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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

SubVersion Stop 257: Curry Crew - The Dastardly Diaries Chapter 5


Foci's Left, Magix, Fellow Concert Performers - Curry Crew - Muttley's Dastardly Diaries - Chapter 5

I just couldn't bee bovvered to vocalise or write at length in visual language and text format about TDD 5.
Well, it was called 'Dynamic Encounters With The Ultramundane' underneath. Then I called it somethin joyous. Curry!

What I really wanted to say originally is that two opposites put together equals transcending to a higher state. That's all there is to it really. Hence the 54 track 7.6 hours of free music.

I do not own copyrights to any of these recordings, but I recorded all of them. This is to cite one file with musicians. That's the last Sparkys night I went to before I go on holiday soon. Enjoy all the free music, studio and field recorded. Everything else is under Foci's Left (FL) name, and all of it can be downloaded individually, or Dropbox folder downloads.

I collated all this stuff together in one place because it's a lot easier to find, experience fully, as parts of an onion. It's also all of my best recordings from the last 2 months!

So have a feeding fix, and thank me when your hearing aid magic's your ears back to life.

On wiv der fred.


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