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Saturday, 8 September 2018

SubVersion Regression 318: Important Records 100CD DAT Crate Press Release Stickers

Derek Walmsley in The Masthead of 2016-2019 area wrote about CD stickers. And also, how anti-disposable they are starting to become.
I thought I would do a little promo sticker repository for John and Maurice who sent me this disc collection.

Here is one of those, by Roberto Opalio, on a very Coil-like release:

Roberto Opalio - Chants From Isolated Ghosts

"Roberto Opalio is half of the Italian space duo My Cat Is An Alien. Chants From Isolated Ghosts is Roberto Opalio's full-length debut album recorded November 2004 at home in Torino, Italy, and originally released on his own Opax Records label in a very limited handmade cd-r edition of 100 copies. Don't forget to pick up the brand new My Cat Is An Alien full length titled Leave Me In The Black No-Thing also on Important Records.

Mudsuckers - Mudsuckers CD

Pete Swanson, Gabe Salomon (Yellow Swans)
Tom Carter (Charalambides) & Robert Horton

Swamp noise drone. Feedback is layered like mud on the carcass of song structure. During the torrential rains of 2005 Mudsuckers formed to jam at Robert Horton's place in El Cerrito. After a few sessions, and a whole lot of rain, a band was born.  

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