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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

SubVersion Stop 220: What 'legends' have you seen live?

This thread on SC was started 8 years ago in 2005, a year before I was even a member. Quite a testing approximation, what is considered a 'legend' by many or few. It sparked 3 pages of lists though on the forum over this duration.

Jake starts by explaining he saw James Brown live. "In December (2004) I got to see James Brown, and although the event was unquestionably a shadow of his former stage show, I still found it very entertaining. He had a couple of girls who looked like washed up early nineties porn stars or video extras dancing in hot pants with "JB" on their asses. The band was tight enough, but not old-school James Brown tight. He had a percussionist in addition to the drummer which was actually pretty cool. Mr Brown even did more dancing than I was expecting him to, being an old man. I had a huge grin on my face the whole time."

Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr and Lee Scratch Perry are three names that pop up in many people's submissions. Personally I've now added Squarepusher (2009), The Wailers [minus Marley, not my generation] (2010), DJ Shadow (2012). I haven't seen many people I would consider 'legends', probably in part due to the fact I dislike people being termed as such in general discourse. All the same, it's a thread with a plentitude of acts still kicking around some noise, noise that you might like to go and see with someone.

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