That Way (Coasting Notes LP, 2012)
03:35 Mirada - Unfolding Memories (Recommended free release, Mirada Bandcamp, 2012)
05:22 A Produce - The Big Sleep (Smile On The Void LP, 2001)
07:30 Hakobune - Recalling My Insubstansial Thoughts (Takihiro Yorhufuji's Album, 2012)
08:10 Bruno Sanfillipo - Alchemical Powers (Subliminal Pulse LP, 2011)
10:33 Bvdub - Love (Serenity LP, Darla, 2012)

Download "Air Conditioning" (20:00)

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