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Friday, 1 November 2013

SubVersion Stop 213: Muttley's Dream Journal Days 5-8

October 26

Weird dream. Got too close to a horse's back legs while rollerblading upwards over a bridge. The horse turned into one of our dogs and was foaming at the mouth trying to attack me while I leapt up onto a steel building site frame. I was sampling a new 2CD wedding style DJ CD player. I used to have a Gemini one since 2004 when I started DJing.

October 27

Various forgotten thoughts, outlined by schoolkids drawing on each other in the playground with red pen.

What is it with me and schoolkids?

October 28

Back down South where I used to live. Instead of a good friend working at my local Sainsbury's as she did in 2012, I'd gone into the corner shop down South and she was working in there. I got served by someone else as she seemed distressed.

October 31

A new exhilarating feeling was a car with me in it being driven over a steep incline so that we were airborne for over 10 seconds.

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