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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

SubVersion Stop 170: Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 60 - 65 - Heavenly Music (February 2013)

Muttley - Heavenly Music (February 2013)

00:00 Ludovico Einaudi - Track 12 (In A Time Lapse LP, Universal, 2013)
00:00 Nick Warren - In Search Of Silver (Ambient Mix) (In Search Of Silver LP, Bedrock Recordings)
02:30 Taylor Deupree - Sundown (Faint LP, 12k, 2012)
04:40 Aaron Martin & Justin Wright - Moon Smoke (Light Poured Out Of Our Bones LP, Preservation, 2011)
09:23 SAAAD - Soft Drug (Orbs And Channels cassette, Hands In The Dark 2013)
11:49 Stray Theories - Even Though We Sleep (Even Though We Sleep LP, Not On Label, 2013)
12:43 Stars Of The Lid - Broken Harbours Pt.2 (The Tired Sounds Of SOTL LP, Kranky, 2001)
13:59 Andrew Chalk - Jewels In The Sand (49 Views In Rhapsodies Wave Serene LP, Faraway Press, 2013)
14:44 Foci's Left - A Sugar Cube (Grumpy Love LP, Unreleased)
15:13 Bat For Lashes - Lilies (The Haunted Man LP, Parlophone, 2012)
20:00 end 

Download "Heavenly Music" (20:00 collage mixtape)


I have often been inspired by sounds that are heavenly as much as they are haunting. Indeed, music can be both at the same time. With "Heavenly Music", you might compare "In Heaven, Everything Is Fine". But in actuality (tone, tempo, layering) these two sets are far different. It's also because my idea of Heaven has transposed from being solely on Earth. I no longer have overriding beliefs - or hypothesis that builds to belief - that tells me "Heaven is somewhere far away from you." No, on the contrary, as the old Belinda Carlisle song sings, "Heaven Is A Place On Earth". These are very simple assertions, of course. With my schizophrenia I identify that voices telling me I am the creator are far-fetched. And ultimately, pointless, for we are all curators in our own way. Nevertheless, "Heavenly Music" is a nice subject, as it's centred from the main source I have as inspiration - Heaven as a state of being. "Lilies" by Bat For Lashes is the climax, preceded by the second track you're hearing from my forthcoming debut album as Foci's Left - "Grumpy Love". It's a very soothing piece, and the first melody I ever recorded in Cubase at age 17, 7 3/4 years ago.


Lamb gravy; going out to The Bullingdon to catch one original and two Allman Brothers' covers by The Southern Blues Fiasco; celebrating my sister's 27th birthday; making a recording called "Piano Paint" which embellishes the piano samples I use with colour; writing at least one heartfelt poem, the best being "I Cling To My Doubts"; chatting to a local photographer and Moshka promoter; being sent wonderful Robert Scott Thompson promos through Aucourant;  learning "Laura" on the piano by Bat For Lashes; enjoying my year print subscription to The Wire already; finding out SubVersion has a huge worldwide audience; re-listening to "The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid" 2CD on Kranky repeatedly; writing 3 500+ word reviews for Fluid Radio this month to the total of 71, as Mick Buckingham.

Transcendental Introspection

I wanted to bring out new things like disorientating layering ("Gravitation To Resolution", my SC Podcast) that had beauty as an overriding component; long layered sections of up to 5 minutes; a polished "Pop Ambient" feel for the first time; and an extension of [2012].

Feedback welcome with open arms, and I hope you enjoy the trip. :)


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