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Saturday, 8 September 2018

SubVersion Regression 318: Important Records 100CD DAT Crate Press Release Stickers

Derek Walmsley in The Masthead of 2016-2019 area wrote about CD stickers. And also, how anti-disposable they are starting to become.
I thought I would do a little promo sticker repository for John and Maurice who sent me this disc collection.

Here is one of those, by Roberto Opalio, on a very Coil-like release:

Roberto Opalio - Chants From Isolated Ghosts

"Roberto Opalio is half of the Italian space duo My Cat Is An Alien. Chants From Isolated Ghosts is Roberto Opalio's full-length debut album recorded November 2004 at home in Torino, Italy, and originally released on his own Opax Records label in a very limited handmade cd-r edition of 100 copies. Don't forget to pick up the brand new My Cat Is An Alien full length titled Leave Me In The Black No-Thing also on Important Records.

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