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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

SubVersion Stop 80: Yoru - A Different Animal EP (Rudimentary Records 001)

Cutlery isn't needed to eat, but ensures etiquette. By applying that theology, are paying audiences expecting cleanliness, or do serrated edges affirm life? Tales of product artificiality date back centuries - classical music congeals snobbishness like minimal hides and lacks resolve. "A Different Animal", Yoru's debut on Rudimentary Records, encodes and articulates a commendable spin.

The EP's four tracks genre-bend dubstep, dub techno, leftfield drum & bass and old school. Yoru strips formulae to bare bones, with a glossy finish that liberates, but also engenders observational convention. Music's development can pass us by if musings over quality are variable. Happily there's an earnestness wafting past the blueprint here, and Yoru isn't shamelessly mining components of each style - instead, arousing intrigue through utilising rhythm sparingly.

Rhythm And Sound, Martyn and Instra:mental's filaments arise to hybridise, with prospects of Yoru eschewing chronic rejection because of their widespread status. "Breathe out it's going to be fine", if one listens. "A Different Animal" isn't airbrushed or trite, but thawing frost into an absorbing multiplex. And I'll raise a glass if there's more where that came from.

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