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Saturday, 15 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 164: DJ Trax & Nucleus Present: Catch A Groove (feat Paradox)

Catch A Groove, the biweekly show set up by DJ Trax and Nucleus for Old Skool & subversive D&B, paid host to Paradox as their first special guest this December, with the show approaching its 1st Anniversary on 9th January. "Dev was over in the UK and enjoys the show and as you know we are all old friends so it was natural to get him involved" Dave Trax says. You can download the archive or listen via SoundCloud here.

Trax also says in his Subvert Central thread another special guest is confirmed, and I for one have high anticipation of the results. "It was a nice show!!!" remarks Dutch producer Infest there, one of the artists Dave would later find an upcoming prospect after our 2009 interview, on the DJ Trax website, and in The Dastardly Diaries Chapter 3. "Excellent show as always" adds Strictly Digital's Solar, the label Nookie operated in the early to mid noughties. "Particularly liked the early 90's vibes. Takes me back to the days of British Knights and Fiesta XR2 cars, even if I was only about eight at the time!" This shows wide appeal the show has accumulated already.

"Great history lesson" elucidates top blogger DIB on Catch A Groove Show 22 featuring Paradox. While in my own view regarding Wrekanise's Maledicent's question: "How do you think the music has progressed over the last 7 years, compared to the progression through the 90's?  I only mean tracks that use a breakbeat in both eras and only D&B", I comment: "I think it's quite self-evident to anyone that the rulebook mentality is quite rigidized by sticking to the same breaks to make up many tunes. People like Macc and Paradox have been consistently able to look outside of that though, and maintain their signature ruff'n'tuff drum workings. Personally the experimentation comes with emptying all the contents out on the tune, then discarding the clutter but keeping the progressions exciting. Martsman was the first to really catch my ear 2007 to 2008 for making a break his own, and morphing the beats so they became something notoriously rational.

But really, full kudos has to go to Seba and Paradox for their 2004-2009 refractive assuaging of the scenic properties that make up modern D&B - while sticking to the breaks, and sticking it 'to' the breaks, of old."

"Be sure to support the show by sharing ;)" ends Trax. Tune in to www.jungletrain.net at 8-10 PM GMT every other Wednesday for Catch A Groove. Listings on the Jungletrain website. Or better yet, keep updated by visiting Subvert Central when you're ready for a Hardcore / Jungle / Drum & Bass fix.

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