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Thursday, 28 July 2011

SubVersion Stop 137: Anglo-Probe

An inflammatory discussion on the forum this past five weeks is "anyone know what this is?", started innocently by MetaLX researching English heritage. Two users of the uepengland site, where the image - White Wulfshead (or Wolf Of England): "a symbol of kinship, strength and loyalty for the English folk" arose - jumped in to defend their rights to a national identity, root argument "seeing us recognised as a unique people with an ethnicity that is our own". All's fair play until MickyG calls out the pretend bigotry of Statto with ridiculing rebuttals, in just as pseudo-bigoted a manner, with its lack of peacemaking to the matter at hand, snowballing the engagement. But hey, this is the way with many talks on the internet.

Luckily Statto returns with truths that "English can hardly be regarded as any sort of ethnic identity. It's the result of indigenous tribes, being modified by numerous invasions (Romans, Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Vikings, Normans), and then widespread immigrations (largely as a consequence our own empire building)." Essentially the fine line: dividing racial purists, and those with a lesser intellect, thinking it okay to throw abuse at those outside their Royston Vasey culture - ("there's nothing for you here") - causes the frictions. As we later see in the SC thread courtesy of Droid, Jeremy Paxman sadly hasn't the inclination to deal with Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, former BNP party member once convincted violent offender. MickyG is firmly in defense of the minority position English heritage has left, and as SC sees from the other briefly joined member...

Blobhead: "I love the Islamic terrorists, I love the anti-white Muslim paedophile rape gangs, and I love the areas where they don't even speak English. I love the black gang culture that enriches London and I love the hundreds of charities and groups out there for anyone who isn't white or English.(...)Three cheers for mass immigration and multiculturalism." - are confusing sincere sarcasm with multiculturalist values - dangerous territory in numbers, and neither big nor clever. Droid: "These kind of comments are exactly the kind of crap that the murdering scumbag in Oslo spouted in his manifesto, not to mention his links to the English Defence League." As we then learn from MetaLX, the last substansial post thus far, accumulated opinion for how he came to the uepengland website.

MetaLX: "Personally, this whole view of hating others to the exclusion of ‘your own’ really sickens me, whether it be here, or what I read on sites like the one that I found. I feel that espousing that type of view lessens you as a person; for me pride in my ethnicity (genealogy, heritage) only enhances my appreciation of others’ and not the opposite. People can spout on all they want about foreigners overrunning their country and the like, but at the end of the day I know from experience that hate is not the way. By creating, connecting, and reinforcing semantic associations like racism and Anglo-Saxon, all you're doing is reinventing that culture as racist; it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Were the Anglo-Saxons of the 5th century racists? What would they think of the filth that is being propagated in their name?" It's a burning question, and a topic that should hopefully see greater interest.

Anyone know what this is?


  1. surprised MickyG and Blobhead haven't responded to this yet ;)

  2. Looking through the thread, I see MickyG was quite disingenuous in dismissing Slothrop's comment about "racial purity" by saying that members of this Uepengland forum don't like Nazis. Look at these threads from their board:



    They may not like Nazis, but it seems pretty clear to me that they don't like people having mixed-race children either. MickyG claims that the site has a "myriad of opinions", but I'm only seeing one opinion there - racial impurity is bad.

    So yes, the people of the Uepengland/Englisc-gateway forum are indeed "banging on about racial purity and similar drivel", as Slothrop correctly stated.

  3. I agree. Anglo-Saxon pride is great, but there's no need for hatred. It is true that the Anglo-saxons are a thing of the past, and they're a part of the past of English people just like the Celts, Normans, Romans, vikings, etc. etc. etc....So while I think it's great for people to take pride in an anglo-saxon heritage, I agree with the main thrust of this article, that subverting that pride into racism and hatred and war-mongering is wrong and totally unnecessary.