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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

SubVersion Stop 112: A Cognitive Trail Of Abstraction [relmicstatute.com]

Familiar starts, also ensure health of Music Box sound. Say "Greetings, hello" to David Horner. With "A Cognitive Trail..." we're splayed within gentle jetstreams. As Relmic Statute, he's conjured superb tape collage, live and polished...

This is Dave's first own site sell. Prior he gigged with Experimedia's J. Bible, Rameses III; Home Normal - at Tower Hamlet's live 'n' cosy Flea Pit, South London, March 09. Hibernate's free shows in Yorkshire, too. "...Of Abstraction", a bargain £3 for 4 quality files, is also sold in Wav or FLAC. So I don't need Roland Rat to help scratch. Find a fiver instead!

Drone contingents: density, smoothed - teleport genies around Statute. Via cutting technology; emblems, we're assured of runtime. Placid compromise: under 30 minutes - less than MC40's (20 minutes a side); 1/3 of C90 tape investment. Pre-"idea9", then. As in mathematics / Folklore, number 9 has been trauma-based. Basic timetable theory gives 9 tough prefix in times/divide scales. Hisorically, we have dialling codes for emergency services, tied around this infinite body.

Troubles dissolve by Horner's drums - he line-dances to Burial's crusty swing-time dubstep BPM. Vitally, drinking in residue of two isolated contexts (street, country). And the drums - subtracting Hyperdub's ice rink [neutrality] like a sprinkler - beyond Southern subcultural timecode. David, as far back as 2004's "Sitting Under The Lantern's Glow" (Cotton Goods CD-R) has pushed rural bustle (single track signposts), husk (organic production processes) and buskers (budding field recordists, Horner a Chris Watson of Midlands Britain), towards continental growth.

Live, handling precision tools, PC, long-standing machinery, sellotape, and slender fingers - so, rabid charity box spirits, exit your shadow land. Now the 'sharity' ideology, where limited editions preserve like frozen Van Gough's, accumulate worth online. Not only for 'Statute's fascination, "Water Colours" injects nailgun chlorine to tape's predecessor: lo-fi vinyl. Through 3 decades, 'Home Taping Is Killing Music' media-(mong)ers, belligerently hacked 'the' worst copyright - since carp interbreeding. Right to share treasures: pecked by ravens, tossed as garbage. Hence propulsion - via rising exponents of modern jiggery-pokery, distance industry; freeing innovator radicalization, whatever structure.

Physical, and property abuse, created vinyl and cassette outbreaks in early 90s. David's echoes of casuality (Top Trumps, Pokemon and Pogs fanatics unite) welcomes us back. Succinctly: tape and wax won't survive if they come undone from spindle. That spindle connects to others, so the machinery comes unstuck. Listening here feels like a meltdown of vernacular barriers, thusly; an upholding of archaic aurora, something which anyone aged between 12-60, will surely appreciate. Dave succeeds best on "A Cognitive Trail", because of his ability with sensitive, natural treatments. Too, egging developments of electronica's underblanket, woven in unique a-quadratics.

Pleasant subtlety opens, builds sustain, multiplies Deep House[and] micro-reels, detangling Jodie Cave's scruffy minimalist knots: dividing everything to 4 lushly separate, transcen-drones. Imposed arbitrariness of digital sampling (skip, repeat, program) is rebuilt on "A Cognitive Trail Of Abstraction", due to a) it being an EP of sorts, b) no bidding price, and c) the encouraging universal Genie. It's asking: "Will you still rub me [the record, or your hands?], tomorrow?" Tract, tact, band, even contract, Relmic Statute's lifespan is a past-time that won't be gathering rust this century.


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