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Sunday, 23 September 2012

SubVersion Stop 158: Muttley - The Psychic Coinfuse (September 2012)

I keep falling into deep-seated seam
But it's better at least than steam
The mother of nature is not your own
And she deserves a place that's owned
No bad home, but a spacious zone.

Until all you quiet, space is throned.
And the the throw is a velvety droney
Dome of contended relent
Silence is golden for the chill tent
And no disability changes the rent.

No-one can trust expressways bent
Copper is useless with beaks
Pipe dreams are twin peaks saved
No-one can touch love IChiOne stayed.

Once staged, psychic confusion blurs.

Download 'The Psychic Coinfuse' (18:42)

Special fan shout from Michael to Sharon Van Etten for 'Don't Do It', a timeless song that helped me through many sleepless nights in the last 12 months. Respects - her picture is included with the SVE text, since it also contradistinctionally mirrors the Sub Version Editor pretexts. You can find her brilliant "Epic" LP here.


  1. Link restored Alexander, thanks for checking. :)