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Thursday, 7 July 2011

SubVersion Stop 136: Leyland Kirby - Intrigue & Stuff Vol.2 (HAFTW) / Paper Relics - Over Exposure (Time Released Sound)

Dub re-interpreted by Cezanne, kick-flipping over an early Electronica hubcap and leaving the city street flooded with liquid life. Busting a simultaneous equation of kaleidoscopic discolour by rusted mechanics, choral voices a la Gregorio Allegri wipe the surface, get caught in the waxwork, then slip into homeostasis. A monastery routed by Dalek science, exterminating all comers with sheer atmosphere and placated morphology - that's about the size of Leyland Kirby's "Eventually, It Eats Your Lungs", tune one on "Intrigue & Stuff Vol.2".

But words obstruct: it's music to lose yourself in, dance floor haunted or nothing. "Speeded Up Slow Motion", a derivative of Actress' dubstep splurge, hardwired to glimpsing life's meditation channel. Soon as it's snappy revolutions fade out, we're back to Kirby's dark aether for the characteristically ingenious "Complex Expedition", a tapping-on-dub-Techno's window lament, withering and unfurling like a perm sprayed with insecticide. Tangerine Dream's echo hits resounding jackpot and the notes spill out of the fray indecisively - a lock's being placed on withdraw, but territories' unsure where. This release curls and cajoles your excitement for modern Electronica - in as many strange angles as phonetics confuse a foreign peacemaker.

And peace is what Paper Relics, on "Over Exposure", are highly susceptible to. Harry Towell, you may know from Spheruleus work through Under The Spire, soon-to-be Hibernate Recs. This debut LP for the duo: him and brother Stuart, sees a calm expansion of their "Recovered Artefact" EP from Harry's netlabel, Audio Gourmet. This pair took different paths during their upbringing: Harry electronic, Stuart Rock, and if that's to infer anything, "Over Exposure" has guitar manipulation to ignite your inspiration, a flame that's always been burning - true brotherly love. There's real history in the collaboration - as Harry explained on Fluid Radio: "We thought that looking at the track titles on 'Recovered Artefact', you could quite easily apply them to the album as they refer to the destruction of the farm that the album is all about."

Indeed, "Soft Focus" stirs rustic suppleness much as Mountains and Rameses III are renowned for. And for one producer of two having minor playing experience, it speaks volumes for the artistic calibre on offer. The Towell's guarantee you'll be humming out of the bathroom regardless of if you're an electro-acoustic nut like me. Surprisingly the rhythmic side isn't interrupted or impeded. Musically, joules can answer the question of why producers negotiate continuous track orders, in their respective genres, as well as prism their approach to win you over with grace and real charm. Invest.

Intrigue & Stuff Vol.2: Order at boomkat
Over Exposure: Order at Stashed Goods

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