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Monday, 4 November 2013

SubVersion Stop 214: Muttley's Dream Journal Days 9-10

November 1 Dream

A whole story sequence of cartoon proportions in a long, affecting blend where Brody, Kurt and Walter attack one another.Walter was trying to catch up with Kurt on a race course only to be wrongfooted. Brody was envious of Kurt's position and demeanour. It turns out Walter and Kurt were conspiring against Brody. Brody went with Kurt up a scoop that took them into a shopping mall. The shutters were closed on the shop and Walter had caught up with them. The dream ended with Brody's throat being 'cut' but not in a damaging way, just a way out of the dream related to my own breathing.

November 4 Dream

I had a new girlfriend with blonde hair, the sister of someone who I used to know on Facebook, but only theoretically. We were getting on well in a speed dating kind of way.

If anything these dreams are telling me to get out there and date, but not be foolhardy about it. 

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