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Friday, 1 April 2011

SubVersion Stop 113: SV Recommends: Endless Rain, Rural Glass

Alt. quarterly Cabinet's superb Magic issue, taking in everything from Tommy Cooper's daft tragedy act, to lefty Venn diagram-solving, was an Evil Kaneevil to its readers in 2007. Fitting influence for Winter 2010: colloquial illusion. Circular modernism breeds ideas of concealment, while doing too much causes mistrust and atrophy.

The trouble with doing nothing, otherwise, is you never know when you've finished. When I finally welcomed two-side Blighty, I acquired a life-changing record from the folks at Fluid Radio. Natural Snow Buildings' "The Waves Of The Random Sea".


Upon review, "Endless Rain, Rural Glass" formed in 5 days. 98 samples, 59 minutes, 100s of structures, groupings, and emotion. So, cheers Dan and Jess for the ruse!

Relmic Statute was then mixed with one mate's love of Jazz. She was leaving work, so I endeavoured to make a nice farewell gift. Evan Parker, Hive & Keaton, Art Blakey, Louis Armstrong & Fitzgerald washed. Speckles of prog: Glenn Branca, A Silver Mount Zion. Gentle bliss via Stars Of The Lid, Kettel, Colleen, The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde. Everything harbouring older D&B values from Arcon 2, UV, unreleased Foci's Left. Those drones you may recognise elsewhere. ;)

There's so many time-codes in "Endless Rain...", that posting a tracklist would be antithesis. Balm for the Spring - drink it in if you like.


If you'd truly like to know what entities I'd recommend as life inspiration, here's three in three categories each.

SC imprints:
Subtle Audio, Subvert Central, Plainaudio.

Mix blogs: www.weareie.com, www.lowlightmixes.blogspot.com, www.ambientblog.net.

whoever assists SubVersion contributors.

There will be an interactive mixtape concept on this blog in the next week, where you'll be able to forward ideas to shape where I, and my real friends walk next. Until then, be well.

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