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Saturday, 29 August 2009

SubVersion Stop 22: Muttley - Veer On The Side Of Caution (August 2009)

Artwork credits: cordani @ est00.com


"Veer On The Side Of Caution" is the second in a series of mixes dedicated to Bridewell Gardens, which I enrolled for earlier in 2009 to attempt work in the fields of conservation and decoration. It's a cross-application of mellow and meaningful music that is themed on tracks that use piano for longer than two minutes. I partake in pricking out and potting on at Bridewell and this is my soundtrack. Lifting sowed seeds from their beds, putting them into trays, lifting tray-bound plants and placing them in pots; sound like fun?

I've integrated ominous narratives of L-r & Radiomentale's "I Could Never Make That Music Again" LP, ala "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", to creep in and out. It is a relay of musicians talking of their personal hardships, methods of using music as healing agents, and this contextualising opens idioms to more adventurous areas. E.g: "There are freaks that are created, either through accident or disease, and then there are freaks that create themselves. We get laughed at, it was a joke. We got laughed at for years, so we had to really believe in ourselves, because we could have given up. A freak is really a metaphor or a symbol for someone whos on the outside. And in a lot of ways, they've always seen themselves as outsiders...as freaks, if you were."

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