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Friday, 2 December 2011

SubVersion Stop 146: Muttley - Hurt (December 2011)

Sparked by Statto's "Agony Aunt Thread" on Subvert Central, where he links Clarisse Thorn's "How To Break Up And Take It Like A Champ", "Hurt" came together in less than a day, designed as a movement-based archetype model, of sound that will assist listeners overcoming their heartache. Myself: I've been hurt by three women in the last three annums; the first through unintelligence, the second lack of maturity, and the third: where we drifted apart as friends despite my best efforts. Vowing to never contact again last month, it made sense to sculpt something where areas of downfall are depicted and possibly improved. In doing so, you can map areas of Clarisse's article to lyrics in the mixtape, emotions you received, and dispelling grief.

Movement 1 - 00:00 - 07:00 - Bitter Energy

00:00 Ekca Liena - Landing (Downer Supine CD-R, Entropy, 2011)
00:14 Paul Jebanasam - Music For The Church Of St. John The Baptist (Bristol Old Wall live recording, Sublive, 2011)
02:19 Joe McMahon - Empty Sidewalks (3AM LP, Earth Mantra, 2011)
03:01 Cindytalk - Floating Clouds (Hold Everything Dear LP, Editions Mego, 2011)
05:18 Bruno Sanfilippo - Spirit Allies (Subliminal Pulse LP, Wanderings, 2011)

Movement 2 - 07:00 - 15:12 - The Romancer

08:04 - A Winged Victory For The Sullen - A Symphony Pathetique (A Winged Victory For The Sullen LP, Erased Tapes, 2011)
12:42 Thomas Dolby - Love Is A Loaded Pistol (A Map Of The Floating City LP, EMI, 2011)

Movement 3 - 15:12 - 24:19 - Cadence The Pistol

15:24 Matt Bartram - Cadence (The Dreaming Invisible....... LP, Drifting Falling, 2011)
16:32 Little Dragon - Seconds (Ritual Union LP, Sony Music, 2011)
20:48 Chapel Club - O Maybe I (Palace LP, Polydor, 2011)
24:19 end


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