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Sunday, 3 August 2014

SubVersion Stop 229: Mick Buckingham (Foci's Left) - "Tender Thoughts" poem / lyrics

Tender Thoughts ~ Mick Buckingham

Tenderness feels like a lion's grip
Time ticks like a roar muted sharpish
Rickety realism in the face of smashed ribs
An underbelly, carriage for the evermore.

But when it's up
We're cushioned like a rug
Yes when it's up for you and me
I can waver it off like herbal tea
An incense with little potency.

Tender thoughts trip us up
They rest on lifeless momentum
The chaining of conservatism
A force sometimes too much to mention.
Until it's time to smash the horse's cart
Tender thoughts break us apart
A wino's marriage with his bottle
Mottled until the very last drop.

Care too little, tender thoughts are brittle
Care too great - time's shiny like nickel
Counterbalance the truth of soul with the social
And you're usually safe while the milkmen go docile

So tender thoughts may be cherished
But they also cause a lot of grief
The time's when we voice, act, or cling to addiction
An indication of what lies beneath.

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