FTEL 015 - February 2014

Fanu - Bassoradio 17.02.14
Fanu SoundCloud download

This radio show from Janne Hatula aka Fanu is a running example of the amalgamation between slowfast as a movement and old school hardcore. Pensive buildup moods ("Flocon" by Moresounds) are mixed into mellow Think break steppers like Dillinja's "Sovereign Melody" at 160 BPM. The general mood is borderline chaotic yet timbrally streetwise; flows of breakbeats and 4/4 from The Prodigy's "Everybody In Da Place" juxtaposing well at the slower tempo and connection with older rave music. Fanu's own "Paracosm" makes a brief apppearance, sounding purposeful and extra-tight in the drums department, while Lemon D's All Roads Music gets a showcase through "Big Poppa", a free download on the Inflect Bristol website right now. A rollicking 2 hour sonic microcosm if there ever was one!


Crashfaster - Further LP
Russian Winter Records download

Best bracketed as electronic rock rather than electronica, or dance rock, Crashfaster's "Further" is a great album that deserves patience in every department. The buildup in ultramundane themes such as God ("I've been waiting for this moment, moment to come, well here it is [above the world] / I've got everything I need here, right here with me, above the world" speak of a mischevious crossing between heavenly enunciation and heavenly feeling. Some of the lyrics, especially the shouted ones, are incomprehensible, and it's unclear to me yet, on several listens whether this adds to its otherworldiness. I think it does currently. As for the effects otherwise, the beats are pretty kinky and spiffy, whereas the track ordering feels consistent, even though the last third pales in comparison to earlier on.


Recondite - Hinterland LP
Ghostly International download

Recondite's demeanour is similar to Murcof, however Autechre of the "Amber" style gives the record its unique, telling character. Organic beats, little synth ditties, eddying your eardrums like a sandworm in rev-up mode, splay out all the tracks in complex arrangements with the beatwork. 54 minutes of delicate melodies and stylish new age-meets-techno drums and bass to digest. "Leafs" repeats in E, mixing up scales and chords like a proficient instrumentalist. These tracks really are instrumental wonders, vamped with blood red carnations of seriousness and loving totality. Pacing of the record feels very thought-through, dense enough to invite acutely active listening but spacious also to recline you into the passive. A gem of a techno LP from Ghostly International, and surely remaining forever now.