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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

SubVersion Stop 254: On the subject of Simon Reynolds...

SC thread lifesavers firefinga and Statto have been talking about the Energy Flash (released late 1990s) book refurbishment. It sounds good, in short. Meant to cover dubstep (still a bit Arnie-eurgh with me besides Actress, Burial, Zomby, Distance and Pinch) and EDM - which I'm commenting on in shorthand here since The Wire for October 2015 issue have EDM roots (electronic dance music, c'mon people, it just got anglicised = Americanised) on the cover. I'm not a massive keeper of hardcover books in my waking life, but I will be buying this. I'll report back later with a post edit.

(I will also be picking up a copy of Statto's SV reviewed The Sex Revolts on Joy Press from 2012).

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