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Thursday, 27 December 2012

SubVersion Stop 167: SubVersion's End Of 2012 Charts & End Of Year Mix

Hi good subverts,

Time for the second "End Of..." / charts from me and fellow members if they wish. Here's the format to follow:


SubVersion End Of Year 2012 Charts


01. Favourite track: Boduf Songs - Eternal Memo

02. Favourite album: Bat For Lashes - The Haunted Man

03. Favourite label: Kranky

04. Favourite mixtape: "Flowers And Bones" by Peter Van Cooten of ambientblog.net

05 Favourite SC thread: 247 - old skool for da raverz...

06. Favourite gig: Death In Vegas @ 02 Academy, Oxford, May 2012

07. Favourite book: Carl Rogers - On Becoming A Person: A Therapist's View Of Psychotherapy

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Indian Himalayan Chicken, Keema Naan & Pilau Rice

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Snacking on Punjab Kitchen meals in mental hospital for seconds.

10. Favourite random moment: Realising love can be like an invisible aerial, the signal being interferred with on the fly.

Muttley - Secret Place - EOY Mixtape - 2012


00:01 Jan Linton & Matthew Seligan - Message (Sendai donation EP, Entropy Digital, 2012)
00:01 Boduf Songs - Eternal Memo (Internal Memo EP, Kranky, 2012)
02:40 Karl Verkade - Angelfish [Water In Ab] (Water: Music For Meditation LP, Karl Verkade Bandcamp, 2012)
03:18 Peter James & Disturbed Earth - Where Roses Bloom (Remains LP, Atom Netlabel, 2011)
03:47 Grouper - Come Softly (A.I.A: Alien Observer LP, Yellowelectric, 2011)
04:17 / 34:09 (Reprise) Nebula - Escapism (Astral Soul EP, Subtle Audio, 2011)
07:08 C. Paradisi - Celestial (Free Floating Music: Conception, free download, 2011)
08:58 David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette - In His Ghostly Heart (The Meridians Of Longitude And Parallels Of Latitude LP, Home Normal, 2011)
12:40 Journey Of Mind - Dawn Feeder (Oil Burner EP, Constellation Tatsu, 2012)
16:51 Foci's Left - A Sign She's Left (Grumpy Love LP, Unreleased)
17:43 Leyland Kirby - The Arrow Of Time (Eager To Tear Apart The Stars LP, History Always Favours The Winners, 2011)
18:09 Charlatan - Seed And Light (Equinox LP, Digitalis, 2011)
20:32 / 24:17 / 25: 59 Tomas Weiss & Antony Paul Kerby - Vision 6 (Appearances LP, 2011)
21:40 Bat For Lashes - A Wall (The Haunted Man LP, Parlophone, 2012)
23:53 Chad Valley feat. Active Child - Manimals (Young Hunger LP, Loose Lips Records, 2012)
27:44 Foci's Left - Speech In Order To Think (2012 feat. Mystery Baby, Foci's Left Bandcamp, 2012)
30:32 Bengalfuel - Mad Daddy Clawbone (Edgemere EP, Hibernate, 2010)
40:59 end


01. Favourite track: Greenleaf - Mercy Funk VIP (Lightless Digital)

02. Favourite album: Naphta - Democracy Now II / Repetition/Distract - salles des perdus

03. Favourite label: Weevil Neighbourhood

04. Favourite mix: Fabio & Grooverider - BBC Radio 1, 26th March (which isn't really a mix at all)

05. Favourite SC thread: http://subvertcentral.com/forum/show...rsary-giveaway

06. Favourite gig: Rammel Weekender, 9th-11th March, Chameleon Club, Nottingham

07. Favourite book: Deviations: A Gayle Rubin Reader (Duke University Press)

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Tesco Butterscotch Mousse

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Correcting people on the internet

10. Favourite random moment: Seeing a single blogpost go over 1000 pageviews


More to be filled in...

02. Favourite album: Currently Raime - Quarter Turns over The Living Line

05 Favourite SC thread: Probably the "It's Friday (Most Days)!!!!!" thread.

06. Favourite gig: Dead Rat Orchestra live soundtrack to The Guga Hunters of Ness. (Think you'd like this if you don't already know it Muttley...)

07. Favourite book: Read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep for the first time, it's even better than everyone says.

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Loads of Hunanese / sichuan veggie stuff from Fuschia Dunlop's new book.

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Kiss FM / the climbing wall.

10. Favourite random moment: Going on a trip through space in a caravan. 


01. Favourite track:: t b d

02. Favourite album: None.

03. Favourite label: Omni Music.

04. Favourite mixtape: Breaks Mix v1.0 – dj Euphoria.


05 Favourite SC thread:: Friday thread, lolz thread, or something started by Naphta.

06. Favourite gig: A local group called Kupaoa.

07. Favourite book: Horn, James. 1994. Adapting to a New World: English Society in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Snickers dark chocolate.

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: Genealogy research.

10. Favourite random moment: Being able to control traffic with my mind. 


01. Favourite track: Ulrich Schnauss & ASC - MoirĂ© Pattern/Fracture Feat. Dawn Day Night ‎– Get Busy

02. Favourite album: Mala - Mala in Cuba

03. Favourite label: Auxiliary

04. Favourite mixtape: Minor Blow - Soundstrackforacoldsummer

05 Favourite SC thread: the one about plug.dj

06. Favourite gig: Tiger & Woods at Positivus Festival/The Experimental Tropic Blues Band at Rabarock Festival

07. Favourite book: Anything from Vonnegut

08. Favourite food (or Snax): Taffel Chili Nuts

10. Favourite random moment: Sending my kid to school for the first time  


01. Favourite track: Peaking Lights - Shines 4 U (Innergaze Remix) / dgoHn_and_Nic_TVG-They_Mostly_Said_Nice_Things

02. Favourite album: not a clue

03. Favourite label: Pinecone Moonshine / Modern Love

04. Favourite mixtape: A Sagittarium for Resident Advisor

05 Favourite SC thread: can't remember

06. Favourite gig: (personal) jaes' jungletrain show in march, seeing Primus at Wakarusa, maybe Moodyman in LA, various Droid Behavior parties, can't choose

07. Favourite book: Lazy Point - Carl Safina

08. Favourite food (or Snax): eggs in/on toast + huge organic salads

09. Favourite guilty pleasure: smokin and hitting on old chicks, loving Flo Rida's - Whistle

10. Favourite random moment: moving to Arkansas and trying to be a farmer, doing acid the first few times, maybe other moments best left unmentioned!  


01. Favourite track: Vatican Shadow - Church Of All Images (Regis Remix)

02. Favourite album: Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

03. Favourite label: Blackest Ever Black

04. Favourite mixtape: Blu Mar Ten Podcasts

05. Favourite SC thread: Best Tune You've Heard All Day

10. Favourite random moment: Being a godparent for the first time 

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  1. I've added another album to my favourite albums: Repetition/Distract - salles des perdus :)