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Sunday, 25 December 2011

SubVersion Stop 148: SubVersion's End Of 2011 Charts

SubVersion Contributors


01. Favourite track: Nebula - Escapism (Astral Soul, Subtle Audio 005 EP)

02. Favourite album: Grouper - A.I.A: Alien Observer (Yellowelectric)

03. Favourite label: History Always Favours The Winners (James Leyland Kirby)

04. Favourite mixtape: The Daily Street 013: Vandera - 60 Tunes, 60 Minutes, C Minor

05. Favourite SC thread: Statto - other stuff you're interested in

06. Favourite gig: Duotone, Jane Griffiths & Colin Fletcher @ Warneford Chapel, Oxford, 14th June

07. Favourite book: Lucid Dreaming: The Paradox Of Consciousness During Sleep - ed. Celia Green & Charles Mcreery

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Tandoori Masakan Lamb & Mushroom Rice with Peshwari Naan

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Joking the parents' canine namesake Mutley is Edward Monkton's "Pig Of Happiness" and cheering myself up consequentially

10. Favourite random moment: Watching Mongrels and recalling certain character lines in quiet time


01. Favourite track: Formication - I Dare You (Binad Chorad mix)

02. Favourite album: Alek Stark presents Elektro Domésticos 3

03. Favourite label: Weevil Neighbourhood

04. Favourite mixtape: Heinrich Mueller - Resident Advisor 250

05. Favourite SC thread: Naphta - porn is good for society

06. Favourite gig: Ruins Alone @ Rammel 38, Nottingham, 5th October

07. Favourite book: Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme - ed. Ivan Coyote & Zena Sharman

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Homemade chocolate fridge cake

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Arguing about sex and gender on blogs and forums

10. Favourite random moment: Finishing whatever big job I've just finished and then doing nothing at all

Fellow Subvert Central Members


01. Favourite track: Ben Howard - Black Flies

02. Favourite album: Ben Howard - Every Kingdom

03. Favourite label: Exit

04. Favourite mixtape: A DJ Flight show

05. Favourite SC thread: One started by Annastay‎

06. Favourite gig: Ben Howard (I went to one gig this year)

07. Favourite book: Haruki Murakami - Norwegian Wood (I will never watch the film)

08. Favourite food (or Snax): My Bento Boxes :)

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Making breakbeat Jungle with krusty basses

10. Favourite random moment: Falling in love with Claude Monet, Poplars on the Epte, at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh (the blue!)


01. Favourite track: Kadzaty Stanislav's talk-show "Uatsamonga". North Ossetian Radio Broadcasting (Ossetian Language).

02. Favourite album: Sly & Robbie - This Is Crucial Reggae (Trojan, 2010)

03. Favourite label: ---

04. Favourite mixtape: Curly Swipes & DJ Euphoria Live on Renegade Radio 13 May, 2011. Oldskool.

05. Favourite SC thread: Statto - other stuff you're interested in

06. Favourite gig: Watching mates Ryan Mystik and Lion Fiyah perform at a bar called Tropics. Reggae at Tropics in general.

07. Favourite book: Chernow, Ron. 2005. Alexander Hamilton. New York: Penguin.

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Coffee

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Working from home

10. Favourite random moment: Getting stuck at an airport waiting for a 4 hour flight delay, getting battered on ale knowing that my wife was picking me up and driving, then seeing a friend of mine who was the stewardess who gave me a whole empty row of my own for the flight home.


01. Favourite track: It turns out most of the tracks I've been listening to this year have been from last year. I'll give it to LV ft Joshua Idehen - Northern Line for shameless Londoncentricism.

02. Favourite album: Zomby - Dedication (4AD)

03. Favourite label: Hessle Audio, for the compilation "116 And Rising".

04. Favourite mixtape: Royal T Fact Mix

05. Favourite SC thread: One of the Friday threads

06. Favourite gig: Past Present Future Space Time festival @ Wysing Arts Centre

07. Favourite book: Tillie Olsen - Tell Me A Riddle

08. Favourite food (or Snax): too many to list, but Shana Frozen Parathas edge it.

Favourite guilty pleasure: godawful electro-house-rap-pop on Kiss FM at the climbing wall. Pitbull, LMFAO, Afrojack, Katy Perry, the lot...

10. Favourite random moment: seeing Sunburned Hand of Man doing their STUNNING live accompaniment to Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda in a Labour Club in Cambridge with regulars playing pool at the other end of the bar as if nothing unusual was going on...


01. Favourite track: M83 - Midnight City

02. Favourite album: M83 - Hurry Up We're Dreaming

03. Favourite label: Scientific Wax

04. Favourite mixtape: Mav's 6 hour Seba mix

05. Favourite SC thread: A Friday thread

06. Favourite gig: Supporting Remarc @ Hole In The Wall, Exeter

07. Favourite book: Comte de Lautréamont - Les Chants De Maldoror

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Morrocan topped Hummus

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Too much synth pop

10. Favourite random moment: Getting booked to warm up for a Filipino comedy duo

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