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Sunday, 16 June 2013

SubVersion Stop 194: Muttley - Importance Of Being Modest (June 2013)

SubVersion Recommends Muttley - Importance Of Being Modest (June 13 - Grouper, Bat For Lashes, Foci's Left et al)


An hour long mix, motored by the two tracks Grouper - "Sleep" and Steve Roach - "Soul Tones". These tracks last 51 and 45 minutes each on their own, but are blended together for the remainder 25 minutes of the set; after the tune-switching-and-shapeshifting has settled, basically. Before that comes great, real crushingly deep ambiences from Octal Industries ("Drofn#1"), drones from Library Tapes and Christopher Bissonnette, then Bat For Lashes first album "Fur And Gold" mixed with Foci's Left (me) and Mike Twelve's "Decompress The Magnet" piece. The climax before succulent drifts is Greg Haines' magnificent "So It Goes" on Denovali, which I will link written material for once my Fluid Radio review has been published.

Odd, involving, but always interesting and absorbing, "(The) Importance Of Being Modest" is based on the counterweight idea that to appreciate space, you have to be exposed to enough busy atmosphere for the gradations to make a real difference. In consistence lies the ability or inability to be modest about your demands of this space, or lack thereof. It's dovetailed in.

So I permissively hope you enjoy the mix as much as I did creating it!


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