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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

SubVersion Stop 191: Futurepast Zine 5 - Now available!

SC member 247 has been publishing the FuturePast fanzine for 2 1/2 years and this time it's a real corker. From his Subvert Central post:

"This issue contains:

- Interview with Jason oS (a top class jungle/d&b producer that has a lot of interesting things going on)
- Interview with Ryan Hughes (curator of [RHP]CDRs - a CDR label that has been releasing some really interesting stuff)
- Interview with Rawganic (an electronic music label that is pushing some real deep music)
- Article on Vex'd, written by Hollow/Jas
- Illustration by Goosensei/Matwith

Available now, "it's a free fanzine and I'm happy to send a few out to people so if anyone is interested then drop me a PM with your name and address. Enjoy".

esb, who used to run Detuned Radio, later turned into Decarie Sessions by Jason, has already commented. "Nice read! As a person whom used to publish a fanzine I must say I love the aesthetic."

Get your copy from Subvert Central communication now

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