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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

SubVersion Stop 209: Muttley's Dream Journal Day 2

October 23 2013

Jumping over Linda Barker from Changing Rooms' and Splash!'s garden wall, seemingly on the run in a recurring dream.

My sister fighting against me because she was upset.

Being in an unfamiliar city, seemingly Amsterdam, and venturing through a building, to be instructed to fly to top left of ceiling, through the gap to get to a kickboxing class. Kids being taught in the room and the hole kept getting blocked up with dust/sand.

My sister waking me up in the dream by lynching me out of bed.

Playing war games on a dream screen with a Thunderbird flying through the air with fire coming from it's exhaust.

Being in a History lesson at school again and the most popular kid calling something 'gay' in derogatory.

Coming to terms with my seeming bisexuality and knowing if someone like Stephen Fry existed in my generation, that would be nice to have a relationship with.

Various lucid counterpoint exercises with images of IChiOne nights.


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