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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

SubVersion Stop 190: Foci's Left - Grumpy Love (FLLP001 - my debut album - out now!)

Foci's Left - Grumpy Love LP (Foci'sLeftLP001)

Digital Album / Buy Now ₤5 GBP or more


1. Not Seeing Reality 06:21

2. Piano Paint 07:16

3. Regurgitated Impulses (Original) 02:26

4. Decompress The Magnet (feat. Mike Twelve) 07:31

5. An Upwards Slope 12:49

6. Grumpy Love (Intro) 04:47

7. For Fluid (Variation) 03:57

8. For Fluid 03:45

9. Not Seeing Reality (Revisited) 04:12


Dedicated to my sister, the beautiful Joanne Buckingham. Modicum: to raise a smile. This is a soundtrack of my llife so far.

Artwork is "Leopards" by Niomi Jackson.

Download your purchase at Bandcamp

All support appreciated.

Mick Robert Buckingham (Foci's Left)

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