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Thursday, 17 March 2016

SubVersion Stop 261: Clova Pine Poem

Mrb - Clova pine poem
Can you hear them?
Wait, we're here, I'm here, so you close
And I'm apologetic to you. I am
Like a synthetic that's only monophonic
Sometimes it takes seeing in 2d-3
To realise there's more than this
Eye, eyes, eyesight, foresight, snap

Can you see me? Do you wonder...
Do you wonder if I lived on drab
Sour milk or drizzled on resin?
I think you know that's not the way I bring the bacon in!
And perhaps that's liver in a bird
For a laugh or a while escaping from the herd
Do you think they really cared?
Can you hear them? They know you.
I shudder, but you're
You're now closer to me.

~ Michael Robert Buckingham - Mrb.


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