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Saturday, 19 January 2013

SubVersion Stop 169: Muttley - 15 Minutes Of Fame Pt. 64 - Signs I've Moved On (January 2013)

"Hello, and welcome to the 64th piece of me, Muttley's 15 Minutes Of Fame Mix Series. It's called 'Signs I've Moved On' and this is the first time I've spoken in any of my mixtapes, ultimately to get over two things. First, a massive thank you to everyone who's supported the series these last 7 years. www.subvertcentral.blogspot.com has built a following of 700,000 visitors daily at the lowest variable. Meanwhile people have been tracking how I've moved on in one way or another for time.

'Signs I've Moved On' is basically about ending a third relationship and moving towards new pastures. The sign I've moved on in this case is I've been able to put out a more personal self-mixtape: a sequel to www.ambientblog.net 's "Isolate" hour and 15 Minutes Of Fame Pt. 26 - "Starting All Over". I hope you'll enjoy "Signs I've Moved On". Thank you".

Muttley - Signs I've Moved On - TRACKLIST

01. 00:00 Muttley - Special Voiceover For Signs I've Moved On
02. 00:00 Fennesz - AUN40 (AUN LP, 2012)
03. 02:07 Loscil - The Sun At Night (Outliers Vol.1 OST, Outliers Website, 2012)
04. 05:24 Kyle Bobby Dunn - Buncington Revisited (In Miserum Stercus LP, 2012)
05. 08:29 TVO - Some Of These Mutations Are Favourable (The Wire - Below The Radar 11, 2012)
06. 14:48 Ethernet - Pleroma (Opus 2 LP, Kranky, 2012)
07. 17:16 Smokey Emery - Movement V (Quartz EP, Indian Queen, 2012)
08. 22:43 Ryan Teague - Games For Two (Field Drawings LP, Village Green, 2012)
09. 22:38 Rarebit - The End Isn't So Bad (Futuresequence, Sequence 1 download, 2011)
10. 25:21 Seaven Teares - Grown Woman (The Wire -  Below The Radar 11, 2012)
11. 31:58 Ida - First Take (Lovers Prayers LP, 2011)
12. 35:37 Boduf Songs - Maggot Ending (Burnt Up On Re-Entry, Kranky, 2013)
40:33 end


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