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Monday, 8 February 2010

SubVersion Stop 73: SubVersion Recommends: Muttley - Hum

"Hum" thematically compliments "Isolate", which fenced sounds detached from their surroundings. It's inclined passively, acting as background noise to induce sleep. To garner success, listen at low volume. Citing "Caught In Static", and "Threshold", it can bridge styles when these play jointly. Fans of Ateleia will welcome the frozen sorrow of P.D Wilder's "Blizzard Undefined", whereas SubVersion readers will be treated to "Immense Revolutions" not long after it was reviewed. Paul Bradley and Seconds In Formaldehyde are new inclusions to the series, certain to be used later. Occupying middlebrow positioning behind vocal and acoustica-flavoured submissions, "Hum" is pretty nondescript, but fills voids between slumber and suspense.


01. Lexithime - Leontopodium Discolor [edited] (from Leontopodium)
02. Paul Bradley - Irenic (from Anamnesis)
03. P.D Wilder - Blizzard Undefined (from F/M)
04. Chihei Hatakeyama - Phantasm (from The River)
05. Seconds In Formaldehyde - Love Noise (from A Shiver In Red)
06. Mister Vapor & Altus - Immense Revolutions (from Falling Out Of Orbit)
07. Greg Haines - Komarovo (from Komarovo)


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