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Thursday, 1 August 2013

SubVersion Stop 200: Music Submissions

Over time, and with the viral growth of www.subvertcentral.blogspot.com, I have begun to ponder how, where, when and why people send me submissions. Via this post you can find out how to get involved, and what it means for you, the listener, label and entity...

Promotional materials I accept

I accept forthcoming albums, EPs or single tracks through my primary music account: muttley_subversion@hotmail dot co dot uk. I already have offers from www.fluid-radio.co.uk and www.tailoredcommunication.com. Any style is worthy, any genre and angle. For your content to have the soonest opportunity of a review or creative feature, please tag your files accordingly, include as much relevant information as possible, and wait patiently.

I accept promotional content from labels, shows and event promoters to further their publicity. I place a negotiable charge of £5 per feature on these materials. This is due to a highly idiosyncratic vision for SubVersion, and the fact that this blog gets 700,000 visits a day. Statistics don't lie, and if that wasn't enough reason for considering the blog as an alternative promotion source, I can show you the all time individual page views count too. This would be, for example, for a concert listing and blurb inclusion.

These materials should again be sent to muttley_subversion@hotmail dot co dot uk with a brief introduction, and then payment, if any to mbucki07@hotmail dot co dot uk address.

Promotional materials I don't accept

- Pornographic content
- Slanderous content
- Call-out-culture content
- In the least unspecific terms, spam.

What this means for SubVersion's future

I'm keen to outline this doesn't detract from SubVersion's future as a very deep, in-depth music, science, politics and psychoanalysis outlet. The agenda remains the same, I simply wish to broaden the content base and give something reciprocally back to entities that have affected me.

Next up: FTAL Mixes 001-004, with me highlighing "Tension Escapes Me".

Be well, and thanks for reading once again.

Mick Buckingham (Muttley).

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