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Saturday, 22 September 2012

SubVersion Stop 157: Muttley (aka Michael Robert Buckingham) - Children

Muttley - Children

I got won over by a roof one day. 
A roof too big to seal by itself 
I tried to fight urges to wait 
But I couldn't let wax sit on the shelf.

 It was wax I didn't want to clean 
A drowning of objects I'd seen 
I started believing, very deeply 
But children and love came first. 

The best marriage is a birth 
I never used to feel like that 
But the emotion replaced girth 
Once it was pressed, I changed. 
All tension released and regained 

Marriage and carriage go together 
Like children, they change like 
The weather a rainbow 
Raising Rameses' aether from fight 

Muttley - Children - Tracklist

00:00 Desert Of Hiatus - The Meaning Of Life (The Meaning LP)
00:00 Chapel Club - Telluride (Palace LP)
00:00 Savaran - Grauuw (Resonances LP)
04:17 ASC - Underwater Temples (The Light That Burns Twice As Bright LP, Silent Season)
04:17 Valet - We Went There (14 Tracks: Strange Angels)
04:48 Olan Mill - Amber Balanced (Paths LP, Serein)
06:38 A Produce - Night Curve (Smile On The Void LP)
07:51 Will Johnson - Awakening The Body (Meditation 03pt.1, Sounds True)
 07:51 Steinbruchel, Cory Allen - 04_2 (Seam LP)
07:52 Brian Eno - Emerald And Stone (Small Craft On A Milk Sea LP, Warp)
09:37 / 20:56 Bvdub - While They Dreamed We Were There (The First Day LP, Home Normal)
12:38 / 25:38 Aloof Proof - The Ghost Ship (Piano Text LP, Aloof Proof)
17:02 Benjamin Daueur - Crown Of Sparks (Saturation: Event LP, Feedback Loop Netlabel)
19:32 Lauki - 5-69-54-S-135-12-E (69o EP, Audio Gourmet Netlabel)
21:14 High Wolf - Meeting Of The Three Seas (The Wire - Below The Radar 3 LP - www.thewire.co.uk)
25:38 Andy Stott - Love Nothing Siberia (Tell Me Anything Love Nothing EP, Modern Love)
29:44 Colo - Never Again (George Fitzgerald remix) (Midday Sun EP, Take Records)
31:53 Nest - Stillness (Body Pilot EP, Serein)

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