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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Charlemagne Palestine - Wire Magazine feature for BLAST First (petite)

Best to leave "it" for a while. "It" will be better then.
Never a truer word spoken. It, as in information technology, marriage, and whatever big ideas we have.

Big ideas take a while - take this Wire magazine featured advertisement and artwork by Charlemagne Palestine. I have liked some of his/her (I can't remember seeing a non-artisan photograph, so it could be either), work before, namely the drone style stuff that is similar to Ben Frost and Pauline Oliveros.

Afaik, Palestine is a more multi-layered and tribal noisemaker, taking in African and Chinese music(s), I could be completely wrong, The Wire magazine has unearthed MANY HOOOGGE discoveries for me over the years. The important point is this new release, with a intriguing title - "70th Bearth-Dayze", looks and I imagine sounds very tasty indeed...a 10 hours WAV collection with teddy bears.

And I am a tall lonely teddy bear, so what's not to like?

Check this link for more information about the £50 (for everything on 500g vinyl with art and digital extras) project:


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