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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

SubVersion Stop 207: Muttley's Dream Journal

Had an idea to make a dream thread. There's already been at least a couple on Subvert (Maff's dreams and Torment's KRS-One dream). I thought by disclosing the universally palpable ones there might be some clarity shed on the meaning of the dreams. There are dream dictionaries too, and this is a first step in trying to document to oneself what all these metaphors mean.

October 1st

I was on a train with memory containers all around me. I was a female hen that got put in a cake by a droid which then got put into a catapult device and that was sending a new version of itself on.

Before I tell of what my hypnotherapist sees in the dream (he trained in imaginal realities and dream psychology) I'll leave it open to you.


Muttley's Dream Journal

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